App Mistakes To Avoid If You Want To Have A 7 Figure Product Launch

I helped a client recently with planning for an upcoming product launch. The experience was occasion to think long and hard about what the best app launches do and don’t do.

So here are some app launch mistakes to avoid if you want your app to be a 7 Figure Product Launch.

Having No Traffic Strategy

I’ll say it again: the biggest killer of app launches and 7 Figure Product Launches, across a wide variety of launch categories, is a lack of traffic.


Suboptimal Signup Incentives

    You went to all the hard work of getting people to your app landing page. Make it explicitly clear exactly how it benefits them to sign up and try the app.


    Having No Customer Acquisition Funnel

    Getting a free user is one thing. Actually turning them into a paying user of your app or a subscriber to the in-app upgrades, is another. You need to carefully design a conversion cadence and funnel for how you will turn those free users into paying customers, then bake it into the experience of using your app.

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