7 Figure Product Launches

The Number 1 Killer Of 7 Figure Product Launches

Special tutorial here today… The Number 1 Killer Of Product Launches In #InfoProducts, #Coaching, #Ecommerce, And #SaaS, REVEALED!!!

I’ve seen a few product launches in my time, or more than a few. What kills most product launches right from the start?


It’s one really simple thing, and you’ll know once you’ve seen it enough times, and almost all major product launch problems create or are caused by this 1 problem…

  1. They never get enough traffic to their launch. You need a variety of methods for traffic and audiences, and you need a DELUGE of traffic and eye balls on your product launch.

The second biggest problem, which bugs the more successful product sellers who get some momentum and then fizzle out…

  1. They don’t sustain traffic and audience building for months and months on end. They think they can take the foot off the gas after 30 days of launch buzz. As soon as they do, the traffic snowball is destroyed and they are back to Problem #1 again, which is the Number 1 killer of product launches.

Don’t let that be your #7FigureProductLaunch.

Get traffic into that machine, now!

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