Should You Hire An Expensive Copywriter To Sell Your Course Or DIY

Should You Hire An Expensive Copywriter To Sell Your Course Or DIY


You said it, man.

The general is back in the house and the topic for today. Should you hire an expensive copywriter or do it yourself when it comes to selling your course. I made a video another time. Where I compared hiring a great copywriter to hire a top talent like Tom Brady from NFL football.

Two quarterbacks on your team, So that, still holds. That’s very true. A great copywriter can make a huge difference in how well your course is selling.

Great copy on your sales page. Great. Copy in your emails.

Indian, you’re the entire follow. Now, there are some circumstances where it helps to do it yourself.

For instance, if you’re testing your course or you haven’t made the course, you want to test the idea.

Then you wouldn’t want to be buying some expensive copy for that. Or, you know, you want to test a new version of your course.

I guess what I’m saying is if you’re kicking the tires in a sense, experimenting, you know. Then you don’t need to go with high-end copyrighting.

But if you’re selling your main course and this matters for your business. This generates the bulk of your profits.

Then it doesn’t make sense to take the chances on some. It’s a great copy that you write yourself unless you happen to be. Of course, your name happens to be John Carlton and Nebula Dota, in that case, it’s great you do it yourself.

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