How To Get Started On Youtube 2020 John Crestani Teaches You How

How To Get Started On Youtube 2020 John Crestani Teaches You How


Hey, John Crestani here. I’m gonna be going over how to get your first thousand YouTube subscribers fast. Now, if you don’t already know this, to make money from YouTube. You need to get to a thousand subscribers before you can enable AdSense. This means that YouTube will start paying your money whenever they show ads over your videos.

Now, this can be an enormous revenue source. In my case, I’m making about $15,000extra per month from my YouTube channel. But there are many YouTubers who are also earning full-time incomes by putting up videos on YouTube. So let’s get into the three steps to growing your YouTube subscribers to 10 people. Let’s get it.

Hey, John Crestani here. I’m going to be going over how to grow your YouTube channel to 10 subscribers pretty fast. Now, I could grow my YouTube subscriber base fast once I started working on YouTube in this manner, and you can, too. This can be an extra way for you to make money. Whether you’re looking for an extra way to work from home.

A side income to support your family or your job or your retirement. YouTube is a great way to earn extra money. And it’s so easy and it’s cheap, it makes sense. Now, the first step to growing your YouTube channel to 1000 subscribers. You must model your videos after proven topics that other YouTubers in your niche are putting out content.

Start by guessing what to make videos about, which are crazy. But you have to remember, it’s not about what you want to speak about, it’s about what people want to hear about. Once again, it has nothing to do with you. It has everything to do with what people are looking for.

The best way to figure out what people are looking for and what people want to watch. Make a list of the top ten YouTube channels in your niche. Actually, do this right now. Get a pen and paper out. Put up a notepad on your computer. Get off your darn smartphone that’s destroying your mind. Start making a list and pause this video and make a list of the top ten YouTubers in your niche.

Whether that’s in gardening. Whether that’s in photography. Whether that’s in furniture making. Whether that’s in animal trapping. Whatever it is, pause the video and make a list of the top ten YouTubers. Now, the next step in figuring out what people want to hear about is to go to these YouTubers. In each of the top ten, go over to the videos tab on their channel. Now you can go down, there’s a little filter.

You can select a filter and look at only the most popular videos of these YouTubers. I know it’s kind of funny. I’m wearing a queen Elsa band aid on my thumb. I cut it earlier. We only have Elsa Band aid. I have two daughters. Come on. Now, with ‌these popular videos on each channel ‌are going to be the videos have more views and the number of subscribers that the YouTuber has. Make a list of all these video topics in a document, in a notepad, something, because this is your research.

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These are the topics that you are going to be performing yourself and giving your own spin on. There’s nothing wrong with copying somebody’s title, but raging to perform your own video about this with your own subject‌. Now, the second thing you want to do to get to 10 subscribers fast is you need to give people a reason to subscribe. Many people assume that if their videos get views, folks will subscribe.

And this isn’t so you need to give people a reason. Request people to subscribe and give them a reason to subscribe. Tell them the benefits of being subscribed to your channel. For instance, one benefit of being subscribed to my channel is every Monday I ‌live giveaways of money.

I actually take gift cards and I show them live on camera. And I give away hundreds of dollars every single Monday to my subscribers. And whoever is the quickest subscriber to enter the code on the back of the card, whether they’re. getting Amazon money, Here’s $100. I gave away a gift card on Amazon.

I’ve given away PayPal money. I’ve given away prepaid debit cards and Netflix Money Roadblocks. I give away lots of money on my channel. And that’s one reason to subscribe. I also give away tips for making money online. Coming from the mouth of somebody who’s made tens of millions of dollars online is a multimillionaire. You can get creative with why people would want to be subscribed to your channel.

You always need to give them the benefits of what’s in it for them. When I’m giving away money, the benefit is very clear. An example of something that is not a good benefit is following my journey. See what I’m up to every week. Nobody cares about you. Again, you need to be very clear about how you’re going to help your subscriber.

How are you going to help them lose weight? How are you going to help them make money? How is your channel going to help folks make money more than any other channel? How are you going to help them learn how to trap animals better? Are you going to give them giveaways whatever you need to make it clear and you’ll get more subscribers? Another great idea to get more subscribers is using all the features that YouTube offers.

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They have end screens, for example, or they have different animations ‌you can use to get people to click the like or subscribe button. Video editors know how to use this. You can pick up some free templates for your videos in what’s called the Envato marketplace. You can have a link in your description to subscribe.

You can have cards which are those little pop-up things on the top right or top left side of the video. That pops up to show people where they can subscribe. Again, at the end of your video, you can have that subscribe button. You can have a link in the description, and you get the card and a screen. All these features are great ways and encourage people to use them all.

You’ll pick up more subscribers. One thing I did in researching videos was to figure out how to get more people to subscribe to my channel.

I looked at the views to subscribe ratio of a lot of channels. That was in my niche and I looked for people and I saw there were a lot of variances. Sometimes, for every thousand views, a YouTuber might get one subscriber.

But then I also came across other YouTubers where, for every 100 views they got, they would get one subscriber. So what we’re seeing is a ten-times difference. And I would go in-depth. I would analyze why some YouTubers get very few subscribers per view. And some YouTubers get a lot more subscribers per thousand views.

I’d start analyzing the videos of the YouTubers that were getting lots of subscribers for every thousand views they got. It painted a story. Again, that’s how this video was created using the tips that I learned from my own independent research. I hope that helps you out and go out there. Subscribe to my channel.

Like if you got some value out of this video and also make sure you tune into my Monday live streams. Hit the notification bell if you want to be informed about those. I’ve been giving away a lot of money every Monday.

Answering a lot of questions and also I enjoy interacting with my subscribers on this channel. Hearing what you guys are up to, answer your questions live, and provide as much value as I can. Talk to you soon. Have a good day. Peace.

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