The 29 Greatest Affiliate Marketing Growth Hacks You Should Be Using in 2019


Your journey as an affiliate marketer is about to take off in 29 different directions at the same time. I’m only half kidding. See, it’s up to you whether you’re gonna grow your blog or social media profiles or whatever homebase you use for your affiliate marketing. So, I got the growth hacks. That, you can count on me for. But the actual work, putting all this smart-sounding stuff into hours sitting yourself on the chair and actually filling in the paint by the numbers to get your affiliate marketing site rocketing like James Harden. That, Joey, I gotta count on you. But let me tell you something. If you’ve been getting frustrated at wherever you are, then this could be just for you. Whether your affiliate marketing site is bringing traffic and you want more, or you haven’t launched yet but you know you should. Well, it’s time!

I want you to take these growth hacks. And I want you to smoke them…okay, actually do the growth hacking. Do all of them. And come back and tell me in the comments how it actually went. How much traffic you got, and how much growth you got. Because that’s the whole point of a post like this.

Your dapper self will get this done too. Never doubt it. To paraphrase 50 Cent, “Death gotta be easy cause affiliate growth hacking is hard.” But, as with all things, it’s not that hard if you got a guide like this, and, all these 29 super growth hacks for any affiliate in 2019 to blow up, and basically everything has been figured out for you, and you got you and you really want to get it done. You can do it. Ready? Okay, let’s roll!

Growth Hack #1: Run a Webinar

You don’t have a webinar? What, in 2019?

Unless you’ve been living in a cave, you can’t have missed the point that this year is basically webinar season for affiliate marketers. Your buyers got new fast upgraded data accounts and rather than waste it all scrolling the Facebook news feed, a good number of them want something edutaining.

That’s right.

Entertainment is out and education is in.

Well…sort of. Education is only half in, and entertainment is not completely out.

But there’s no denying it…Webinars are great at engaging interested people, and they are great at edutaining. It’s education with a generous slice of fun.

So go run a webinar, and watch your traffic numbers slowly begin to grow.

Note I didn’t promise explosive traffic growth from the webinar alone. This stuff compounds. Read on to growth hack #2.

Growth Hack #2: Post a Viral Video to Youtube

I love Youtube. And so do thousands of your best potential buyers.

The guys behind Youtube must be geniuses. All that bandwidth, and billions of internet users and a neat little search box that can neatly categorize the world’s videos.

Only sad thing, Tom, is everybody’s video is showing up in that results feed but yours!

So I don’t know if you’ve been living under a rock, but it’s time to create a channel and get experimenting with Youtube. Better yet, create a playlist and post a viral video of you doing handstands or making sushi…something, hopefully relevant to your niche.

Don’t forget to link to your webinar or some other funnel.

Growth Hack #3: Create a Funnel

Right, bud, you didn’t think we’d be going any further with this without creating some funnels did you?

If so, you must be affiliate marketing like it’s still 1999.

Well, you’re in luck because here we’re about to give you a one-ticket upgrade to 2019 growth hacking.

So, funnels are basically what ClickFunnels does for you. They are little automations that move people from one product offer to the next, basically selling your products on autopilot for you.

If you’ve been seeing results without a funnel, wait and see the results when you get one in place!

Growth Hack #4: Use Facebook Lives to Get Email Signups

Using video is one of the best ways you can connect with users going forward. Many heavy hitters in the affiliate marketing and internet marketing world have already jumped on the video marketing wagon.

Facebook Live is a great way to jump in. There’s a ready audience on Facebook, all scrolling through their feeds looking for entertainment and something fun. That could be a live video from you!

One big thing to remember when doing Facebook Lives is to keep it fun. The more fun you make it, the easier it is for viewers to engage, and to return for more next time you are live.

During your Facebook Lives, encourage users to visit a URL you share during the Live, where they can sign up for special resources or further connection with you!

Growth Hack #5: Produce Epic Content With The Skyscraper Technique

Great bloggers like Neil Patel and Backlinko have been sharing about the secrets of the Skyscraper Technique for a long time.

Basically, it’s a great way to produce standout content that ranks on the front page of Google.

Wouldn’t you want that?

The first step is to identify which websites and articles are ranking high for your industry’s hot keywords.

Then produce your own content that is at least 2X-10X as good. Don’t forget to promote and build links (ethically) to the content once you produce it.

Growth Hack #6: Boost Your Email List With A Free Book Offer

Great marketers like Russell Brunson and Peng Joon have been pioneering this growth hack of late.

Send your readers a free book, in the mail or even a downloadable eBook, in exchange for their email.

You could even offer them a “Free Plus Shipping” deal, which reimburses you for any advertising costs you incur sending traffic to your landing pages.

Growth Hack #7: Reply to Blog Comments

Are you in the habit of leaving readers’ comments unanswered?

It’s more than mere courtesy to answer blog comments.

There’s a powerful reason why you should engage with commenters. It creates strong feedback loops around your blog.

You responding to comments is the equivalent of a rockstar or athlete signing his autograph for fans. Small act for a star, but a big win for your biggest fans!

