Don't Wait To Be Motivated

Don’t Wait To Be Motivated


I’m back with another episode of how I became General Tomahawk. And today’s lesson is simple. So let’s get one thing straight. Don’t wait to be motivated. I know that motivational speeches are all fun and that feeling pumped up.

When you wake up on a certain day, that’s a great feeling to have. I love that feeling, too. But there are days when you are going to get up and everything is going wrong and you don’t feel like it. And everything is stressing you out and it’s not working and you feel like you’re going down. Get up, get it done anyway.

Don’t wait to feel motivated. Don’t wait for a good feeling. Start taking the first step and everything will fall into place in time.

Get yourself going. Even without the motivation, don’t wait for that feeling. You might be tired. You might be worn out. You feel like you’re alone. No one is supporting your efforts. No one is helping you push on your initiative.

Don’t wait for them. Get going. That’s how the Champions are created. That’s how you create that incredible Championship game.

That’s how you go for the Championship. That’s how you win your ultimate battle. And those are the moments, plans that make you strong.

So don’t wait, don’t wait. Get going. Keep moving, keep pushing, keep going till you get it done. With that, General Tomahawk is out.

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