Billionaire Story Of The Week: Ray Dalio On US Vs China In Competition For World Supremacy

Billionaire Story Of The Week: Ray Dalio On US Vs China In Competition For World Supremacy

Dear Fellow Renegade,

If you want to make money, then you had better pay attention to power as well.

Ray Dalio, the famed billionaire and founder of the world’s biggest hedge fund, says, “The two go together.”

And a book that’s been making waves recently is Ray Dalio’s own new book, “Principles For Understanding The Changing World Order.”

I picked it up recently and could hardly put it down. It’s a recommended read.

In it, Ray Dalio explains why we’ll see the world change dramatically in the days ahead.

It’s all part of what Ray calls the “Big Cycle.”

In the Big Cycle, areas of the world that have squandered their well being become ravaged by fads and manias, like what happened with China in the last century, culminating with their slide into Communism under Mao Tsetung. Millions starved to death or were killed by the despotic leadership of the time.

Then, from the excesses and weaknesses of the disaster, they learned what NOT to do. China today is ascendant in just about any sphere of national power and wealth, and have become a major power.

The other half of the Big Cycle is not so pleasant.

In it, nations that were scrappy and hard-working, thrifty and savings-focused, learn to throw away the restraints of discipline and frugality. National governments live beyond their means, and borrow to make up the difference. They engage in expensive foreign wars and lose the edge in technology and industry. Eventually, they go the way of the Romans, the Greeks, and every empire before in history.

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I highly recommend the book. It’ll help you understand where we are in world history. But it will also give you a clear picture of the kinds of “billionaire habits” I’m always advocating for individuals (hard work, thrift, DISCIPLINE, sacrifice…), and show you how they play too to determine the success of entire nations at scale.


The Renegade Billionaire Coach

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