The 2 Phases Of A 7 Figure Product Launch

This is a sneak peek inside the process in my “7 Figure Product Launches” consulting program. The program is for ecommerce entrepreneurs, coaches, SaaS, and others who want a more successful product launch. You can implement this 2-phase strategy for launching your own product.

CORE 5: First 3 months of a launch

The CORE 5 is a set of marketing actions you can use to quickly get momentum in audience awareness and product sales for your brand new product. These are my strategies for this:

  1. The Incredible Yearlong Profits Funnel – a fancy name for a follow up funnel that involves an email optin and an automated email sequence driving conversion. For a real 7 Figure Product Launch, it needs to run for a whole year. The emails can be occasional, one a week for 52 total.
  2. Upsells and Cross Sells (makes the funnel and launch more profitable) – without these your funnel will struggle on paid traffic.
  3. Paid Ads – the fast hack, and a reliable traffic source. Remember what the number 1 killer of would be 7 Figure Product Launches is? I harp on this.
  4. Social Media Marketing – Organic content posting, and DMing everyone who engaged with our content and either followed us or left a comment, start a legit conversation, then pitch our product and ask if they’d like to get the link, if it’s low ticket, or pitch the product and ask if they’d want to jump on a call to discuss, if it’s high ticket.
  5. Real time email marketing, this is how we run sales conversion.

THE CORE 5 are where you want to focus for the first 3 months, get those dialled in and working right first.

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Past PHASE 1, meaning from month 4 and on, we can get a lot more creative since we used the CORE 5 to put in place a solid foundation for ongoing sales in our product launch. Some of the strategies I like for this phase are PR campaigns, guest posting, and some real ninja growth hacks. If you’re aiming for a 7 Figure revenue milestone from your new product, plan to run your launch campaign for at least 7-15 months, unless you have very deep pockets and can sprint there faster with heavy advertising.


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