If you’re reading this, you’re most probably one of those people who want to live a high class lifestyle. Awesome, I applaud you. It takes courage, time and effort to upgrade your current lifestyle. 

My name is Arnon Barnes, Serial Entrepreneur and International Business Mentor. I consider myself to be quite successful. However, my life didn’t always look like this. My journey has taken me from cleaning office buildings to being financially independent by the age of 28. In this article I am going to share with you my main keys for upscaling your life and becoming wealthy.


First off, what does being wealthy even mean? Depending on where you live and what your path has looked like up till now, your definition of wealth is going to look different from the person next to you. It might resemble a certain sum of money in your bank account. Or a monthly amount of income. It might resemble something materialistic like a type of house, car or plane. It may be the amount of free time you have or all of the above. Whatever it may be, and there is no right or wrong answer, you need to define what wealth means to you because this definition is what is going to pull you forward when times are tough.

Start a business

Did you know that most wealthy people own businesses? An employee works an X amount of hours in exchange for a salary. There is nothing wrong with this, but unless you are promoted or work more hours your salary has a maximum to it. Eventually you will hit a ceiling. You can only be promoted so many times and you can only work so many hours per day. Owning a business makes it so there is no ceiling. You can leverage off the amount of products, services and prices. And by scaling you are able to increase revenues and even profits. Little side note. Scale smartly so this doesn’t mean you start to work more hours and again exchange your time for money. Don’t work harder, work smarter. You want to have the business do the work for you.  

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Manage your money

The most wealthy people on planet earth are excellent money managers. I’m not talking about the celebrities showing off their mansions on MTV Cribs. Studies have shown that the people who fall in these categories are high accumulators. What does that mean? High accumulators are people whose expenses increase as their income increases. They buy houses with high mortgages, lease expensive cars and planes when times are good. However, everything in life has ups and downs. Just look at the weather, human health and the economy. When times are down, high accumulators are stuck with extremely high monthly costs.

Resulting in many of them to file for bankruptcy. What you ultimately want to be doing is accumulate high amounts of money and manage your overall costs and spending wisely. Keep it to a minimum. As the saying goes; “manage what you have, else the universe won’t give you anymore.”

Be patient

Nothing great ever happened in the blink of an eye. Of course there are some exceptions, there always will be, but this isn’t the norm. Becoming wealthy takes planning, execution, readjusting, perseverance and time. Go for the slow burn instead of the blowtorch. From my experience this route is more sustainable. You want your wealth to last you a long time, don’t you?

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Short bio: 

Arnon Barnes started his first business at age 11 and built and sold his first multi million euro company by the age of 28! 

In the past 7 years Arnon has personally trained and coached more than 90 000 people from well over 65 different countries including, The Netherlands, Belgium, Poland, Italy, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, the UK, Brazil, Singapore and South Africa to name a few.

Arnon is an explosive international speaker, author, investor and one of Europe’s leading and most exciting business mentors.

I help solopreneurs get MORE PROFITABLE in WAY LESS TIME, grow and scale their one man businesses into time independent 7-8 figure machines that make money even when you’re asleep. Learn how in my Renegade Solopreneur Profits Bootcamp.

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