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Cleaning and Storing Sports Gear

If you love outdoor activities and a certified sporty person, for sure you have a lot of sports gear that you always enjoy. You see these gears your treasured possessions that’s why you always want them to be taken care of, and one way to do that is to clean and properly store it. And just like the other things, improper management of sports gear can result in costly repairs or worse, replacement.

Here are tips to get the most out of those sports gears you have to ensure that they are always ready to be used and enjoyed.

Getting rid of the bad smell on your sports gear.

The not-so-good smell from your sports equipment comes from bromidrosis, a derivative from the natural bacteria of the body from the sweat and other body secretions. Unfortunately, bacteria and other infections can be attained if this bad smell will be left unattended.

To avoid this, you can:

Remove the gear from the bag after each use and remove the debris and let the air dry it out.

Spray it using odor eliminator sprays.

Put some dehumidifier on your sports gear.

Sometimes, allow the gears to be exposed to the sun (depending on the material type)

Wear inner clothing before putting the equipment to keep the sweat to be directly exposed to the gear.

You can also use disinfectant sprays suitable for the sports items.

For smaller and foldable things like shoes and some pads, you can put them in Ziploc bags, seal it, and freeze them for 48 hours. This can help to get rid of the bacteria and the smell as well.

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Washing the equipment in the washing machine

There is sports gear that can be washed both by hands and washing machines, but with safety precautions. Pants and chest protectors can be hand-washed to avoid getting destroyed in the washing machine’s agitator. Meanwhile, things like the hockey pads, goalie gloves, and blockers are not recommended to be machine washed. Generally, check the labels and tags in the equipment if you are unsure.

To wash using the washing machine:

For most of the equipment, wash using the cool water setting. For extra disinfecting, you can do that setting it on a higher temperature provided that the item can shrink.

Remove the pads in the hockey pants before washing them. Wash the pads with a brush, mild detergent, and warm water without full submerging. Avoid using fabric conditioner and other bleaching products. Hang the item or place it to a dry area and let it dry completely. Jersey shirts and custom socks should be washed inside and out.

Storing the Sports Equipment

Now that your sports gear is properly cleaned and sanitated, storing these items should also be done correctly to avoid breakage and malformation. Cover your sports gear to keep it clean and free from dust and molds. Clean your storage area before putting your sports items. Ensure that the storage area like garage and shed are free from rodents and other pests that can destroy it. Smaller items should be arranged in see-through containers for easy transport and easier to find those materials. You can install shelves and racks to ensure the better safe keeping of your items.

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