Don't Make These 4 Silly Mistakes In Your Copy

Don’t Make These 4 Silly Mistakes In Your Copy


General Tomahawk is in the house today. We’re talking about making these silly mistakes in your copywriting? So this applies, If you’re a conseiller or some other online business and you’re writing your own copy. Please make sure you avoid these silly mistakes.

So the first mistake is trying to be impressive and using super complicated language. Avoid this mistake by all means. The second mistake is writing an essay where every paragraph is thick and long-winded. You keep going on and on. You definitely want to avoid this one because it can put your readers to sleep and readers that are asleep. Do you know what they don’t buy? Another big mistake is being vanilla.

Okay? You don’t want to ride like you’re riding for the Better Business Bureau. Where you try to dirt every I and cross every T and you come off as boring and without personality. You definitely want to avoid this one. Now, the last silly copywriting mistake that you can make is writing for the entire world. It means you are general and you deal in generalities. You don’t narrow down who you are writing for.

So you want to zero in on a specific target audience. A specific target reader and you want to write for who they are and what they are looking for. With that, avoiding these phones was a ceiling copywriting mistake of General Tomahawk.

Catch you next time on “How I became General Tomahawk”.

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