MSIs: Something Every Solopreneur Or Freelancer Should Know About

Something Every Solopreneur Or Freelancer Should Know About

Dear Fellow Renegade,

One of the key lessons I learned about entrepreneurship as a solopreneur the last few years is the value of MSIs.

I first heard the term, most probably, when I took Jordan Belfort’s sales training program for entrepreneurs and other sales-driven careers. The idea with MSIs is that as you grow your business, you don’t want to just rely on one source of income.

Think about it: if you’re a copywriter or a painter, do you want to just rely on that source of income when, as the coronavirus debacle showed us, your main income source can be threatened at any time?

If there’s a lesson of the last few years for solopreneurs and freelancers, it’s that you can’t count on “normal” or “normal times.” We’ve gotten all too associated with the real world of risk, and that global supply chains are as fickle as banana peels, blink and you slip!

So, if you have any chance at all to develop alternative sources of income as a solopreneur or freelancer, you should start doing it. And that’s the whole idea of MSIs.

MSIs stands, obviously, for multiple sources of income. Later on, I learned from Bob Proctor, the late great coach, that MSIs are responsible for just about any great fortune you’ll find in modern recorded history: the Vanderbilts, Carnegies, Musks, and Rick Rosses of the world all have developed strong MSIs.

As a freelancer or solopreneur, you likely have a lot of specialized knowledge that you can package up. Selling or licensing such intellectual property is an easy way into the exciting world of MSIs. Yet another way to do so would be to create software or tools that others can use to get the results you are responsible for in your normal line of trade.

As you develop new intellectual property assets, you will not only grow your income, but you open up the path to escape the Solopreneur Rat Race for good: stop trading time for money.

To your many MSIs!

The Renegade Billionaire Habits Coach

I help solopreneurs get MORE PROFITABLE in WAY LESS TIME, grow and scale their one man businesses into time independent 7-8 figure machines that make money even when you’re asleep. Learn how in my Renegade Solopreneur Profits Bootcamp.

The Top 10 Business Books Every Freelancer Should Read

The Top 10 Business Books Every Freelancer Should Read

I’m disseminating the names of some of my special books on business and startups that can enable every freelancer to grow and give additional insight into this stage.

10. 80/20 Sells and Marketing by Perry Marshall

“This is the book I hoped I’d have when I commenced my sales profession 20 years ago. It would have limited my years of baloney sandwiches & ramen soup. 80/20 is the extensively powerful regulation in business and it’s the broadly valuable, beautiful framework for clarifying every brilliant move you make in marketing.”

9. Money And Prosperous Soul by “Stephen DeSilva”

“I’ve taught marketing to hundreds and discreetly consulted with thousands. I’ve realized you can understand the maximum of what you need to know about a corporation in 2-3 years. Subsequently, your success has additional to do with expressive and spiritual assumptions and ‘head trash’ than what you understand in your mind. DeSilva does a more promising job of untangling religious beliefs about cash than anyone else I’ve noticed. With Star Principle, this is the hugely underrated book on my list.”

8. The Star Principle by Richard Koch

“An extensive business specialist of all periods gives the attractive prescription. He used to cultivate his comfort from $4 million to almost $400 million in 25 years. No doubt, the extensive underrated book on this list. Count your company according to Richard’s procedure using this book.”

7. Psycho-Cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz

A plastic surgeon marvels at why he fixes a few patients’ awful noses and they grow to prominence and prosperity, while he rectifies others and they stare in the glass and still contend they’re ugly. Maltz is the man who popularized the belief in self-image. He’s remote wiser and more serious than the copycats who came after. This is a deeply insightful and particular book about your core game. If you can, pick up one of the initially used specimens from the 1960s.”

6. Work The System by Sam Carpenter

“This great book lends the blazing topic that individuals in my company ask daily: ‘Which network is done up or put in motion, would have dissuaded this problem from ever occurring in the first place?’ Sam Carpenter asserts the cosmos is working 99.9% correctly all the period, so disappointing conclusions always flow from a systemic intake you can fix. Authorizing and enormously practical.”

5. How To Get Rich by Felix Dennis

“This is a bouncy study by a competent reporter. A brutally virtuous autobiography by a dude evaluating hundreds of millions. It surrounds some shady confessions. ‘At a one-time spell, I had fourteen paramours on the payroll—big mistake.’ Make sure to browse the chapter about increasing money—it’s gold.”

4. Positioning The Battle For Your Mind by Al Ries and Jack Trout

“Jack Marshal and Al the fundamental truth of how organizations and brands emerge from zero to impact and completion in this book.”

3. The Proverbs of Solomon

“Everyone is prepared for tactical occupation disappointments. It is a deliberate failure and there are thousands of paperback editions to address that complexity. Yet the biggest long-term position failures and business disasters come from rejecting the precepts in Proverbs: not the schemes and strategies, but losses of wisdom, understanding, morals, discipline, and identity.

