How To Write Sales Copy For An Insurance Policy. This classic example for Old American Insurance Company shows you how to sell your financial and insurance products through direct response marketing

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Here is a real treat for financial publishing businesses, insurance firms, brokerages and other insurance businesses. A classic sales letter from Old American, an insurance company with a venerable reputation, that shows you how to use emotion-based appeals in your sales letter. It sets up the premise and promise, and offers a very valuable insurance coverage plan for a low-risk initial investment.

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This is an ordinary pair of shoes.

They could belong to anybody – BUT…

SUPPOSE oldshoes



…Empty shoes – you no longer here.

Who would pay the bills that always arise when someone departs this world? Would those you leave behind have the money to do it? Or would they have to scrimp and save – and do without things they need – for months, perhaps even years, after you have gone, just to get these bills paid off?

Dear Friend of Old American:

I know that you have indicated in the past that you are interested in insurance. But now I want to ask you a pointed (and perhaps undiplomatic) question:

Are you satisfied with what you have done about it?

I’m sorry if that question seems blunt. However, you CAN take a positive step — and you can do it right now:

You can apply for an OLD AMERICAN $1,000 life insurance policy — and keep it in force after your application has been approved.

This will provide $1,000 for your family to help take care of funeral expenses and other bills there is just no way of stopping.

It can be mighty difficult for your family when you are gone. You have provided for them to the best of your ability all along the way. They have appreciated it. There is no reason why they shouldn’t keep right on appreciating you when you are gone — remembering that you at least gave them a chance to start out even with the board.

If you died tomorrowthere could be all kinds of bills:


— Doctor bills for final sickness

— Hospital bills for related expenses

Funeral services

— Burial lot and monument

— Unpaid taxes

— Regular unpaid monthly accounts


— and the list doesn’t stop there!

Wouldn’t it be comforting to your family if you had made arrangements in advance to help take care of these expenses?

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To help you do this, we here at Old American want you to have this introductory rate for our $1,000 life insurance policy:


What you do next is turn to the application and fill it out — and then mail it as soon as possible with your introductory payment of $1.00.

When your application is approved, you will be insured for $1,000 on the introductory term basis. Then, when your first regular premium is paid, your policy begins on the whole life plan and builds up cash values over the years.

You can use these cash values in a lot of different ways. If you have to borrow money, you can do so against your policy (at a reasonable rate of interest, too).

Or you could apply the cash value on a smaller paid up life insurance policy.

Here is another thing that’s important to you. You don’t have to go see a doctor and take a medical examination. You do fill out a statement of health on the application — and since the company only issues policies to people in good health, it does reserve the right to check out the statement should a claim come up in the first two policy years (but the company has this right only during those first two years). Pre-existing conditions are not covered during the first two policy years, but are covered from then on. Like most other companies, we don’t cover suicide within the first two years.

Now — here is an added feature.

In the case of common carrier accidental death (which is always sudden and unexpected), the policy will pay an extra $1,000 — a total of $2,000 altogether. Death need not occur immediately, but at any time within 60 days from the date of the accident.

Of course, defining this type of benefit is sometimes difficult, so that is why we would like to explain it here in language closely following actual policy provisions.

The policy pays $2,000 instead of $1,000 if death is caused solely by accidental bodily injuries which are sustained while (as a fare-paying passenger) the insured is riding in, entering, or alighting from any conveyance engaged at that time as a licensed common carrier of passengers.

Of course, this additional benefits provision will not apply if such death is caused or contributed to by any mental or bodily sickness, disease, or infirmity; by war or any act incident to war; or while the policy is in force as paid-up or extended term insurance.

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This is just one of the many features of your Old American policy that make it so valuable — that will help fill your shoes and pay the bills when you are gone.

There is our story.

If this letter has seemed like a lot to read, it’s because there is a lot to say.

But with it is a way for you to spare your family some of the tears and heartaches and sorrow that your death would cause.

You do know the value of insurance. You are interested in your family’s welfare.

So — let me ask you once again — are you satisfied that you have done enough?

Remember — there is no such thing as a second chance after you are gone. What you do for your family, you must do now — not tomorrow, not next week, not next year — BUT TODAY!

That’s why I hope you’ll take the time to fill out your application and send it off today — while you have this handy form in front of you.

You will always be glad you did.


Joseph J. McGee




P.S  Because we are from the “Show Me” state of Missouri, let us “Show You” that this policy is everything we say it is by making this money-back guarantee of your introductory term payment if you are not completely satisfied.

No doctor will have to examine you when you apply

One of the many reasons policyowners find it easy to do business with Old American is because they are not required to go to a doctor and take a medical examination.

You must be in good health, of course, when your policy is issued. Because the company, as is customary, does require that you be in good health at that time. It reserves the right to further verify this fact in the event of death within 24 months after the policy is issued. (Note that the company has this right only during the first two policy years). We DO care about your state of health, but as a matter of convenience to you, we do not require you to have a medical examination.


3520 Broadway, KCMO 64111


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