Jack Dorsey Gets Hate For Donating A Billion Dollars

Jack Dorsey Gets Hate For Donating A Billion Dollars


General is back with another episode of How I Became General Tom Hawk. And today I want to tell you about a very incisive episode, a very instructive episode if you will learn from it. And this is Jack Dorsey’s getting hate for donating a billion dollars.

Recently Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter, decided to donate a billion dollars to solve a problem that we are all facing around the globe. And that’s Covid 19, the coronavirus. And guess what happens?

The haters and criticizers come out. I saw an article on Forbes and they’re saying, Jack Dorsey, that’s not how you donate a billion dollars. This is how you’re supposed to donate a billion dollars.

And so I’m like, what right do they have? I mean, the man worked for the money himself. He earned the money himself. So he’s earned the right to donate that billion dollars to fight a disease in the way that he best sees feet.

I mean, his critics can instruct him how to do it after they’ve donated their own billion dollars.

Then they can say this is a better way. We did it in a better way. But I’ll tell you something, those critics are most likely never going to donate a billion dollars to fight disease. That is ravaging the world. Not even 100 million dollars to help fight a disease.

That’s creating such problems around the globe. They’re stalkers. They’re people that talk and write nonsense criticizing the people that are actually taking action.

So what’s the lesson for you here is that even? When you go out with good intentions to create something great, you’re still going to get criticized for it. Okay? So don’t pay attention to the critics.

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No matter what you’re trying to do, as long as it’s a good thing. Don’t let what the critics are saying slow you down and cause you to stop doing a positive thing.

Because look, even when you give a billion dollars in charity. It might even help people that are also criticizing you. They aren’t going to stop.

You are still going to get criticism. So tune it out. It’s talkers and critics and haters and they don’t count. With that, General Tomahawk is out.

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