Sleeping with Socks On: Benefits, Risks, and More

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You may or may not have an opinion about wearing socks to bed. Some people have resolute thoughts about this subject, while others can go either way. However, did you know there are proven physiological benefits of wearing socks to bed?

The Benefits of Sleeping in Your Socks

Whether you choose fuzzy socks, everyday socks or a pair of custom socks, science tells us the key to being well-rested starts with warm feet.

Sleep Better

You may be restless at night due to an unexpected culprit, cold feet. When your feet are chilly, the blood vessels constrict, causing decreased circulation. Taking steps to ensure warm feet will:

Increase blood circulation throughout your body: Cold feet have more inadequate blood circulation and more significant heat loss than warm feet. Wearing socks while sleeping improves your blood flow and helps your body relax.

Tell your brain now is the time to rest: Warming your feet increases vasodilation. This blood dilation process is vital to temperature regulation. Maintaining a lower overall body temperature prepares your brain for sleep.

Decrease the time required to fall asleep: Once your body is at the right temperature, you will fall asleep quickly.

Help you sleep longer: Successful temperature regulation not only enables you to fall asleep faster but helps you stay asleep as well.

Prevent Dry Skin

Apply lotion or other moisturizers to your feet at night and then cover with a pair of custom socks while you sleep to prevent your heels from drying out in style. This overnight method is the best way to soften and smooth the cracks and calluses of hard-working feet.

Improve Circulation

Wearing socks to bed keeps your blood circulating properly, decreasing your chances of circulation problems or illnesses such as Raynaud’s disease. Thermoregulation is the way your body regulates its temperature. One way to ensure consistent blood flow is by preventing your feet from getting cold. Cold feet allow heat to escape from your body resulting in fluctuating temperatures.

Maintain an Even Temperature

Sleeping in your socks keeps your core body temperature at a consistent temperature. Heat loss through the skin resulting from cold feet can cause higher body temperatures, night sweats and hot flashes. While it may seem counterintuitive, wearing socks keeps your body cooler by regulating your core temperature and preventing overheating.

The Risks of Wearing Socks to Bed

There can be some undesirable effects of keeping your socks on through the night, mostly stemming from choosing the wrong material.

Poor Hygiene

Sometimes, staying in your socks can cause hygiene issues. If your socks do not allow for sufficient airflow or are not clean, you could increase your risk of bacteria growth, infections or odors. Changing into a clean pair of socks made of a breathable material such as cashmere, bamboo, wool or cotton can prevent this concern.


Socks made of non-breathable materials can also cause you to become too hot as you sleep. While the right pair will maintain your core temperature, the wrong socks may have you sweating through the night.

Decreased Circulation

Tight or restrictive socks can cause reduced blood flow. The right pair of socks increases your circulation and improves your sleep, but the wrong choice can create problems instead. Do not wear compression socks to bed unless your doctor has directed you to do so.

Personal Preference

While some people find socks warm and cozy while sleeping, others feel they are uncomfortable and restrictive. For this reason, you may decide to keep your socks off and forego the scientific benefits.

Warming your feet before sleep can shorten the time it takes to nod off, increase the duration and quality of your rest and make you feel cozy, too. Design a pair of custom socks to sleep in for a restful night’s sleep that looks and feels good.

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Outfit Ideas How To Wear Athleisure Style Outside the Gym

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Athleisure is one of the most popular styles of clothing. The widespread availability of high-tech performance textiles has inspired many clothing brands and fashion designers to make workout garb and gear with luxe materials for a fashion-forward take on gym and yoga studio mainstays. Casual clothing is also being made of materials that originated in activewear. From garments that wick away moisture to colorful and breathable soccer socks, here are some ways to wear athleisure outside of the gym.

Layer Athletic Pieces

Activewear makes a comfortable base layer for nearly any outfit. A casual or formal look may include one or more athletic pieces. Many athleisure styles such as undershirts, sports bras, bike shorts, leggings, tights and socks can be worn underneath other layers of clothing of similar or different styles. In many cases, putting on performance gear makes clothing and footwear more comfortable.

