Billionaires Are Incredibly Disciplined

Billionaires Are Incredibly Disciplined

Dear Friend,

It was not until I came across the work of Navy SEALs David Goggins and Jocko Willink that I realized just how important DISCIPLINE is to everything we accomplish in life.

To be a SEAL, you have to be incredibly disciplined:

  • waking up at 2am, PTing hard
  • going through surf torture
  • jumping out of airplanes at deathly heights, no room for a single mistake
  • swimming for long stretches in complete darkness underneath an enemy ship, complete stealth required
  • doing stuff in real life for your country that James Bond can only dream about

It takes tremendous discipline.

And guess what, when it comes to what I’ve discovered about the billionaires too?

They are, by and large, an incredibly disciplined lot. If you’re gonna build a superlative business that contributes tremendous good to your customers and stakeholders around the world, you’re gonna need the discipline of a Navy SEAL.

Your progress will not only be faster in your business and life endeavors, but you will have a whole lot more fun too.

So if you are in any doubt how to grow discipline today: go out for a run, or go into the gym and get your reps in, tackle that big project you’ve been putting off, or finally go about creating a financial budget so you can get your financial house in order. All that discipline will pay off in spades.

The Renegade Billionaire Coach,


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