Get Random Product To $100K In Sales Challenge Day 11 (On Disasters)

Get Random Product To $100K In Sales Challenge: Day 11 (On Disasters)

So today is Day 11 in my challenge that I’m running to showcase the “7 Figure Product Launches” process and show how to get a random product to $100k in product sales.

On Day 11, I’m realizing if I thought it was gonna be a walk in the park to launch a random product and get it to $100k in sales, I was wrong. It’s a gruelling journey fraught with challenges and many disasters along the way.

Over the last couple of days I’ve been dealing with two particular surprise tech disrupters:

Namecheap Hosting

I use Namecheap as the web host for my business and run my site through their servers. For some reason or other an SSL certificate was expiring or some cool wiz update like that, and I spent hours trying to fix the thing via their platform. The documentation was downright labyrinthine. Even when I had finally emerged out of the other end of the ordeal, and had finally gotten it to work, I could not explain to you what I had just done or how I managed to get it to work. A process so complex that you can’t explain how it works even when you get it to work, is a lovely little surprise you might run into many times on your own product launch journey.

2. Email Marketing

I run my email list building via They carried out some updates on their platform unbeknownst to me and doubtless countless other users, and suddenly sending out emails didn’t work anymore. Here I was, all ready to telegraph some important updates to subscribers, and I was not actually able to send those updates out. Email marketing is going to be a big part of this launch, as any launch in my “7 Figure Product Launches” should generate 80% or more of product sales through email.

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So I’m working on a fix for this second disaster. If you’re having trouble with your ads account getting shutdown or your caching system messing up your ecommerce store or any of these tech disasters in your product launch, know that you’re not alone.

Launching any product and getting it to $100k in sales is no piece of cake. It’ll take a lot of resilience and waking up to do it all over again! Now, where was I with that troublesome software setup…

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