Ever wondered how Mark Cuban, the famous Shark from Shark Tank, really made his fortune? Mark Cuban is one of the wealthiest individuals in America, with a net worth around $4.1 billion, according to Forbes, but of course getting there wasn’t simple.

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Now, for sure Mark Cuban is one of my favorite billionaires. He has a lot we can learn from.

As Business Insider relates, Cuban’s journey to the millions, scratch that, make that billions, involved living in a “dumpy” loft, where he kept awake until late eating chicken wings and teaching himself to code. If you’ve ever looked at the situation around you and thought, “This is totally impossible,” then you need to know that you can in fact make it. We all gotta start from somewhere, and the greats have too.

Mark Cuban’s Wealth

While most of his riches can be credited to two major businesses dating from the Dot Com era, Cuban is a real business visionary and has been purchasing, exchanging, benefitting and growing businesses throughout his career.

Mark Cuban Road To The Top


Mark is no stranger to mixing business with pleasure. For a cool $280 million, Mark turned into the lion’s share proprietor of the Dallas Mavericks.

The group was viewed as the most noticeably terrible in the NBA at the time, however, by 2011 Mark’s administration had transformed the group into NBA champions. Forbes calculates that the Mavericks are valued at $2.25 billion.

Whether in the sport of business or basketball, Cuban is committed to winning. And that’s something you should copy. Never accept the status quo when a championship will do!

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Some people have asked Mark if he’s gonna run for US president. Good question. So far, he has indicated he WILL NOT. And maybe that’s to be expected from a man who’s got his hands full running a top basketball team beloved by millions of fans in Dallas and throughout Texas where basketball is big. Not to mention his appearances on the hit show Shark Tank.

But if he were to ever run for president, suffice it to say, it’d be the culmination of a very exciting journey from those towel rags he used to use back in his early days, to the heights of American celebrity.

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