3 Funny Stereotypes Of Copywriters


It is General Tomahawk in the house, the notorious copywriter. And today I want to tell you about three funny stereotypes of copywriters. I hope these don’t apply to me.

Okay, so let’s start with shows like Mad Men. A lot of popular culture references copywriters and the advertising guys. There’s this funny stereotype that copywriters are smart. I guess I must be the exception, right? I guess they think they’re smart.

I guess the copyrighting world is having people that think they are pretty smart. You know what? They should try engineering or medicine. Then they’re going to meet some smart people. The second stereotype of copywriters is that they are a little bit impatient. I want that advertising now. I want that copy down and I want it now. I want that design done and I want it now. Like slow down.

It’s a funny stereotype. The funny stereotype of copyrights. I guess this one might be true. That they’re seen as being a little bit crazy. At least a little bit crazy. I sympathize with that one. Okay, so that’s it. General Tomahawk with three body stereotypes of the copywriting world.

Catch you next time on “How I became General Tomahawk”.

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