Course Mistakes To Avoid If You Want To Have A 7 Figure Product Launch

These are some course launch mistakes to avoid for a 7 Figure Product Launch. Launching a course should be straightforward, however, just like in software launches as I alluded to in another post, there is some standard industry lore that can sink your launch.


Thinking affiliates will do all the heavy lifting for you

This is dangerous because affiliates are there to support you if you have something worthwhile for them to promote and it’s relatively easy for them to get in on the game. Consider affiliates as a nice to have, not the core promotion strategy.


Thinking SEO will solve all your problems

SEO does work, when done right. That’s the good news. The bad news is: it takes a really looong time. Relying on it exclusively for your course launch will likely sink the entire launch and waste all your time and effort.


Thinking you’ll do it all without working hard

I know what the gurus say – “turnkey system to create an easy course funnel that prints money while you sleep.” Actually launching the course and getting it profitable is gonna take hard hard work, much harder than making the actual course.

I hope these tips help.

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