How Brands Like Nike And Apple Create Hit Products Time After Time

How Brands Like Nike And Apple Create Hit Products Time After Time


Hey, General Tomahawk is back at the house. Today, I want to tell you about “How I became General Tomahawk”. The product formula for coming up with best-selling product ideas.

I was watching an interview with Ray Dalio the other time. He said something that is the key to making products that sell well. His point was to produce something people want. If you think about what powered Nike to be so powerful? What has powered airport computers and the iPhone? What has powered Snapchat to be so popular with the kids? What has powered any kind of big heat product that you can think about?

If you look behind, these are companies or businesses producing something that people want. One of the ideas from one of the founders of A and B was don’t make something. People like to make something that it’s better to make 100 people would love. They are super passionate about something that 1000 people like.

If you start playing around with this idea. You can set the bar where it needs to be for coming up with best-selling products. With that, General Tom Hawk is out.

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