"I'm doing the Tornado!" ... Or Why I'm Learning Greek

“I’m doing the Tornado!” … Or Why I’m Learning Greek

Dear Friend,

I love that scene in “You, Me, and Dupree” where Dupree’s dejected friend decides to take matters into his own hands and do the “Tornado” trick himself.

Hilarity, and disaster, ensues haha!!

Seems kinda like our world today, does it not, with coronas and rumors of war flyin around!

But on a more serious note, I’ve been taking the time to make headway in my learning of the Greek (I almost wish I could say programming, sorry, an inside tech joke) language!

It’s been one of the most fun self-development projects I’ve ever pursue. Not to mention it opens up all kinds of conversation opportunities with beautiful Greek women when I should chance to vacation in the Greek islands… but I digress, getting carried away about the “Tornado” again!

Learning Greek from scratch is not without its challenges:

  • a very different script that turns one’s head the wrong way around on first encounter
  • certain letters don’t sound exactly how you’re used to, like “s”
  • the Greek language is undoubtedly a very clever language, it’s very expressive, but that makes it a bit dangerous for beginners

So why am I learning this most imposing of languages? A few good reasons come to mind:

  • it’s a good way to develop new neural pathways and think in a completely different way
  • I’m frankly sick of the English language, sick of it, and, as an African, of all the colonial baggage the language brings with it
  • as a Christian, I respect the Greek because it’s the language of the New Testament. If our Lord chose the Greek to communicate His all important message with us, I’m certainly happy to learn the original language as well
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And there you have it. As I said, I’m really doing the “Tornado” this time, and it’s added all kinds of adventure and challenge to my existence.

So what’s your “Tornado” gonna be in 2022? It’s all up to you to take the road less travelled and leap into the great unknown. Hilarity, and some disaster, might ensue, but it’ll be great fun!!


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