7 Figure Product Launches Mindset: What You Put In Is What You Get Out

The Fortune 500 companies spend just about the most of any company on advertising for their product launches and pushing existing products.

I come from direct response marketing, and sometimes the scrappy direct response crowd thinks brand advertising is wasteful.

But guess which companies sell the most products of anybody on the planet?

The same Fortune 500 companies that “waste” their money on all kinds of advertising, both smart and stupid.

Until any direct response marketer manages to outsell the Fortune 500, I’ll recommend all kinds of marketing, marketing considered smart, and marketing considered stupid, as long as it’s appropriately priced.

Direct response advertising at par on the dollar? Sure!

Brand advertising at pennies on the dollar? Sure, sign me up!

The numbers don’t lie.

You get out of marketing and advertising what you put into it.

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