Go ahead. Answer some readers’ comments, ideally all of them!

You can also use this growth hack on other platforms, such as your social media walls.

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Growth Hack #8: Become a Youtube Personality and Grow Your Brand Universe

If you haven’t heard, Youtube is really big, and getting only more so as video streaming and video marketing becomes ever more important.

Prominent Youtubers like PewDiePie and Dude Perfect have millions of followers on the video streaming platform.

You can get started the easy way by launching your own brand’s Youtube channel, then posting videos that appeal to your affiliate marketing niche to grow your brand.

You can get started the easy way by launching your own brand’s Youtube channel, then posting videos that appeal to your affiliate marketing niche to grow your brand.

Growth Hack #9: Create Community For Your Target Audience With A Facebook Group

Another incredible growth hack you can use to grow the reach of your affiliate marketing brand is to create a Facebook Group.

Make sure you make the title and focus highly relevant to what people in your niche are looking for.

In the group, you will invite ideal users of your brand’s products and start posting content and products that will be relevant to them. This growth hack, done well, is so powerful that you could have an affiliate brand that exists in the form of a Facebook Group alone. That, and an email list!

Growth Hack #10: Drink Your Own Kool Aid And Test-Drive Your Own Products

It’s funny that some affiliates think they can get away with making product recommendations that they would never use themselves.

A much better approach is to test-drive products yourself whenever possible. This makes sure that the products you are recommending to users, finally, are things you’d want to use yourself.

In addition, you will catch problems and missing parts in the customer experience much faster, and correct them!

Ideally, you should be using your own products as well. Think of one of the greatest marketers who has ever lived: Steve Jobs. Can you imagine him using any other computer in his house but a Mac? Go and do likewise!

Growth Hack #11: Optimize Your Website Speed By Using a CDN

When was the last time you had to use a REALLY slow website?

Usually, you only stick around if it’s a site that’s really important, say, for ordering something online you can’t get anywhere else, otherwise you’d rather jump off to another site, no?

This is the same experience you are putting visitors through if your affiliate niche site is not optimized for speed.

One easy and inexpensive way you can improve site speed is to use a CDN. A CDN like CloudAccess can improve site speed by providing a cache of your site’s images to end users.

Growth Hack #12: Run A Free Product Giveaway

Buyers like the word FREE, and so should you!

And giving away a product for free, done right, can result in an explosion of growth for your customer list and your recurring sales.

You can use online product giveaway tools to enhance the reach of your giveaway campaign.

Growth Hack #13: Use A/B Testing on Your Landing Pages to Boost Conversions

Landing pages are an important tool for selling anything: from products to affiliate recommendations and email signups.

To get the best results from your landing pages, spend the time to run proper A/B tests and figure out what messages resonate with your visitors.

A proper A/B-tested and optimized landing page can improve conversions multiple times over.

Growth Hack #14: Run A Flash Sale And Promote It For a Week On Twitter

Twitter is a great platform for promoting your limited-time offers.

If you’ve stuck your sale on your site and no-one is picking it up, take it to the masses yourself on Twitter instead!

Send out multiple tweets a day with images of your product and links back to where people can place an order.

Growth Hack #15: Leave Comments on Youtube Videos And Drop Your Link

Video comments on Youtube are a great way to leverage off popular videos in your niche.

The key is to get in early, and only post highly-relevant, and useful, comments.

Also make sure you are linking to a relevant page that expands on the topic in the video. For best results, avoid being spammy, such as saying “check out my site”, “visit my link”, “click here”, etc.

Actually take part in a normal conversation, and then add your link as a resource.

Growth Hack #16: Start A Podcast Around Your Industry

Podcasts are poised for an exciting heyday in the years ahead.

Between Amazon AlexaSiri, and Google Assistant, voice interaction with the internet and the broader world is on the rise.

A good way to get in on the game and boost your brand awareness is to launch a podcast that, for example, reviews the best products in your niche. That’s just one angle out of potentially thousands you can take!

Growth Hack #17: Hire A Freelancer To Create High Value Infographics For Your Blog

Publishing well-designed infographics can unlock new traffic and social media shares for your affiliate site.

Doing infographics well is hard, which is why you should consider outsourcing this work to a freelancer who is good at it.

For best results, promote your infographics to your email list, on your social media accounts, and share them with others in your industry.

Growth Hack #18: Share Memes On Instagram

Instagram loves images and inspiring content.

One growth hack you can run is to create a bunch of memes around topics your niche cares about. If you are in the weight-loss niche, for example, you can share popular weight loss memes. Use hashtags to get your posts seen by more people.

Growth Hack #19: Create Your Own Social Media Hashtag And Invite Followers To Use It

Talking about hashtags. You can find popular hashtags for your keywords using hashtag tools like Hashtagify and HashAtIt.

Even better, once you are getting some traction on social media, you can launch your own hashtag and promote it to your followers so that you create a bigger movement around the conversations you are having with fans.

In future, you can use product posts with this hashtag and make it easy for everyone in your movement to find your stuff.