Proverbs is the broadly influential enterprise book of all time, a fount of Jewish firm wisdom. It sold more replicas and shaped additional leaders than Adam Smith, Peter Drucker, Napoleon Hill, Jack Welch, Ayn Rand, Dale Carnegie, and Stephen Covey put concurrently. It’s even relevant in our information-drenched duration of social media.”

2. My Life In Advertising by Claude Hopkins

“Little more people don’t look around the enormous superintendent. Claude Hopkins flourish direct response advertisements as well as the voucher. This edition takes you inside the intellect of one of the enormous business titans of all periods. If you browse closely he’ll indicate to you what advertising is all around.

1. Winning Through Intimidation by Robert Ringer.

“In all deals, somebody has the upper hand. Credible folks are squeamish about this. Passive-aggressive “screw you over” categories are not. You must realize this fact and assign it wisely. One of the most useful books ever for deals with rookies. If you dislike the title, that indicates you particularly need to read it.”

Thank you for browsing. Let me understand if you have a decent recommendation.

I help solopreneurs get MORE PROFITABLE in WAY LESS TIME, grow and scale their one man businesses into time independent 7-8 figure machines that make money even when you’re asleep. Learn how in my Renegade Solopreneur Profits Bootcamp.

What It Takes To Make 6 Figures A Year As A Freelancer Or Service Business Owner

Since I started freelancing only over a year ago, I’ve had the slot to work with almost a dozen high-growth startups and world-class specialists. What’s additional is that I’ve never had to work out the premium costs I charge for my content marketing assistance.

Because I’ve finished such an effective job of defining my merit propositions, branding myself as a specialist within my profession, and getting my services in front of a new target market, I now have a 3 to 6 months waiting list for further freelance customers.

Though, that surely didn’t happen overnight. My quick success in the field of freelancing is the effect of a LOT of strategic location, hours of stiff work, and quality timing.

If you’re prepared to get momentum about freelancing and increasing your self-employed income, here are my pinnacle three tips for earning additional money during your first year.

1. Choose a Niche

If you’re just come into freelancing, you might feel prepared to take any sponsored work you can obtain your hands on. But as you get extensive into your freelancing profession, you’ll need to commence being more planned about the kind of work you do and the customers you take on.

You might be inquiring: How can getting picky regarding the freelance effort I do help me generate MORE money?

Since when you specialize, you become a specialist in a particular field, and specialists can ask more for their specialized assistance.

2. Understandable of Your Service Offerings

One crucial decision you need to make soon on in your freelance occupation is what you carry out and what you don’t do.

3. Explain What Your Perfect Client Looks Like

Before going out and starting searching for clients, you’ll need to evolve a straightforward picture of who you’re going to serve best. Do you want to build websites for compact business owners, pitch in on the latest feature establishment for high-growth technology startups, or grab on longer-term agreements with enterprise-sized corporations? Making these comprehensible distinctions between who and what kind of business you’re targeting will be crucial to successfully pitch your services.

Some other tips:

  • Design a High-Quality Portfolio Site
  • Level Up Your Expertness
  • Control Your Pricing
  • Blog Frequently
  • Guest Post on Appropriate Industry Blogs & Publications

You can make money from freelancing even if you may not have particular skills. There are two ways (basically) you can follow.

For an instance, you are to offer logo service. You can get a logo designed for as little as $5 to $25 and then turn around to tender that logo sketches for $ 25 to $75. Not substandard considering that you will be generating at least $20 per assignment. The persons who make logos can be searched on Fiverr. There are numerous tutorials and classes on YouTube.

Note there are plenty of methods you can freelance. I just gave a couple of examples here.


Here are some easy and uncomplicated steps to commence as a freelancer in your profession.

  1. Initially figure out what you’re superior at and have attentiveness.
  2. Signup into some of the freelance programs listed at the conclusion (all are fine if you are good at something)
  3. Create a magnificent profile – mention all your expertness with prior samples if feasible
  4. Fix an hourly cost for your professional work (try to have sensible but let others grab you for granted)
  5. Write a distinctive and convincing cover letter for each skill set.
  6. Find jobs appropriate to your skillset (you don’t require to search, just connect the search to your sheet)
  7. Before requesting or bidding for a job, carefully study the job posting. Make it understandable to yourself what the customer wants
  8. Figure out whether you can undertake whatever customer wants or not
  9. If agreed, update your cover letter along with the specimen if you have
  10. Reply to all the questions the client wanted ( this is where the customer decides who to recruit for his project)
  11. Once you get your initial project, make it the greatest out of it and never let the customer hire someone else for his following project – you realize what to do
  12. Get your earnings on time to take your companion to a party.

