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What’s up, folks? General is back to how I became general. Tomorrow. Today I want to talk about one of the icons that I admire. That I have learned a lot from and that I tell you also at home. You can learn a lot from them about motivation, hard work, and success. About what it takes to do the big, lovely goals that you know you need to do.

Today I want to talk about Jocko, one of my main men when it comes to motivation, mindset, and mental strength. All the other great things that you don’t learn watching jersey shore or watching any of that stuff. Jocko, some of you already know him. To those who don’t know him, Jocko is a former Navy Seal. He was a distinguished leader in one of the Seal teams in the battle of Iraq. And he later trained Seals in the US.

You all know, that the Navy Seals are well known for standing levels of excellence, dedication, and hard work. They get the job done no matter what. It doesn’t matter if it’s raining bullets, suffering bombs, and nooks, the Navy Seals are going to get the job done. And Jocko was riding the thick of it. And he’s an icon.

He’s a guy that knows a lot about what it takes, the levels of sacrifice, and dedication. So here are a few lessons I want you to take away from my main Jocko and find on YouTube. Find him online and follow him. Sign up for his email.

At least sign up for everything he’s got going on because you’re going to learn a lot from this guy. He’s one of the great motivational speakers, but also one of the great motivators out there. That’s going to motivate you to get out of your lazy ways and comfort zone and start moving at a different level. Where you can actually do what you need to do. The first big thing I want you to take away from Jocko is that discipline equals freedom.

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Jocko is pretty hardcore on this. He is all about discipline. He says, what do you do on a day when you’re so tired you’re spent, you got nothing in you, you can’t do anything else. You need to do the work. You need to run to the Hill. You need to get up and work out. You need to work on the project. You need to do something for your boss. And you know what he says?

He says, gets up and get it down, even if you don’t feel right. Even if everything is falling apart. Even if it’s raining outside and you don’t want to go out there, even if there’s a snowstorm, get up and get it done.

When you do that, that discipline is going to unlock the freedom that you are actually looking for. Discipline equals freedom. He also stresses the importance of working out right. I mean this seems basic but it forms a big part of your home and discipline when you can get control over your body.

When you don’t feel like it but you get up to go work out whether that lifting weights. Whether that’s doing cardio things like swimming, running, or cycling activities. It’s playing sport for you. So if you can get in the habit of working out it’s going to reinforce a lot of positives in other areas of your life. Another big chief value I want you to take away from Jocko is the stresses and importance of extreme accountability.

Extreme accountability means it’s all on you, baby. You aren’t looking to anybody else to get things done for you. You aren’t looking to anybody else to fix and solve the problems for you. The situations in your life and the people in your life might be creating problems at work, at home, or in your family. You’re going to assume the responsibility to make everything right. You see something that is not right. You see trash around your workplace that may be laser workmen dropped. You can choose to complain about it.

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You can choose to get better or you can choose to be the one that picks it up and solves that problem. Do you know what happens when you get into that problem-solving mode? It means it’s going to be hard for anything that comes to knock you out of your zone and to get you out off the floor.

When a big problem comes and everybody else is losing their head. Because they have not been training themselves to be problem solvers. To be people with extreme accountability for you it’s going to be different. You’re going to be the man that says no you might scare everything else. And get over everybody else but now I get to solve your big problem.

You take it on so that’s extreme I’d and I want you to learn all these values. All these mental models and mindsets from our man Jocko and with that general Tomahawk are out. Catch you next time.

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