Sleeping with Socks On: Benefits, Risks, and More

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You may or may not have an opinion about wearing socks to bed. Some people have resolute thoughts about this subject, while others can go either way. However, did you know there are proven physiological benefits of wearing socks to bed?

The Benefits of Sleeping in Your Socks

Whether you choose fuzzy socks, everyday socks or a pair of custom socks, science tells us the key to being well-rested starts with warm feet.

Sleep Better

You may be restless at night due to an unexpected culprit, cold feet. When your feet are chilly, the blood vessels constrict, causing decreased circulation. Taking steps to ensure warm feet will:

Increase blood circulation throughout your body: Cold feet have more inadequate blood circulation and more significant heat loss than warm feet. Wearing socks while sleeping improves your blood flow and helps your body relax.

Tell your brain now is the time to rest: Warming your feet increases vasodilation. This blood dilation process is vital to temperature regulation. Maintaining a lower overall body temperature prepares your brain for sleep.

Decrease the time required to fall asleep: Once your body is at the right temperature, you will fall asleep quickly.

Help you sleep longer: Successful temperature regulation not only enables you to fall asleep faster but helps you stay asleep as well.

Prevent Dry Skin

Apply lotion or other moisturizers to your feet at night and then cover with a pair of custom socks while you sleep to prevent your heels from drying out in style. This overnight method is the best way to soften and smooth the cracks and calluses of hard-working feet.

Improve Circulation

Wearing socks to bed keeps your blood circulating properly, decreasing your chances of circulation problems or illnesses such as Raynaud’s disease. Thermoregulation is the way your body regulates its temperature. One way to ensure consistent blood flow is by preventing your feet from getting cold. Cold feet allow heat to escape from your body resulting in fluctuating temperatures.

Maintain an Even Temperature

Sleeping in your socks keeps your core body temperature at a consistent temperature. Heat loss through the skin resulting from cold feet can cause higher body temperatures, night sweats and hot flashes. While it may seem counterintuitive, wearing socks keeps your body cooler by regulating your core temperature and preventing overheating.

The Risks of Wearing Socks to Bed

There can be some undesirable effects of keeping your socks on through the night, mostly stemming from choosing the wrong material.

Poor Hygiene

Sometimes, staying in your socks can cause hygiene issues. If your socks do not allow for sufficient airflow or are not clean, you could increase your risk of bacteria growth, infections or odors. Changing into a clean pair of socks made of a breathable material such as cashmere, bamboo, wool or cotton can prevent this concern.


Socks made of non-breathable materials can also cause you to become too hot as you sleep. While the right pair will maintain your core temperature, the wrong socks may have you sweating through the night.

Decreased Circulation

Tight or restrictive socks can cause reduced blood flow. The right pair of socks increases your circulation and improves your sleep, but the wrong choice can create problems instead. Do not wear compression socks to bed unless your doctor has directed you to do so.

Personal Preference

While some people find socks warm and cozy while sleeping, others feel they are uncomfortable and restrictive. For this reason, you may decide to keep your socks off and forego the scientific benefits.

Warming your feet before sleep can shorten the time it takes to nod off, increase the duration and quality of your rest and make you feel cozy, too. Design a pair of custom socks to sleep in for a restful night’s sleep that looks and feels good.

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Stylish Outfits to Wear With Athletic Socks

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Everyone has run into a situation where he or she looks into the closet and feels quite disappointed by what is revealed. Whether you’re someone who invests in a ton of clothing or you only have a few staple outfits you rotate between, feeling stagnant with your wardrobe can weigh on you. How a person decides to dress is one of the defining ways that he or she expresses style, personality, and status. If you don’t know what to wear, you can start to feel like you aren’t being true to who you are within.

Thankfully, there’s always a solution when it comes to fashion. From learning how to use custom printed socks in clever ways to accessorizing from a new perspective, a little bit of inspiration can go a long way when it comes to your look.

Assess What You Already Own

When you’re unhappy with what’s in your wardrobe, you may feel inclined to rush out and buy a ton of new outfits. While this can be fun, it is also incredibly expensive. Plus, you can do a lot with what you already have in your possession. Most people get stuck in patterns when it comes to fashion. They will wear outfits in the same combinations and get into a rut when they can’t see each article beyond how it has already been used. Taking a step back and offer a bit more context.

Assess what is already in your closet. Take note of all the different pieces you have and think about how you tend to wear each article. Start to put together the outfits in different ways on your bed to see if any new color or style combinations start to jump out at you. Rummaging through your closet might even reveal something you bought years ago and never figured out when to wear. Building new looks around pieces you’ve never worn can help you find a style that you absolutely adore without spending a fortune.

Personalize Your Accessories 

In many cases, you may feel stuck with your current wardrobe because everything feels like a “uniform.” Fashion follows trends and countless people adopt these fads at the same time. When you’re wearing an outfit that you see a dozen other people wear on any given day, it can make you feel like your clothing game is not doing justice to your personality. A simple and fun way out of this funk is toying around with the idea of personalized accessories. Custom pieces are an effective way of infusing your wardrobe with some new life.

