Insights In Setting And Accomplishing Goals From The Navy SEALs

Insights In Setting And Accomplishing Goals From The Navy SEALs


New Day. New Year. It’s General Tomahawk. Wait, wait. It’s not New Year yet. I’m back with another episode of how I became General Tomahawk. Today, I want to share a simple two-step framework for accomplishing your goals in internet marketing.

I hope this helps you that I’ve been working on some pretty big goals myself in the Internet marketing space. And recently I came up with this two-step framework if you will. So the first step is working on the most important stuff. So you might be going full steam ahead. If you’re working on something that is only capable of affecting 10% of the reality of your strategic space. And the game board, the chess board, then that’s not going to do that much for you.

Even though you’re going hard, that’s good. But you’re not working on the most important thing. At the same time, you might be neglecting something that accounts for 70% of your results. As an example, look at the health space, right? Like if you’re taking all kinds of supplements. Then at the same time, you’re not exercising. You’re not doing something else that’s super important. You’re not avoiding infection or something like that. You’re working in a very dirty area or in an infected space. You might be well on the supplement side. Your health is going to suffer because you’ve ignored something super important. So step one is getting clear and focusing on your most important. I wouldn’t even say task because a lot of tasks that we do are small things that are not going to affect much. You want to work on your most important things.

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I’m sure they got this in the military. You hear about the US Navy and its strategic imperatives, and strategic objectives. So that’s what you want to work on. You need to get on the USNavy-type strategic objectives and strategic realities. And those are things that move the needle right now. In the second part, you want to go and edit like full member mode, to quote something that Kobe Bryant has known for. Member mode, which is when you go hard. Corby used to practice so hard he was out there at 03:00 a.m.On the basketball court practicing. So he was working on the right stuff. Getting his three-point shot, getting his free throw, getting his drip off, his unique moves. But at the same time, he wasn’t practicing once a week, he was practicing like crazy. So that’s part two is you want to go at it. You want to work in a certain way where you’re setting yourself up to make very rapid progress towards that goal. You want to throw pretty much all your resources at whatever you are.

If it’s a real US Navy-type strategic aim. Then you want to go hard at it and throw everything that you want to be like a US Navy mission. They throw everything at a mission. You got tactical support, you got air support. You got Navy seals. You got all kinds of things. And that’s what makes for a bang on a mission, right? You don’t put in a small deployment of troops and hope for the best. And I hope you get used to the framework. And with that general Tomahawk, I’m out.

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