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4 Best Products for The Future Corporate Office Design

The coronavirus pandemic has impacted our world in ways that no one could have predicted. With new cases still on the rise across the United States and other countries globally, companies have had to make several changes to their office policies and designs to keep their employees and customers safe.

The open floor plan, which was among the most praised office design trends used by companies from various industries, no longer works in our current world. Today, because of how easily the virus can spread, the best office designs are the ones that optimize isolation and ensure social distancing practices.

Luckily, to adhere to these new safety measures, you do not have to change your office design completely. Instead, you can check out these products and choose the ones that best fit your needs and budget.


Separation panels are some of the most common options in terms of cost-efficiency and availability. Companies with small and large spaces widely use them as they are quite versatile. You can find the perfect fit for your current workstation needs with various shapes, sizes, and styles from which to choose.

Panels are usually easy to install/uninstall. They can also be attached to furniture, thus facilitating the creation of individual desk barriers. Some manufacturers make enclosure pieces with strong materials such as PETG, felt PET, making them durable and easy to clean.

Additionally, there is the option of choosing panel shields that can create a wrap-around look for increased privacy and safety. With several color choices available, you’ll be sure to find the perfect style for your office’s design.

Room Dividers

Room dividers and screens are great for collaborative spaces. They can be up to 24 inches long and offer an excellent option for places such as work lounges and other open areas.

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Like panels, they optimize functionality, flexibility, and privacy. Dividers come in various types, including roll-up dividers, folding dividers, and even acoustic room dividers for sound dampening.

Colors and styles are also not a problem with room dividers, as various choices are available. Finally, you can create individual office stations similar to cubicles using partitions.


For those with a higher budget and much larger space, cubicles are the perfect option.

Although many people still dread the idea of working in a cubicle, the coronavirus has now made them one of the safest ways to operate in an office area. Luckily, modern cubicles are nothing like the traditional ones.

While the purpose is the same, many cubicles are now designed in ways not just to optimize focus and privacy, but also aesthetics, style, and comfort.

Depending on your needs, you can find cubicles from a variety of sizes and styles. Standard cubicle sizes can be 6′ × 6′, 6′ × 8′, or 8′ × 8′, but many companies offer custom sizes. Modern cubicles include curved layouts, sit-stand desks, U-shaped designs, and many other configurations.

Airtight Pods and Booths

Although these are more expensive office design products, pods and booths benefit from fully isolating your worker(s).

These soundproof box offices are ideal for conferences, teams, and individual work that requires a quiet environment. They maximize privacy and focus and allow the worker to concentrate on the task at hand efficiently.

In particular, some meeting pods are designed with germ-shields and divider panels, allowing for more protection against the virus spread. In the world of COVID-19, acoustic pods are the ultimate way to keep everyone safe.

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Another option: Home offices

While some companies have been slowly reopening their office space for workers, most are still using remote work to ensure both employees and customers’ safety.

For those working at home, the choices are much more straightforward. There is no need to invest in fancy panels or cubicles, let alone in a pod. All that’s needed is the perfect home office desk, the right chair, and some custom window treatments in Denver for light and privacy optimization. You can also reach out to creative interior designers to help bring it together and create a beautiful home office design.


With no concrete information about when things will truly settle down, both businesses and individuals must adapt to this new way of living. Whether it is by using panels and room dividers, or investing in cubicles and pods, or even setting up a new home office design, the right choice depends on one’s needs and situations.

So take the time to check your budget, office size, and the overall style and vibe you wish to create. Either way, one thing is certain: “normal” as we used to know it is now a thing of the past.

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