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What Steve Jobs Knew About Failure That You Don’t

Writing the Towers of Zeyron rag magazine is as much about helping my readers with flashes of new insight as it is about creating a journal of insights that I will personally enjoy reading.

I’m both writer and reader of these updates, and would not have it any other way. I’m writing a site for my own consumption as well as anybody’s.

And the story I have for you today is one I personally find inspiring, very inspiring.

It’s Steve Jobs talking about failure.

We all know what a brilliant man Mr. Jobs was. We all know how he got booted out of Apple in a power struggle, how he battled with perceptions that he was a rude weirdo everywhere he went. And what a genius of engineering, design, aesthetic and marketing he was. All in one package.

This is what makes his words so powerful.

Steve Jobs basically says that most people reason themselves out of pursuing their goal for life because they tell themselves it won’t work, so why bother. Most people never pick up the phone, most people never call, and try the thing, they let the fear of failing convince them it’s better to stay in the place where it’s nice and warm and there is less risk of failure.

Well, this is how they cheat themselves out of the opportunities that could make the biggest difference because they are looking to bottom-feed, and the very best opportunities are somewhere way up there, far away from all the bottom-feeders dreaming on the floor but never doing anything.

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As Steve Jobs says, “If you’re afraid of failure, you won’t get very far.”

This ties in with something else I found out listening to a talk by Mike Tyson. Mr. Tyson basically said, “Everytime I walked up into the ring I was death scared. But the trick was to never show it, to walk in like the other guy was the one who should be scared. And most times, it worked.”

Many KOs later, it’s clear if you let fear of failure talk you out of even trying, you need to rethink your mentality. The game is for doers!

Check out the entire video below. And leave your thoughts in the comments.




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