I help solopreneurs get MORE PROFITABLE in WAY LESS TIME, grow and scale their one man businesses into time independent 7-8 figure machines that make money even when you’re asleep. Learn how in my Renegade Solopreneur Profits Bootcamp.

ULTIMATE GUIDE FOR AFFILIATE MARKETING: The Ultimate Guide To Making Money With Upwork Freelancing In 2021

Making money with Upwork freelancing using affiliate marketing in 2021 can be so much easier than it seems. Although many successful people may have gone through hard times before finally becoming rich, you can easily make so much money with Upwork using affiliate marketing as long as you understand how you can do it. I will start with explaining how you would start affiliate marketing before I go into using it with Upwork freelancing.

How would you start affiliate marketing?

The simplest method to increase your profit from affiliates is to use a affiliate marketing network. These organizations unite organizations over various businesses and make it simple for you to advance their products, track your presentation, and get paid on schedule.

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An innovator in this space is Admitad. Admitad is a worldwide affiliate organization with many promoters and over 1,000,000 distributers. You can begin for nothing with this stage by introducing their simple to-use Chrome augmentation.

The cash you can gain on the Admitad network alone is pretty great. The normal affiliate marketer, for instance, buys USD$60,198 every year, with the most productive stages being websites, web-based media, messages, email and YouTube.

Top 3 Ways to Make Money Online

Make money online as an influencer

Making money online as an influencer isn’t something that occurs with no forethought. To be viewed as an “influencer,” you need to have an audience of people that confides in you and follows up on your suggestions.

Influencers carry out their specialty via web-based media, where they can grow more and share applicable content from brands, buying a level charge or commission all the while.

Influencer advertising, the cycle of brands finding compelling individuals via web-based media and teaming up with them, is a moving strategy for organizations, everything being equal, and sizes. Also, they pay great cash for the advantage to work with influencers. So it’s justified even despite your time growing an online media audience to open these chances.

How would you grow a web-based media audience deserving of brand cooperation?

It’s hard. For instance, stages, for example, Facebook and Twitter have decreased their natural reach in recent years. At that point you have visual stages like Instagram and YouTube, which are packed. If you can slice through the commotion on these stages, at that point they can be productive, however, it is difficult.

If I was beginning with no preparation today, I’d get on board with the TikTok fleeting trend. It’s the quickest developing interpersonal organization on the planet, and brands are just barely now working together with TikTok influencers.

There is a scope of TikTok instruments that will assist you with growing your channel, and become an influencer, quick. A good suggestion is TokUpgrade.

TikTok instrument TokUpgrade developes genuine target on TikTok adherents while making money on the web.

To make money as an influencer, much like with affiliate marketing, your smartest choice is to pursue an influencer market place where you can make a profile and quest for brands that are now searching for joint efforts. Pattern, for instance, is an extraordinary stage to begin with. Whenever you’re acknowledged into their program, they connect you with important brands without you having to do the manual work.

Start an online business

Beginning an online business is a serious, expansive idea. Everything from selling life services to dispatching an eCommerce store qualifies as an online business.

The worldwide eCommerce industry, for instance, is proceeding to develop year-on-year, with most Americans wanting to shop online as opposed to visit a retail location.

What are a Few Things You Need to Consider When Beginning an Online Business?

Initially, will you sell items through a web-based selling stage, for example, Amazon, eBay, or Etsy, or will you sell them on your own site with an eCommerce stage, for example, Shopify? What will you sell? Will it be services or products? Which industry or specialty will you work in?

By what means will you sell your items? Is it blogging, will you plan your own products, or will you drop ship somebody else’s?

None of these inquiries are easy to answer. They require profound idea, statistical surveying, and some basic evaluation. However, there is no better time to begin the cycle than now.

Make money at home by freelancing

In all honesty, however, freelancing can be a very productive career. If you do your best, you can make $100k or more every year. Truth be told, over 30% of consultants make over $75k every year.

With the distant work upset taking control over the business world, brands are searching for new and imaginative solutions to decrease overheads and develop without awkward hiring measures. Working with consultants is a fantastic route for brands to hit their objectives without taking on full-time representatives.

Freelancing is accessible in almost any job niche. The most popular brands are searching for web design, video editing, web development, and content writing, yet freelance work comprises of so much more.

How Would You Begin with Freelancing?

The least demanding approach to kick off a freelance profession and make money online is to join one of the many freelance employment platforms accessible.

Here are the best ones:

  • Freelancer – Similar to Upwork, yet focused on small ventures.
  • Toptal – Aimed at top businesses.
  • Fiverr – The universe’s driving freelance network with a huge scope of openings for work.
  • Upwork – Market place that connects freelancers and clients.
  • 99Designs – For designers.
  • People Per Hour – Group of freelancers that are paid by hour.

