Do I Need To Get On The Phone To Make Sales Calls To Sell A $1,000 Dollar Course?

If your course costs just $1,000, you might feel compelled to get on the phone to make the sale, but chances are, you really don’t need to.

After all, a $1,000 dollar course is far from “high ticket.” It’s a figure that your market shouldn’t have to lose a lot of sleep over making that decision, and the extra objection help you can give them on the phone, and extra questions you can answer for them personally, might not be as huge of an issue at this price point.

However, there’s at least one really good scenario for getting on the phone to close sales for a $1,000 dollar course.

And that’s if you’re launching a brand new offer and you haven’t had a lot of interaction with your potential buyers to learn how they might welcome your new course. Then, especially if you are running ads to cold traffic, it might help you to actually get on the phone to close a few sales personally.

This way you learn what your prospects are thinking as they consider buying your course, and what their problem points might be with your solution.

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