Why Ten Mutunhire Is An Expensive Marketing Consultant And Copywriter

Well, don’t be alarmed! My marketing services and products are not THAT expensive. But they are not cheap either.

See, when you go into the market to find a marketing expert to help you grow your business, you have a lot of options:

  • from the lowest cost operator like I was back in the day when I couldn’t tell you the difference between a funnel and a blog
  • all the way to the million dollar media buyers that are killing it for their clients on ClickFunnels and LinkedIn Ads

That funny feeling in your stomach does tell you the truth. It’s never gonna be cheap to hire the best.

Expertise comes very slowly, and over years of study and hard work, of testing and tweaking and a lot of trial and error, to find what works.

This is why, when I have a plumber over at my house, I generally don’t haggle. He might be there for just 10 minutes, but what he has is something I could never learn even if I spent a year reading all the best plumbing books: years of nuanced expertise so he can fix any one of a zillion problematic plumbing issues that the books leave out for noobs like me!

And if you’re anything but an expert marketer, never assume you know marketing better than us expert marketers.

And, bollocks, I ain’t even an expert marketer. There are real experts, like Jay Abraham, Taylor Welch, and my man Mr. Billikilla Grant Cardone. I don’t think you can EVEN hire Grant Cardone!!!

But if you could hire him, if even I could hire him, he’d be worth every last penny.

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You know what, when the Fed was printing those trillions of US dollars in the Covid days? I should probably have taken out a million dollar loan and hired Cardone to do a huge marketing program for me. It’d be an investment that beat the stock market many many times over, and one of probably the 10 best financial investments of my life when I came to the end of my own life. But the problem is, you probably can’t hire Cardone no matter how much money you have. The guy doesn’t want your money. He’s too busy being Cardone.

Anyhow, if you want expertise in this market, think very carefully about how much it’s gonna cost you.

Depending on how you look at it, the cost might be too high, or too low, and you should have your own opinion on that!!!

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