There are likewise a scope of industry-explicit freelance sites which you can discover through a Google search, that give more lucrative and more targeted work for every industry vertical.

When you register to these platforms, you can post your resume, build up a work portfolio, look for remote positions and get reviews from clients. Get paid to take surveys, create reviews or test applications.

It doesn’t sound as exciting as beginning an online business or becoming an influencer, yet you can get paid for doing a huge scope of assignments for organizations, for example, taking surveys, writing reviews, or testing applications.

Taking surveys – Businesses want information, and the most ideal route for them to gain important client input is through taking surveys. Fortunately for you, they will pay for your service. There are a great deal of websites that pay you to take surveys like Swagbucks.

Testing applications – Every application or site should be tried prior to going to market. The more perplexing the tech is, the more important it is to test how it functions. TesterWork and UserTesting are two platforms that encourage this cycle where you can join and make money on the web.

Writing reviews – Getting paid to write product reviews can gain you two or three hundred dollars every month, considerably more, if you have much free time. Platforms like Review Stream and Software Judge will pay you on the spot for a review.

This technique for making money online can be a tedious cycle that doesn’t assemble an expert portfolio or grow a business. So it’s beneficial for some additional money, however, not a drawn out profession decision.

The top 3 ways for making money online mentioned above are my top picks, however, if you need more motivation, here are a few choices:

  • Purchasing and selling shares
  • Training courses on a site like Udemy
  • Creating and selling an eBook
  • Take part in challenges or giveaways for money
  • Selling photographs on a stock commercial center
  • Selling old stuff on eBay
  • Becoming a virtual coach

As should be obvious, there are huge loads of ways to make money on the web; you simply need to get ready and start.

How Start Making Money as a Freelancer on Upwork

Finding Your Niche

After taking a genuine stock of own abilities, get down to characterizing your specialty. This can end up being an extreme cycle. You may go over situations where your highest skill, which you love the most, doesn’t bring that much cash while something, where you need more mastery, is truly beneficial.

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In such cases, I recommend you pitch the expertise that pays lesser, however, where you appreciate the work and would cherish doing it for a long time. Also, use the other beneficial skill where you’re below average, as the second or third ability.

Freelance sites request that you distinguish five skills, including your niche. Beginning with the work that you love is in every case better since you’ll have the option to finish freelance tasks on schedule and easily.

A freelance niche likewise makes you a specialist in a particular work. Although the compensation scale would be lower, nothing prevents you from climbing your cost as a specialist in your niche, sometime soon. There’s no motivation behind why you need to sell your abilities for lesser when you’re a freelancer.

Research Upwork for Job Opportunities

To turn into a fruitful Upwork freelancer, you must look for some kind of employment from Upwork. There’re some sites that are also freelance market places similar to Upwork like, ZipRecruiter and CareerBuilder among others.

Become familiar with Upwork, search for core details, for example, types of freelance work, recurrence of new job posts, commissions and charges payable to a site, how you can get paid for work and freelance work that is popular.

Research profiles of the best freelancers on Upwork. That would assist you with seeing how to make your own freelancer profile when you wish to enter the market.

Set up Payment Systems

You need payment for all freelance services that you provide. Therefore, you need to set up a payment system prior to creating a freelance profile on Upwork. That is because you’ll be required to add in your details while signing up on Upwork or any freelance site as a freelancer.

Most freelancers and clients use PayPal, since it’s simple and quick. Getting cash through PayPal isn’t free. PayPal charges anything between 0.5 % to 3 % of the aggregate sum of money as their service fee, depending on where you are based.
This implies that you could wind up paying as much as $3 as PayPal fee per payment of $100. The fee relies upon where you live and other factors.

Upwork clients pay through Upwork only, so you have to pay an Upwork fee of at least 5% to 20% per payment. Upwork doesn’t allow freelancers to contact clients off of Up work unless the clients suggests so.

Some Upwork can also pay through bank transfer, wire transfer and other installment applications, for example, Skrill and Payoneer, etc.

You’ll learn more about these commissions and fees charged by these payment systems by researching more on them.

Understanding these service charges and fees is significant because it influences your total payment.

Likewise, discover whether a payment system requires any details, for example, your income tax number. For instance, freelancers in India need to get a Goods and Services Tax Identification Number (GSTIN) while signing on PayPal, under laws of that nation.

Clearly, you wouldn’t have the option to foresee how much cash you’ll make as a freelancer. Subsequently, imagine a figure to calculate yours and the fees of the payment system, for example, PayPal or Upwork.

Simultaneously, I recommend using over one payment system for each freelancer. Sometimes, a freelance site probably won’t have the option to send the money via wire transfer. Therefore, you could use PayPal or Upwork as your freelance site and get paid through there.

