Corona Virus Increases Death Toll by 50% in Wuhan

In the 2019 end, the corona virus, covid-19 outbreak started in Wuhan, China, and then China was able to contain the outbreak as the news that came out of the country. However, now, Wuhan has lost 1,290 lives leading to an increase in China’s death toll by 50%.

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China has been suspected to be hiding what’s really going on concerning covid-19, but it assured that they are not covering up. What leads to the current increase in its death toll is the lift on its lockdown. The 11 million residents in Wuhan had been under total lockdown until currently, and now, China has passed 4,600.

Officials say Why there is a sudden increase in corona virus deaths

According to the BBC, The officials of Wuhan stated that the current deaths are deaths that had not been put into record of patients of the corona virus that died at home or somewhere outside of the hospital.
The “statistical verification” followed efforts by authorities to “ensure that information on the city’s Covid-19 epidemic is open, transparent and the data is accurate”, the statement said.
It also said that the deaths were miscounted so the deaths were reported wrongly unknowingly since hospitals were in a buzz trying to contain the disease and take care of patients. Moreover, since at the beginning of the outbreak, they were not able to test well so that means some infected patients may have missed.

Corona Virus Increases Death Toll by 50% in Wuhan

In response to the accusations given by the President of the United States, Donald Trump that China is covering up the corona virus outbreak, the foreign ministry said that such accusations were unsubstantiated. In addition to that, a spokesman said that they will never allow any cover-up.

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After the start of the outbreak of covid-19 in China, a case of pneumonia went viral in Wuhan that the Chinese authorities started investigating it. At the ending of December, last year, China reported to WHO so that they will investigate further, but the organization was not given permission to visit China until in February this year. The cases have passed 40,000 by then.

In January, a doctor, Li Wenliang had tried to alert his colleagues about an outbreak of a virus that is SARS-like, but he was stopped by the authorities. They made sure that he didn’t tell anyone about the outbreak and now Dr. Wenliang had passed due to the corona virus.

Many analysts are pondering on the death toll going up in Wuhan, and they are doubts about the veracity of the statistics and news regarding China since it all seems too clean.

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The Suspicion Towards Chinese officials

The New York times, NYTIMES, it is suspected that officials in China have purposely misreported the cases and deaths of covid-19 and leading people to believe it is not as much as it actually is. This is so that it would seem that the states in China are handling the outbreak very well.
Furthermore, a press conference was held and it was announced that the growth of the economy of China has collapsed. This was announced at the same time that the increase in the death toll was announced.

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According to the TIME magazine, the Chinese keep saying that there were not any misleading information on purpose, but that some deaths were missed and hence leading to a miscounted report.

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