Billionaire Tilman Ferttita's 955 Percent Rule

Billionaire Tilman Ferttita’s 955 Percent Rule


General Tomahawk is back. And, well, I got RobinSharma playing in the background. Let’s see if we can pause Robin Sharma for a second. And that’s one other thing, too, are you always gotta keep learning and improving your skills.

So today, to help you with your online marketing and your digital marketing. I want to tell you about Cumin Fetita’s 95% Roof. I mean, it seems so surprising when you learn about the 95% roof. Because a lot of people have heard about the parental principle. That says 20% of the effort produces 80% of the results. This is like, it’s a much more hardcore it’s not even a version of that. It’s like beyond the Pareto principle. It says any operation or any business online. He didn’t say online business because he stalked restaurants and things like that.

But, it applies to any economic activity. It says 95% of the stuff you are doing is going to be okay. But it’s that 5% that if you focus on it, is going to produce great results for you. And so I want you to begin to zero in on your 5%, like figure out what’s the 5% that you’re not doing right to the best of your ability. It might be your blog, it might be your podcast, it might be your website. Your website doesn’t look good, so everything else gives a great impression of your brand. But your website doesn’t convert. Or it’s your product, your product sucks, your product needs work, and focus on that 5%. And you can turn around your business operation. You can turn around your online marketing. You can do something spectacular.

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And let’s apply this lesson actually to Tim andFetita’s NBA team. The owner of the NBA team, the Houston Rockets. Now, if you’ve seen the Rockets play in the last couple of years. They played well and lost to the Gordon State Warriors. Even though James Harden at one time MVP and in the last couple of years, set a scoring record. So they kind of looked at that situation. They discovered they were not so great at the transition game and things like that.

Their defense also wasn’t that great. But that’s where they brought Russell Westbrook. They say when they look at the ratings and how he works, his transition game is like the best in the League. And he has made them so much more dangerous on that front. So that’s like the 5% that if you don’t do this, you’re never going to win a Championship. But when you fix that, your whole operation becomes a super leader. You’re all set to make history in whatever field or whatever industry you’re working in. So with that, take two men. Fetish’ninety 5% rule general is out.

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