One great option available to you is custom printed socks. By building your own socks using the resources available at Socks Rock, you can create a unique and bold fashion statement with minimal effort. Whether you select unique color combinations, use a favorite image, or add a specific message, there are a number of exciting ways to give your socks an edge that only you could think up. Athletic socks can be worn in dozens of ways, which means you will be able to get constant life out of your investment.

Take to the Internet

There are few resources as vast and all-encompassing as the internet. If you’re not sure what to wear, all you need to do is hop online and you can come across endless sources of inspiration. Naturally, you may also struggle to hone your search. If you just start looking at pictures of people wearing cool outfits that you don’t own, you’re just going to fall into a hole where you feel tempted to buy everything you see. Again, these moments require restraint for the sake of your budget.

Instead of using a general search for fashion inspiration, focus your efforts around a particular piece. When it comes to personalized socks, for example, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to discover how many combinations you can consider with wearing these accessories out and about. Take a look in your closet, piece out a piece like your custom athletic socks, and see how other people are using these accessories, Whether you copy someone else or put your own spin on a look, this is a fantastic way to feel motivated about your look.

Consider the Event Itself

One of the easiest ways to make your life easier when it comes to putting together a new look is by framing your effort around the event in question. More often than not, you’re getting dressed for a reason. Whether you’re going out with friends, running errands on a Saturday, or attending a fundraiser, you want to be sure your outfit matches the occasion. Attending an event that requires semi-formal attire will place different fashion demands on you than a gathering with business-casual requirements, after all.

You also can make a statement by defying some conventions with your outfit. If you’re going to a formal athletic event, for example, you may be expected to wear something nice. Since the event is centered around sports, however, you can add a layer of fun to your look by wearing customized athletic socks in a front-and-center way. This helps you still keep in line with the dress code while also expressing your love of the game through your outfit.

Get Some Feedback

The mirror is the worst when it comes to delivering answers. No matter how confident you are in your own skin, it isn’t always easy to know if a look is coming together the way that you want it to. This is where feedback can be crucial. If you’re unsure about how your outfit is coming across, take a moment to send a picture of yourself to a friend or relative. Be sure to ask a person who understands your fashion sense, as some people may not offer you input that you deem useful if they don’t have similar sensibilities.

Feeling like you made the right decision with an outfit really comes down to what makes you feel best personally. If you can trust in your own gut feeling when you scope your outfit out in the mirror, go with that. If you’re someone who requires insight to finalize your opinion, contact someone you trust. Taking direct action in one way or another will always help you cut through a setback and come to a conclusion you feel satisfied with.

Find the Right Fit for You

In order for you to feel like you can walk out the door and face whatever the day brings your way, you want to be sure that your outfits are always on point. Give yourself time to revitalize your wardrobe with simple, unique pieces like custom printed socks and see how a small change can make a huge difference. Explore the resources at Socks Rock to get started and redefine how you feel when you look in your closet.

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Cleaning and Storing Sports Gear

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If you love outdoor activities and a certified sporty person, for sure you have a lot of sports gear that you always enjoy. You see these gears your treasured possessions that’s why you always want them to be taken care of, and one way to do that is to clean and properly store it. And just like the other things, improper management of sports gear can result in costly repairs or worse, replacement.

Here are tips to get the most out of those sports gears you have to ensure that they are always ready to be used and enjoyed.

Getting rid of the bad smell on your sports gear.

The not-so-good smell from your sports equipment comes from bromidrosis, a derivative from the natural bacteria of the body from the sweat and other body secretions. Unfortunately, bacteria and other infections can be attained if this bad smell will be left unattended.

To avoid this, you can:

Remove the gear from the bag after each use and remove the debris and let the air dry it out.

Spray it using odor eliminator sprays.

Put some dehumidifier on your sports gear.

Sometimes, allow the gears to be exposed to the sun (depending on the material type)

Wear inner clothing before putting the equipment to keep the sweat to be directly exposed to the gear.

You can also use disinfectant sprays suitable for the sports items.

For smaller and foldable things like shoes and some pads, you can put them in Ziploc bags, seal it, and freeze them for 48 hours. This can help to get rid of the bacteria and the smell as well.

Washing the equipment in the washing machine

There is sports gear that can be washed both by hands and washing machines, but with safety precautions. Pants and chest protectors can be hand-washed to avoid getting destroyed in the washing machine’s agitator. Meanwhile, things like the hockey pads, goalie gloves, and blockers are not recommended to be machine washed. Generally, check the labels and tags in the equipment if you are unsure.

To wash using the washing machine:

For most of the equipment, wash using the cool water setting. For extra disinfecting, you can do that setting it on a higher temperature provided that the item can shrink.

Remove the pads in the hockey pants before washing them. Wash the pads with a brush, mild detergent, and warm water without full submerging. Avoid using fabric conditioner and other bleaching products. Hang the item or place it to a dry area and let it dry completely. Jersey shirts and custom socks should be washed inside and out.

Storing the Sports Equipment

Now that your sports gear is properly cleaned and sanitated, storing these items should also be done correctly to avoid breakage and malformation. Cover your sports gear to keep it clean and free from dust and molds. Clean your storage area before putting your sports items. Ensure that the storage area like garage and shed are free from rodents and other pests that can destroy it. Smaller items should be arranged in see-through containers for easy transport and easier to find those materials. You can install shelves and racks to ensure the better safe keeping of your items.

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