What You Can Learn From Michael Jackson

What You Can Learn From Michael Jackson


What’s up, people? It’s Yo, man. General Tomahawk. And I’m back with another episode of how I became General Tomahawk. And in today’s motivation lesson, I’m going to tell you what you can learn from Michael Jackson. Now. Mike, is known as the King of Pope or playing the King of music. He has been gone for a while now, and we’ve all had quite a bit of time to assess and process his legacy. And I know he had some struggles towards the end. The last part of his career might not have been as distinguished as early on. There are still a whole lot of lessons and motivation that you can take away from the life of the King of Music. So let’s get right into it. One of the big lessons that you can take away is to get into your craft at the earliest possible opportunity. If you are going to decide that you want to be a football player.

If you’re going to decide you want to get into basketball. You want to get into nursing. You want to become a doctor. You want to become an entrepreneur, you want to become a businessman or you want to be an online marketer. Any of these things get into it, make a decisive move into it at the earliest opportunity. Don’t spend a lot of time going from thing to thing to think. Because that way you get good by getting into it as soon as you can and spending a lot of time in it. When you look at Michael’s career, how he became so good. He started out as a very young kid. I was impressed the other day watching a video of young Mike. He was the youngest of his brothers on stage. They were all playing guitars and bass guitars, and they were all singing. The important thing is Young Mike, as young as he was. He was the one they trusted to be the lead singer. He was the one that was singing the lead vocals. All his brothers were backing him on vocals and playing instruments. But Young Mike was the star of that show. They were all-stars, but he was like the superstar of that show. So that’s the thing, never be afraid to go in and make a fool of yourself. And you might get it wrong a lot of the time because you don’t have the experience when you go into it. But that’s how you craft your talent. The next thing is don’t be afraid to become a superstar in whatever you’re doing. And you can see it with Young Mike from that age. I mean, he went on and on and with the Jacksons, but then also as a solo artist. And he was willing to stage some of the biggest spectacles in the world of music that the world of music has ever seen. And he was able to create the kind of art that had a huge impact.

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Yet another big lesson is don’t be afraid to experiment. When you look at Mike’s career, one of the things that impressed me is how he was able to not be a pop musician. He was that of a pop singer but he was able to span genres in the kind of stuff he was doing. Like he was able to be a pop singer but then was also able to sing R&B. He was able to do some songs that were hard rock. He was able to do all kinds of different things. He was able to be a great dancer and introduce some unique iconic dance moves that live on to this day. He still has a huge following and left a huge impact on the world of music and art. You cannot do that if you’re not willing to experiment. Now another big lesson! The key takeaway is no matter what you’re trying to do. You have to follow an approach where you dedicate yourself to your craft. You want to become the best in the world at your craft. Take that approach and that approach will lift you higher and higher. It doesn’t matter what field and what industry you are in.

Whether you are in the internet marketing industry, you are in banking or you are in athletics. When you go out there to get as good as you can at your craft. Become the best in the world at your craft then you can reach the pinnacle. Look at Mike but not him. Look at the other great stars Kobe Bryant, TomBrady, Michael Jordan, and Mike Chester. They were all willing to work hard and become good at their craft and that’s what made them so good. So with that concludes lessons that you can learn from Michael Jackson but these are by no means of theirs. There’s a whole lot more general Tomahawk out.

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