5 Painfully Bad Ways To Not Sell Your Course

5 Painfully Bad Ways To Not Sell Your Course


He’s back as General Tomahawk with another episode of How I became General Tomahawk. Today I want to talk about five painfully bad ways to not sell your course. These are a bunch of things that can stop you if you’re out there. You have an idea for your course and make sure you avoid this one. So the first one is not having a course and never actually taking the time to create the course. And that’s such a blocker because a lot of the time, hey, I want to produce this product.

I want to make that product. And then the day-to-day catches up with us and takes away that whole idea. So make sure you actually create the time to create the product that you’ve been thinking of. The second one is creating the course. Not actually putting in the time to have a clear marketing strategy for it. Making it is one thing, then you actually have to push it out so that people find it and can actually use the course. Number three is hearing about Facebook ads. Which I’ma big fan of, and then running Facebook ads with no idea exactly what you’re doing. This can be harmful because you come away with the idea that Facebook ads don’t work. I tried them.

They don’t work where the actual thing is. You didn’t put in the time and effort to make Facebook ads work or make mistakes. Number four is a painfully bad way to not sell your course. Number four is doing SEO without actually doing SEO. Write a bunch of blog posts on your blog. But never actually taking the time to build links or building spammy links that you buy from FIFA and things like that. Which are only going to penalize your Google search results. Painfully bad way to not sell your cost. Number five is spamming your course link on Facebook and groups will not be giving any value to your potential audience. What this does is it gets everybody against your cost.

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What is this? You’re only there to farm your stuff. So please come up with a great marketing strategy. First of all, you want to put some time into creating your course. You don’t have to create the whole thing before you go out there to try and sell it. In fact, there is an outline of the course, right? Then you can start having conversations and start posting content. So that people start finding out about your upcoming course. You’ll get some good ideas about what topics people want to learn about anyway. And then you actually get into marketing. But it’s so important that you get marketing your course and you do it right. Otherwise, you will complain that Facebook ads, SEO, or any of this don’t work with natural effects. It’s you who didn’t work. So catchy live next time on how I became general tomorrow.

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