Think like a billionaire

Not Easy To Be A Billionaire: Renegade Billionaire Crash Course

THE BAD NEWS: It will likely take you a VERY long time to become a billionaire, if at all!

THE GOOD NEWS: So what, you can still chill at home like me and enjoy an ice cold beer, billionaire or not. Mo money mo problems!! And, here are some steps to help you if you do decide to venture on the billionaire road:

Step 1: Think MASSIVE!!!

Step 2: Choose a legitimate way to become a billionaire, such as business, investing, media and TV, or entrepreneurship (my recommendation).

Step 3: Set a 50-year goal to become a billionaire.

Step 4: Reverse engineer your goal by breaking it down into smaller goals, such as:

  • 25-year goal: Where should you be?
  • 10-year goal: What should you achieve?
  • 5-year goal: What should you focus on?
  • 1-year goal: What should you work on today?

Step 5: Design your ideal day around your billionaire goals.

Step 6: Study the metagame of becoming a billionaire, such as the mistakes Adolf Hitler made in World War II.

Step 7: Treat your billionaire net worth goal like a game.

Step 8: Study these 5 billionaires I like to study:

  • Charlie Munger: Key lessons: Be patient, invest in the long term, and surround yourself with smart people.
  • Grant Cardone: Key lessons: 10X your goals, be obsessed with your work, and don’t listen to the haters.
  • Donald Trump: Key lessons: Be decisive, take risks, and never give up.
  • Elon Musk: Key lessons: Be visionary, think big, and work incredibly hard.
  • Tilman Fertitta: Key lessons: Diversify your investments, build relationships, and always be hustling.
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Follow these steps and you’ll be well on your way to becoming a billionaire in 50 years!

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