Covid-19 Detection Glasses Launch by Chinese Startup Rokid

Glasses that can detect symptoms of covid-19 in a person has been created in China, and it will soon be brought to the United States. According to the, The Rokid T1 glasses are thermal imaging. The news site further stated that they can detect the temperatures of around two hundred people from a three meters distance in the span of two minutes with the use of an infrared sensor as described by Rokid’s U.S. Director Liang Guan.

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Rokid is an AI startup that is situated in Hangzhou, China. It was founded by Eric Wong and Mingming Zhu in the year, 2014. Moreover, it is also a company that creates tech-related products so as to help with the outbreak of covid-19. According to Guan, the detection glasses contain augmented reality features to record live videos and photos, and for hands-free voice controls. reported that the device also has 12-megapixel cameras and a Qualcomm CPU attached to it.

Covid-19 Detection Glasses Pitched by Chinese Startup Rokid

The Conflict Rokid Glasses Brings About

There are United States regulators that are concerned that the device could be used to gather information on America for the Chinese technology company especially since the device can connect through a USB. However, Rokid says that it doesn’t gather information from the device directly, the data is stored locally and that privacy is of high importance to the company.

Rokid wants to sell the device to the United States so that it will be used in hospitals, law enforcement, and workplace. So it is talking with United States hospitals and companies on the purchase and delivery of the device.

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The covid-19 detection glasses are fantastic even though we have seen and used thermal scanners before when they are being used to detect fever in an airport. However, the device isn’t handheld, but it is wearable and that makes it advanced among its other functions.

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Additional Information on its uses

As reported by Ubergizmo, Thermal scanners can detect fever in a person, but the T1 thermal glasses can be used to detect corona virus and it can be done so easily since you can see as far as your eye view and the device can detect the virus from as many people as you can see. Moreover, you don’t need to be close to a person or group of people to scan and detect whether they have covid-19 or not unlike thermal scanners.

It was shortly after the covid-19 outbreak in China started that the T1 thermal glasses were created. SenseTime which is a face recognition giant tech startup in China also works in making devices that can help with the covid-19 outbreak along with other tech companies. SenseTime created thermal imaging systems and has installed them at railway stations in China. Furthermore, Rokid was able to create the device in less than two months, and it can also add IoT and software solutions for facial recognition and data management to its T1 thermal glasses.

China is where the covid-19 outbreak started, but its outbreak is now being contained. The number of covid-19 cases and deaths from it have reduced drastically that lockdown has been lifted in some places. However, there is still doubt about the veracity of news related to covid-19 that comes out of China.

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