In case you’re expecting getting the cash on your prepaid debit card, look for the limit for such top-ups, and these cards regularly have an upper limit. It means that you won’t be able to add more money on the debit card, after reaching that limit.

For models, some prepaid debit cards offer an upper limit of just $500. Subsequently, the bank won’t acknowledge more money except if you spend the money in the bank.

Make an Upwork Freelancer Profile

The time has come to make the most significant advance which is to become a professional freelancer. That means entering the Upwork freelance market to look for jobs, contracts and projects. Making a brilliant profile is not just a one-hour or even one-day issue, you need to put in a couple of days considering what you’ll write at each progression of your profile.

For instance, Upwork request for your work history. While making your profile, you can start by referencing your first job position to the last job position you had.

Upwork has two kinds of profiles you can use to apply for jobs. There’s the general profile and the specialized profile, you can use the specialized profile for applying to certain jobs.

For example, if your general profile says you are a content writer, your specialized profile says you are a copywriter, you can apply to a copywriting job position with the specialized profile. The specialized profile narrows down your niche.

Add Educational and Skills Certifications on Your Upwork Profile

Educational and skills certification and recommendations are essential parts of making brilliant freelance profiles. These days, a few colleges offer to connect your certificate on their database to your LinkedIn profile, Upwork profile or other freelance profiles on other freelance sites.

You can also scan the certificates and upload them as a PDF document or picture.

Upwork permit you to ‘import’ skills certificate from associations, for example, Microsoft, Adobe and Cisco among others.

This doesn’t end with scholastic or skills ones. Truth be told, you could also show certifications or awards for sports and social exercises.

Display Your Upwork Freelancer Portfolio

Freelance work and freelance portfolio have a profound relationship. Each client of yours will need to take a look at your portfolio prior to short-listing your name for a task or project. Subsequently, invest enough energy to make an astounding portfolio that is attractive and commends your skills.

How to do this? Take your highest skills and make tests. The basic cheat that fruitful freelancers use for making and displaying a portfolio is show, but don’t tell. This implies letting your works represent you.

For instance, a content writer or video editor can make a portfolio with samples of their best works. These could persuade a client to see that you’re the ideal individual for the work. As a beginner to freelancing, it’s true that you wouldn’t have anything worth displaying. In such cases, make a sample portfolio.

Successful freelancers have more than one portfolio. The first one talks about their niche skills. The others are for supporting skills. A great freelance profile comprises three portfolios.

There’s an unmistakable bit of leeway of displaying over one portfolio. You can get more clients for an assortment of skills that are slightly associated with your niche.

Set Your Price

Each professional freelancer realizes the market estimation of their skills. Also, because you’re entering freelancing full-time or part-time isn’t any motivation to bring down your rate. Subsequently, fix a sensible rate on value of your educational capabilities, skills, experience and niche where you’ll be offering freelance skills.

There’s one sublime method of setting your cost. Calculate how much cash you would make from a normal eight-hour office work. Incorporate advantages, rewards, and different motivating forces that a business would have paid you. Dividing them by the quantity of days and hours will help show up at an hourly rate.

The following action is to calculate the rent that you’ll pay for an office, although you may be working remote. Incorporate all costs, for example, Internet connection, programming and use of PC, cell phone membership and other stuff you’ll use for freelancing.

When you think about every one of these costs, it’s conceivable to reach a practical hourly rate for your freelance work. Keep in mind, the assets you’ll use aren’t free and henceforth, it’s simply reasonable to get paid for them just as any freelancer. Simultaneously, calculating this hourly cost is just the initial step.

Select a couple of consultant stages and discover their administration expenses or membership rates. For instance, Search frequently Upwork’s service fees and membership rates if there any updates, recently, they charge between 5% and 20% as their service fees as stated earlier.

How to Make Money As an Upwork Freelance Affiliate Marketer

Pick a niche that you’re passionate about so that the fire doesn’t wear out.

Affiliate Marketing business is one of the best online business to make some additional pay each day. It is the least demanding plan of action that can help you make money with no problem.

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As showed by Pat Flynn, the American Entrepreneur, Blogger, and Podcaster, who is known for his most intelligent method of automated revenue, “affiliate marketing is the advertising cycle of acquiring pay by advancing products and services of others. You refer a product or service, elevated it to other people, and gained benefit per deal.”

Affiliate marketing is more similar to freelancing dependent on referral marketing that encourages advertisers to earn money. I will clarify how you can make money using Upwork freelancing in affiliate marketing, yet before that, let me explain to you what affiliate marketing is and how the entire affiliate marketing process works.

Affiliate Marketing Explained

Assume you are the distributer here. Somebody from your audience purchases an item from your vendor site by tapping on those links you gave on your site. You will gain a benefit from that deal.

