In the end, the Learning Machines win

In the end, the Learning Machines win

Dear Friend,

I was reminded today of an essential lesson from billionaire Charlie Munger.

He says, “Over the course of my life, I’ve never known a wise person(across a wide range of human activity), who didn’t read all the time. None!”

And looking at the most successful people in business, he’s right.

When asked how he learned how to build rockets though he never had a background in the space before starting SpaceX, billionaire Elon Musk said, “I read books.”

Now, there’s an understatement if you want one.

Some people obviously read books that help them build billion dollar fortunes while the rest of the planet catches up with the Kardashians on TV.

In the end the Learning Machines win, while everyone else is stuck in place.

If there’s one priceless piece of business and life learning that anyone can use, regardless of their IQ, race, sex, etc., learning is the equalizer. It’s the advantage you give yourself that no amount of prejudice can take from you.

How much did you learn this week? And what are you doing to acquire the knowledge and skills to take you to the next level of wealth.

Billionaire Mark Cuban says, “I read everyday because I know there’s some kid pounding away so they can kick my ass. It ain’t gonna happen!”

I haven’t ever made a billion dollars, but that sounds like actionable advice to me.

The Billionaire Coach.


P.S. I’ll be putting out fresh new videos on YouTube soon. They’ll be here real soon, to help you get up to speed with all this billionaire and mindset stuff!

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