Trump Cuts Off WHO’s Funding- WHO Responds

The President of the United States, Donald Trump has announced that he will be cutting the funding for the World Health Organization, WHO at a press conference on Tuesday. The Director-General of the organization, Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus has given his response towards it.

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According to RT, Dr. Tedros said that WHO regrets the decision of President Trump to cut off their funding, he further said that the organization’s work on fighting the outbreak will be reviewed by WHO’s member states and independent bodies, and this is so as to make sure that they are clear and responsible. Dr. Tedros also thanked the countries who have shown support for WHO, and he said that they are striving to fight against the outbreak of covid-19 and that is where their focus lies. Moreover, the United States accounts for 90% of WHO’s payment.

President Trump’s Defense and Reason

President Trump has pointed out his reason for cutting their funding. He claimed that WHO had had a delayed response to the outbreak and had caused the deaths of many lives.

Trump cuts off WHO’s Funding- WHO Responds

He also stated on his Twitter page that even though the United States is funding WHO the most, the organization is very China-centric. Furthermore, WHO had actually suggested that President Trump should keep the United States border open to China and they questioned his decision to place travel restrictions on China at the start of the outbreak in China. Fortunately, the President had rejected their suggestion, but he told them how they were supporting the Chinese too much.

The blame game

TheGuardian stated that President Trump’s act of saying that he is going to cut off WHO’s funding is international vandalism and an act of moral misconduct. Moreover, he cut off their funding when their work is most needed by the whole world. However, it is also understandable that WHO is also at fault since they advised President Trump to open the Chinese borders, they have recently seemed to support China and they also didn’t receive the outbreak well. Furthermore, worldwide the United States currently has the highest number of covid-19 cases deaths.

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However, many blame President Trump for the way he received the outbreak, and since he didn’t place the travel restrictions on the Chinese until January ending. He said that the Trump administration will review the World Health Organization, WHO due to the fact that it didn’t do its basic duty of protecting the world and fighting off pandemics like covid-19.

President Trump further said that their mind will be made up of whether they will continue funding WHO or not after the period of 60 to 90 days. The United Nations Secretary-General, Antonio Guterres has responded to Trump’s action that the international society should be united and work hard to fight the corona virus and stop it completely. He added that he believed that the WHO has to be supported so as to put a to covid-19.

The BBC reported that the founder of Microsoft, Bill gates tweeted that cutting the WHO’s funding during a pandemic is as dangerous as it sounds. After the United States, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is the WHO’s second-biggest funder.

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Africa As A Coronavirus Testing Ground Stirs New Storm As WHO Chief Condemns Suggestion

Two French men had suggested that Africa should be a corona virus testing ground. The chief of World Health Organization, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus described the suggestion as appalling and a relic of colonial mentality.

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According to RT, Jean Paul Mira and Camille Locht gave their suggestion last week on LCI which is a French TV channel. They also spoke about how Africa is lacking ventilators, masks and treatments.

RT stated that after the chief of WHO’s comment, European footballers that are of African descent also condemned the suggestion. Didier Drogba had called it “absolutely disgusting” and other words. Demba Ba, a French citizen that plays for Turkey and Senegal referred to it as demonstration of banality racism in the West.

It is unfair and creul to suggest that Africa or any nation should be used as guinea pigs, especially since Africa is among the least affected continent by corona virus. Africa has less than 450 deaths and it has less than a thousand confirmed cases.

Jean Paul Mira And Camille Locht’s RESPONSE

Later on, Cochin Hospital released an apology from Paul Mira. He is the head of the Intensive Care Unit at the Cochin Hospital in Paris and he is also the one who started the suggestion. As he apologized, he even added that those remarks do not reflect what he is or what he does everyday.

Camille Locht is a research director at the French national institute of Health and medical Research, and it is also called Inserm. He was the one that agreed to the suggestion, and he was defended by Inserm claiming it to be fake news.

In Morocco, an association of lawyers said that Paul Mira’s suggestion shows hate, discrimination and racism. The association further said that it would file a complaint with the French prosecutor, Association Spokesman and Vice President Mourad Elajouti.

Even France’s opposition social party commented on the suggestion. Olivier Faure who is among them stated that Africa is not a lab for testing guinea pigs. He also said that the suggestion is not a stimulus, but it is racism.

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CNN reported that Marianne Séverin who is a French researcher said that their comments tainted the reputation of French Researchers and all researchers who study the African continent.

Jean Paul Mira’s Defense

Africa is a continent just as Europe and Asia are continents. It shouldn’t be treated as lesser, and Africans shouldn’t be used as lab rats. Paul Mira had even went to the extent of making a comparison between Africa with covid-19 vaccines, and prostitutes being tested with AIDs during the suggestion.

However, he later on told Huffington Post that Africa has never been included in such studies before, and that it looked like it was going to be interesting for it to join Australia and France in participating in the studies. He also said that since Africa doesn’t have enough resources of protection against corona virus, it could be more open to harm. Amar Thioune, a member of SOS Racisme stated to Aljazeera, “It’s scandalous to see that not a single regulatory authority has come out to publicly denounce these statements.”

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