This is the entire affiliate marketing cycle. You can do it through blog posts, email messages, SMS, social media marketing and so forth. It’s the best type of business which can guarantee everybody to make a lot of money. Affiliate marketing is a four-venture marketing measure:

  • Find the service or product you need to advance
  • Join an affiliate program
  • Get your referral marketing link and add it on your website or blog
  • If any sale occurs, then you will get the commission without a doubt

Advantages of Affiliate Marketing

  • Making money everyday with no actual stores included
  • Making more money contrasted with other freelance online positions since you are not seeing or advancing your own item here. You are buying for advancing and selling other dealer’s items.
  • Getting exposure is the way in to any marketing system. The promoter, just as the distributer, gets more exposure and traffic
  • You will get higher development in SEO rankings because the traffic that you get from the distributer’s site will help you increase your site’s ranking
  • No stock needed as you are not mindful here for any delivery or returns
  • You get paid when another person purchases, and you will get a commission for each deal your guests made on dealer’s site by tapping on the links on your site
  • You don’t need to contribute any funding to fire up your affiliate business, and even the affiliate marketer doesn’t pay you in case it doesn’t work. So it’s a helpful arrangement for both of you
  • Affiliate marketing is financially savvy, as the promoter might pay if client or guest taps on links to purchase an item from their site
  • It’s a freelance work. You don’t need to lease or have to have an office to maintain your affiliate marketing business. You can work from your home
  • No time limits are there for this work. You invest your energy as you need. You are the supervisor of your own employment here, and you can pick timings of your work according to your desire
  • Affiliate marketing business is completely free to start. You don’t need to spend to start the business

How Does Affiliate Marketing Work?

There are tons of online merchants who do not advertise or advance their services and products or who do not apply their own marketing strategies correctly. So what could they do here? Affiliate marketing is the solution for these issues, and that is why this type of marketing is rising day by day. You are the person who gets a piece of their benefit in their entire business.

Learn how you can achieve what you want without any delay and get the best results. Get the guide here.

Distinctive Key Parts of Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Merchant – Affiliate Merchant here can be any retailer, brand, or an organization that makes an item or service and offers it to sell through affiliate organizations.

Affiliate Marketer – Affiliate marketers are the wholesalers who promote affiliate products and make the most of their benefit part through the trader or affiliate organization.

Client – The ones who buy from the merchant site through an affiliate site. An affiliate marketing campaign is made by an affiliate marketer, which targets changing a client over to a client for affiliate marketing merchant. Also, the affiliate marketer appreciates the commission.

Affiliate Network – Affiliate network is the link between an affiliate marketer and an affiliate merchant. It’s the base for the advancement of unique services and products through freelance affiliate marketing. Here is the means by which an affiliate program works:

Pursuing an Affiliate Program

Here are the Top Freelance Affiliate Marketing Programs of India:

  • Amazon
  • GoDaddy
  • Flipkart
  • BigRock
  • TripAdvisor

You can check the commission paces of Amazon, Flipkart, and GoDaddy to understand more of affiliate programs. Above all else, you ought to have your site according to your specialty.

At that point pursue an affiliate program by checking their marketing notoriety and commission rates. When you pursue a affiliate program, you need to give an affiliate link to your blog or webpage.

Getting Affiliate Links

Here is a bit by bit manual for making an Amazon affiliate link.

Go to the product page on Amazon Website once you sign in to your Amazon affiliate board. You will get the choice “Amazon Associates Site Stripe.” Click on Get link > text.

Here is another approach to get an affiliate link. Sign in to your Amazon affiliate record and click on Product Linking – > Product Links.

You will get two choices here: “Search for a product” or “Add ASIN/ISBN Code of a product.” You will get the ASIN code on the product detail part of a product on site.

Add the ASIN code on the “add a product interface page” and click on “Go.”

You will get the image or text links which you will be able to paste on the HTML manager of your blog or site.

How to boost your Affiliate Marketing Business?

Let me tell you the most basic piece of the article, “How to boost your Affiliate Marketing Business and Get Paid?”

To make your affiliate marketing business generate a lot of money, have your site and blog with at any rate 500-700 remarkable visits consistently because you need an ever-increasing number of guests to advance the servoces or products.

How You Get Paid?

Now how would you get paid for the work you did? Here is the answer.

You need to create an account with “freelance Affiliate Marketing Programs” like Amazon, GoDaddy, Flipkart and so on.
At that point practice the above-clarified cycle of getting their links and pasting them on your website.

Then when guests click on the links on your site, they will be diverted to the merchant site where they can purchase the picked items. The best part is you will get a commission for this and the sum per purchase will be credited to your account right away.

There are a few sites which use PayPal to pay you the commission and some will do likewise through check.

