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Are you longing to work a little less after years of being operational in your business? Spend more time with your family, do some traveling or finally take on that hobby? As a business owner myself I completely understand. Entrepreneurship is extremely rewarding, but it can also take its toll. Having worked with many entrepreneurs and business owners from all over the world, I see the need to sometimes be able to take a step back after years of working overtime is very normal and even at times a must. In every phase of life we have different priorities. Don’t feel guilty for wanting more free time. You’re still a dedicated and loyal entrepreneur, you’re just prioritizing things a little differently now and that’s okay. Keep reading because in this article I’m going to share my 5 steps for scaling a business and creating more time in your agenda. 

Reengineer –

Start with the end goal in mind. Where do you ideally want to be as an entrepreneur and where do you want your business to be? Write it down in a juicy one pager. Then write down where you and the business are currently at? And lastly, what’s missing? Because businesses have many layers it’s never just one thing. That’s why it’s so important to practically list things. Keep your end goal in mind and reengineer the process. This is fun to do. I’d recommend to get your team involved. Make it a team effort because ultimately more brains are better than one.

Foundation –

From my experience many entrepreneurs start off by building their business with so much enthusiasm and take massive action, but end up building a house of cards. When building anything on a weak foundation, eventually it will come crashing down. So before you make any adjustments in your business you need to go back to the drawing board and make an inventory of its foundation. Can the current foundation sustain the end goal? If yes, great! If not, what’s missing? Be honest because you can’t strengthen or fix something you’re not aware of. Then prioritize and start taking action.

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Action –

After you and your team have established what needs to be tackled, make it a habit to take action on these things, not more than 2 actions per day. This is critical. It’s been proven that people often experience the feeling of overwhelm when they create change. Don’t over complicate the process. Keep it simple, for your benefit and yours teams benefit.

System  –

Merely knowing which action to take won’t get you results. There needs to be a plan or system behind it. Otherwise it’s just a nice idea. Some people work with apps, others with calendars or simple to do lists. In any case, the system is there to create structure. If you wake up one day completely overwhelmed all you need to do is look at the system and it will tell you exactly what you need to do. The less you need to think about what you need to do the better.

Consistency –

If I asked you to get up and run 42km right now, you’d probable think I was crazy. You probably wouldn’t get very far because you aren’t mentally and physically fit. But if I were to ask you to run 1km tomorrow morning, you’d probably be fine with that. And the day after that 2km and the day after that 3km etc…. In time you would be ready to run your marathon. Therefore, taking your actions for only one week is not going to give you results. I believe that if you can cultivate patience and consistency as a hard skill, you’ve already won because most business owners don’t have this nailed down. 

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Remember, you only have so much energy you can bring to the table in a day and thus can only create a certain amount of change. The more things you focus on, the more you dilute your power. By diluting your power you are prolonging your process to winning more free time. Be smart about how you spend your energy. Follow the system, be consistent and you will achieve your audacious goal, even if it takes some time.


Arnon Barnes started his first business at age 11 and built and sold his first multi million euro company by the age of 28! 

In the past 7 years Arnon has personally trained and coached more than 90 000 people from well over 65 different countries including, The Netherlands, Belgium, Poland, Italy, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, the UK, Brazil, Singapore and South Africa to name a few.

Arnon is an explosive international speaker, author, investor and one of Europe’s leading and most exciting business mentors.


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