Bold colorways and eye-catching silhouettes make athleisure clothing and accessories worthy of notice. These items can match or contrast with other garments or outerwear while adding elements of form-fitting flair or casual comfort to any look.

Women might try wearing a sports bra or crop top under a blazer. Wearing more than one tank top or tunic may create color combinations or layered strap looks. Leggings can be worn alone or paired with garments such as oversized shirts. Bodysuits are also some of the trendiest layering pieces.

Put On Accessories

Athleisure looks more personalized when worn with jewelry, sunglasses, a hat or custom socks. Active clothing is often colorful, but tends to have relatively simple designs. Add detail and texture with earrings, a necklace, bracelet or rings.

High-tech accessories such as smartwatches and fitness trackers can monitor the number of steps you take, your heart rate or other information about activity levels. This combined approach to jewelry and technology illustrates the multi-functionality of athleisure garments and gear.

Carrying a bag can also determine whether you look like you are rocking street style or are on your way to or from the gym. A designer purse or stylish work bag dresses up an athleisure look for a busy day that combines work and exercise. A backpack or fanny pack may be preferable for school or casual excursions. The accessories you wear can make an outfit that includes athleisure elements more or less practical for physical activity.

Sport Performance Socks

Show off team pride or add a burst of color to any outfit by designing custom soccer socks. Choose from a large assortment of colors and patterns. Depending on the style of sock you choose to customize, you may have the option to add a logo or lettering.

Sock lengths range from below-knee to mid-calf down to ankle level. The height of a pair of socks will determine the most comfortable and eye-catching way to wear these accessories with shorts, pants or other articles of clothing. There is no better way to make an athleisure look more personalized and unique from head to toe than to order and wear custom socks.

Garments such as shorts, knickers, capris, skirts and dresses can show off socks and accentuate lower legs and feet. You can also roll up ankle-length pants or jeans to expose socks. Performance sport socks can increase your comfort whenever you plan to walk, run or engage in other activities.

Breathable, moisture-wicking socks made out of 100% nylon can also add a colorful and personalized touch to professional or formal outfits while keeping feet dry, cushioned and comfortable all day long. The right pair of custom athletic socks is just as suitable for training and games on the field as daily wear to school or work.

Combine Different Styles

Sportswear makes a comfortable and visually interesting pairing for other styles of clothing. Athleisure styles tend to come in a range of everyday neutrals as well as bright color options. If there is a brand or style of clothing that you find particularly comfortable or flattering, you may want to invest in getting your favorite pieces in several shades.

An outfit built around active basics should be comfortable and versatile. In some cases, you may prefer to showcase an eye-catching piece of athletic garb or gear as part of an otherwise casual or formal look. Depending on the occasion, you may want to draw more or less attention to a mix of athletic and other clothing and accessory styles. For formal or professional dress, athletic articles can ensure you stay cool or warm, depending on the season.

Athleisure is also starting to overlap more with casual clothing styles, particularly when worn as layers. Depending on the color or design of a shirt or pair of leggings, these garments may not actually look like activewear when worn in other contexts.

Try On Activewear-Inspired Casual Styles

A growing number of athleisure clothing brands are making styles intended for casual or formal wear in addition to specialized sports clothing and accessories. These garments tend to be made of high-tech performance fabrics and come in more conventional colors and cuts for wearing everyday or on special occasions.

Styles that have athletic elements but are not designed for wear during intense physical activity may not be as versatile as dedicated sports clothing and equipment. Depending on how and when you plan to wear athleisure styles, you may prefer to focus on functional pieces that can be layered, dressed up or dressed down or showcase pieces to add a sporty element to any outfit. The right balance of comfort, durability and flexibility is essential if you plan to wear the same garments for activities and relaxation.

These are just a few ways to incorporate athletic clothing into stylish looks. If you are just starting to experiment with adding athleisure to your wardrobe, look for comfortable basics to dress up or down, layer or wear as accent pieces. T-shirts, tank tops, shorts, leggings and soccer socks can all be fashionable features of outfits that are just as comfortable for physical exertion as for relaxation. Athleisure clothing and accessories make it possible to prioritize both fashion and functionality.

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