The General Breaks Down Amazon's Inexorable Success As A Brand

The General Breaks Down Amazon’s Inexorable Success As A Brand


The general is back and he’s on fire. Welcome back to another episode of how I became General Tomahawk. In this episode, the general breaks down. Amazon’s inexorable success as a brand, and it’s now one of the largest companies in the world. Needless to say, Amazon has been super successful as a brand in ways that you can learn.

If you’re trying to sell info products or if you’re trying to sell a course and build your brand. You have some lessons to learn from Amazon. So here they are in short order. Amazon plays the long game, and a lot of entrepreneurs want to make a quick buck. When you look at the success of Amazon as a brand, they are making little money today to make more in the future. That gives them a lot of staying power, that kind of approach.

So think long term, don’t think short term. Another big thing that prepares theAmazon brand forward is low prices, Okay? They are competing with Walmart.

Amazon has optimized its supply chain to make buyers convenient for shopping here.

So everything is super optimized to deliver low prices to the consumer. That doesn’t mean that this stuff on Amazon is cheap. There’s some pretty costly stuff there as well. But generally, they try to reduce margins on a lot of stuff to attract more customers. Now, that’s not always the approach you want to take. But think about how you can deliver cost savings to the customer and how you can make things more efficient. Third, the Amazon brand rewards you for being a good customer.

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So they got Amazon Prime. They give you free shipping, they give you other perks and things like that. So what about your customers, your good customers? Do you treat them better and ? Do you reward them? Airlines have reward cards so that you can earn miles and stuff like that. Amazon takes a similar approach to reward the best customers so that it pays to buy from Amazon again and again. Yet another brand lesson that you can learn from the success of Amazon. It’s how Amazon has embraced digital commerce. So they are a leader in eCommerce.

They’re not following along with everybody else. They’re moving with Alexa and integrating voice into the shopping experience. With a lot of other technologies that you’ve going to come along with, you can be sure Amazon is going to stay on top of it. So if you want to take the lead in your industry, you kind of need to be an early adopter. If there’s a new trend of a product and a new type of approach. You want to be a leader so that you’re giving your customers the most up-to-date stuff in your market.

There’s a lot more than you can learn from Amazon’s success as a brand. In my view, they are one of the best brands in the world and you definitely need to know how they do it. So I hope you take these lessons and I hope you put them into practice on your own breath. And that general is out.

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