Must Avoid Mistakes When Starting Affiliate Marketing Business

  • Try not to go for promoting services or products that don’t coordinate your content
  • Try not to expect quick pay as it requires some investment because the cycle needs associations, tremendous traffic, content, and trust
  • Zero in on great and quality content with good affiliate links. SPAMMING will gain you a terrible standing
  • Try not to go for advancing terrible services or products regardless of whether you get a high commission as individuals won’t accept those
  • Try not to pick a niche which you have zero interest in because you won’t appreciate talking or expounding on its points. So pick a niche you are keen on
  • Try not to distribute terrible or inferior quality content as it won’t help you pick up traffic and redirection
  • Not giving item surveys is the greatest error that you can do in your business since they are the greatest key piece of an affiliate marketing site. Individuals will just go for purchasing the items that have item surveys
  • Try not to go for joining just any affiliate marketing program you see because not all affiliate sites have traffic. So there is no reason for going along with them

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Affiliate marketing using Upwork freelancing is a kind of business that generates an incredible amount of money for you 24/7. It is a business that you have to try and also teach others if you can.

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Why The Freelancer Is Not Going Anywhere

Freelance marketers

Maybe you thought the world of the freelancer was dead. Freelancing is alive, well, and it’s poised to take off like never before over the next 10 years.

Working as a freelancer over the last several years, I’ve been surprised at the growth in the freelance community in that time. While some started out in this field as a way to make ends meet, many others have simply chosen freelancing as a way to go independent and hone a craft they love. The “remote work” movement has helped as well. We are likely set to see more and more “non-traditional” workers making a play to dominate the workforce. Look at it however you want, but the Freelancer, as a global player who will redefine the world of work for decades to come, is not going anywhere.

Evolutionary theory teaches us that a species does not just dominate the natural hierarchy for no particular reason. There has to be some cause, some interaction of value and benefit to the overall ecosystem that makes a species thrive.

Here are some ways in which freelancers, as a whole, have managed to make inroads in the workforce, replacing fulltime employees, big name consulting companies, rockstar agencies, and outsourcing companies. As you will see, it’s not necessarily that freelancers are the cheapest option for getting results, or that freelancers have the most experience of all available worker options. Rather, when it’s all said and done, there’s something compelling about the Freelancer as a direct path to getting the average business the results it needs.

1. Freelancer vs Your Full Time Office Employees

I’ve got nothing against hiring full time office employees. Every serious company kind of needs them. But the world has changed. The culture of remote work is now deeply embedded in many companies, making full time office work kind of optional. In a way, freelancers did not evolve to be better for the modern work place. Rather, the modern work place itself shifted. It evolved to a place where it kind of needs a new type of worker: the freelancer.

Marketing Freelancers

This is not just sentiment either, although, yeah, I’m fully in favor of every business hiring freelancers. But let’s see why this now makes sense, perhaps more than ever before.

Freelancer Advantage #1: Lower Overhead, Even If You Are A Fortune500 Company, Especially Then

Yeah. Freelancers win hands down. They involve way less overhead, as in, waaaaay less. I’m not advocating cutting benefits and frills for your full time office employees, don’t get me wrong. Benefits are nice to have, and if you want to keep your in-office employees happy, you kind of need them. It shows your commitment to your workers.

But freelancers don’t need benefits in order to take your project and execute it to the best quality. In that sense, forget what I said above about how they have not evolved, they have evolved to be the lower overhead option for executing a brilliant idea.

Give me 1,000 freelancers and I could take over the world…where I’m joking, but something like that.

Freelancer Advantage #2: Self-Management vs Management Requirement

Face the music: freelancers require way less management, as in waaaaaay less! And if you are an entrepreneur or high level strategic manager at the executive level, then your time is worth its weight in milligrams of gold. You getting tied down managing an entire stable of office employees might satisfy your micromanagement tendencies, but it’s costing your organization dearly.

You could be freeing up all those hours to spend more time meeting a big potential new client, or figuring out how to create the biggest year yet for your brand, not wondering why Johnny is late to work again today, and why Becky keeps texting on her phone.

Freelancers have evolved to need little to no management. I’m not saying they are more professional, some are, some are not, but definitely, on the whole, they require way less management.

2. Big Company Consultants or Freelancer? Think Again

Another matchup you will run into in the workplace is that of freelancers versus big company consultants. If you’re working with big name consulting companies, well, congratulations. Chances are, if you can afford big name consulting companies, your business has got to third base more than a few times, and that’s a good thing.

However, you still might do better with a crack team of freelancers than your big name consulting company analysts or associates.