Growth Hack #20: Share Shoutouts With Other Instagram Accounts to Grow Your Following

If you are just starting out on social media, an excellent growth hack is to trade shoutouts with other accounts.

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You can run this growth hack on Instagram, YoutubeFacebook, and Twitter to grow your following.

Growth Hack #21: Attend Events And Get To Know Others In Your Industry

In the old days, networking at live events was the way you got to be known in your industry. The internet has changed all that.

However, the tactic still works, and if you are selling high ticket products, this will be one key way to meet important buyers in person.

Start by attending a free event, and meeting with others and exchanging business cards. Then graduate to paid events where the heavy hitters meet.

Growth Hack #22: Pitch Community Events To Deliver a Speech

Affiliate marketer John Chow is a pro at giving speeches and it works for him.

Going on the speaking tour can be an excellent growth opportunity for just about any affiliate niche you are focused on.

Pitch event organizers, and bring a set of ideas that educate and entertain.

Growth Hack #23: Send New Blog Posts To Your Email List And Invite Them To Share On Social Media

Your email list can do more than sell affiliate products.

It’s also a great driver of traffic to your latest blog posts.

Get in the habit of sharing your posts with email subscribers, and asking them to share with their friends. This can substantially boost engagement with your community.

Growth Hack #24: Include A CTA At The End Of Blog Posts

Don’t let your blog traffic go to waste. You work hard for that traffic.

Add a CTA at the end of every blog post to get readers into your affiliate funnel.

One way to do this is to create extra resources or discounts for email subscribers. Then link to the discount in a CTA at the end of your blog posts. Even better, you can make the offer contextual to the blog post or post category.

If you are a family cooking blog, for example, you could offer a pack of some of your best family event recipes for free to email subscribers.

Growth Hack #25: Surf The News Trends By Sharing Events-Centric Content On Social Media

Among content types, news tends to have very broad appeal. This presents an excellent opportunity for riding the wave of news in your industry. Run campaigns on social media and on ad platforms that tap into the news or emotional events such as holidays to get more attention.

IKEA Australia ran a Valentine’s day themed ad campaign designed to give away free baby cots to parents whose babies were conceived on Valentine’s day.

This campaign showed brilliance and allowed the company to get more attention to its products.

Growth Hack #26: Give Away An Hour Of Your Time

You know what we all have a finite supply of?


And that means it’s VERY valuable.

What’s better for your readers than you giving away an hour of your time to help them with something your niche struggles with?

If you are a tennis blogger, it could be an hour doing a live session with a lucky reader and improving everything from their serve to their backhand.

Whatever niche you are in, figure out what problem your audience has, and run a competition to get 1 hour of working directly with you to solve that problem for the winner.

Growth Hack #27: Interview Experts In Your Industry And Share With Your Followers

It might come as a surprise, but your audience doesn’t always want to hear from you.

So what should you do?

Pack it in?

No, of course, but interview someone else!

Preferably someone bigger than you in the industry, so that your audience gets even more value. And interviews are a great way to meet with others in your industry and get your brand out there!

Growth Hack #28: Host Your Own Event for Industry Insiders

There’s a fair number of event-centered growth hacks in this collection of growth hacks, and that’s because I believe events to be among the BEST growth hacks just about ANYONE can run, whatever niche.

So much so that I plan on launching some events myself in the near future. Watch this space for details.

Events are simple as a growth hack. Pick a theme highly relevant to your industries. Get some up and coming speakers, and share widely with your social media fans so you get as many signups as possible. To get the maximum number of signups, make the event FREE!

And have fun with it! You get to meet others in your niche, and you get to hang out with similar-minded people. What could be more fun!

Growth Hack #29: Launch Your Own Affiliate Program

We’ve only begun to scratch the surface of what’s possible with affiliate marketing.

ClickBankJVZoo, and other affiliate networks offer immense possibilities for brands to reach new buyers, but there’s plenty of opportunity to chart your own destiny with your own affiliate program.

If you have a unique offer for affiliates and the means to execute it in-house, you can set your brand up for explosive growth with an affiliate program tailor-made to grow your brand’s sales.

BONUS Growth Hack #30:Automate Your Social Media With Hootsuite

This growth hack will save you plenty time. And that’s a great thing, n’est pas?

See, the thing about growth hacking and social media in particular is that everything takes time. You could spend hours creating and editing a video, then hours, over the course of the week, to share and engage.

Especially if you are a one-man show as an affiliate marketer, as most of us are, managing the load can suck up huge amounts of time.

So do yourself a favor and jump on the automation band wagon. This alone can save you tens of hours each month, if not more.

My particular automation tool of reference is Hootsuite. There are others, like Buffer and MeetEdgar. Hootsuite is powerful and can get just about anything you need done.

I help solopreneurs get MORE PROFITABLE in WAY LESS TIME, grow and scale their one man businesses into time independent 7-8 figure machines that make money even when you’re asleep. Learn how in my Renegade Solopreneur Profits Bootcamp.


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