Freelancer Advantage #1: Freelancers Can’t Rest On The Big Company’s Laurels

Every freelancer has to develop a reputation for themselves in the market place. If you’re a bad apple as a freelancer, clients will know. If your projects are always bombing, word gets around. You get less work, your existing clients leave, and you have to start from the bottom all over again. Sooner or later, the typical freelancer gets good at their craft, as in reeeaaaaal good. There’s a simple reason for that: they don’t have some big-name consulting company like Ernest & Young or Deloitte to hide behind. Chances are, if a freelancer has lasted 5 years in the industry at all, they can out-slug any big name consultant save those at the executive level who’ve seen it all.

Freelancer Advantage #2: Freelancers Have Drunk Less Of The Kool-Aid

Freelancers are an independent lot, rather unlike big name consulting company analysts. There’s a reason for that as well. Just like with any standard process, consulting company recruitment and training programs are geared up to churn out cookie cutter analysts and associates. Throw those bright boys and gals into an unfamiliar pool, and they might struggle.

Freelancers, however, are less likely to read from the choir book whenever they find themselves in unfamiliar situations. They actually look around them to figure out that things have changed and they think on their feet. More often than not, their training has been through personal experience and they’ve gone through the school of the hard knocks. Choose your pick!

3. Outsourcing Companies vs Freelancers: Cheap Is Not Always Best

Business leaders are anything but unimaginative. Lately, a trend has emerged where even large businesses began outsourcing core business functions to cheap outsourcing companies everywhere around the world where things could be done for less. Let’s see how freelancers could have saved them all a world of pain.

Freelancer Advantage #1: Freelancers Communicate Better, In English

I got nothing against outsourcing companies in low-cost countries that allow you to run some very straight-forward cost arbitrage for some of the work your business needs to get done. It’s just that, often, it’s not as straight-forward as you think. You might be paired with some company representatives who can’t speak English at all, have different expectations of what working together entails, or are simply a pain to deal with.

All while you could simply have gotten the job done with the freelancer who lives 5 miles down from where your office is located. Going abroad is not always the best option, even if it costs less.

Freelancer Advantage #2: Freelancers Are More Entrepreneurial, What’s Not To Like?!

People in big companies, in order to maintain any semblance of stability at all, must get used to living in situations where things that are not quite optimal are tolerate, because the cost of change would simply be too disruptive to be worth it at that particular moment. As a result, big companies become less and less entrepreneurial over time.

If you’re successful, that’s your company that this will happen to, happened to Microsoft when it became large enough, and likely is happening to Apple as well. Take an organization like a large foreign outsourcing company, and an environment where those workers have very little power over the decision making on a project, because they are working in two rather static large-company environments, and you have a recipe for the most un-entrepreneurial problem-solving you can imagine.

And this happens to businesses like yours that need just that entrepreneurial, fresh pair of eyes to think up creative solutions that unlock value inside your static enterprise. Freelancers don’t work miracles, but in a situation like that, they are the closest thing to a silver bullet you are likely to have available. Freelancers are more entrepreneurial, and it’s smart to deploy them on your toughest business problems.

Freelancers Will Rule The World Of Work

I’m thrilled to see so many professionals awaken to the power of freelancing and its viability as a career path. Sure, there are pitfalls in freelancing:

  • Low-balling clients who expect you to work for nothing
  • Colleagues who can’t fathom why you have chosen freelancing
  • Partners and spouses who might discourage your career selection

And a slew of other potential minefields you must learn to manage. But the rewards can be so worth it. Every freelancer is the owner of his or her own little small business. If you approach it right, that little acorn could grow into a real giant oak. And you get to call your own shots, paint your own painting, you get to create the world the way you want it.

The best part about it is, it’s about to get a whole lot better and more fun for those who choose to freelance. Remote working, 5G technology, the rise of tech-connected Millennials in the economy all point to a future where more workers will be mobile and freelance. It will be much more common for people to travel around and work on the go, as freelancers, perhaps never stepping into an actual office at all for work, but working when and where they please.

In such a future, freelancers will rule the world of work. And they will be a whole lot less stressed than traditional office workers used to be, because they will be their own bosses. If they don’t like something, they can change it, duh! And their earnings will be higher too, thanks to more and more high value freelance roles competing for their talent.

Freelancers of the world unite

So you know where we think things will go. Help us prepare for what comes next. There’s a lot of work to be done.

We are building something special for freelancers at Towers Of Zeyron. We want to help in the transformation of the way we work, in ways that improve freelancer happiness and helps the world see our importance as freelancers. This is why, in the months ahead, we’ll be launching our Towers Of Zeyron Global Program, a new way to freelance. If you’re interested in in learning more, sign up on our waitlist to be notified when the program launches.

Freelancers of the world, unite!


I help solopreneurs get MORE PROFITABLE in WAY LESS TIME, grow and scale their one man businesses into time independent 7-8 figure machines that make money even when you’re asleep. Learn how in my Renegade Solopreneur Profits Bootcamp.