How Kanye West’s Sneaker Company Became Successful

Kanye West wouldn’t hesitate to tell anyone about the success of his sneaker company, Kanye West’s Sneaker Company. The Nike Air Yeezys, which debuted in 2009, have made it one of the must-have brands in the sneakers world.

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The buzz generated by Adidas after the sneaker first hit the market in extremely limited quantities prompted customers to queue up for the sneakers and their $350 price tag according to Vox.

After West left Nike over a licensing dispute, Adidas released the Boost 10 Air Yeezys, the first of its kind, when only 9,000 pairs of the shoes were available and customers could buy the shoe through reservations through the brand’s mobile app. Despite this, they immediately sold out and became the second and best-selling sneaker in US retail behind the Nike Air Jordan II.

How Kanye West’s Sneaker Company Became Successful

Yeezy’s History with Addidas

When Adidas first signed Kanye West, there was a lot of criticism and chatter about whether the deal would help bring back the brand’s relevance and allow Adidas to compete with Nike for the top spot in the shoe industry. West and Nike’s relationship fell apart due to negotiations over the rapper’s involvement in a series of high-profile controversies that led to his signing to Adidas as per Business of Fashion.

The release of Kanye’s first Adidas sneaker, the “Kanye West” line, set a new standard for resale value and arguably made Adidas one of the most successful brands of its kind in history.

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But not every relationship between the artists has been as successful and integrated into the fabric of pop culture as Kanye West’s with Adidas.

The Popularity and Success of Kanye West and Yeezy

After West’s highly acclaimed collaboration with Adidas became popular and significantly increased Adidas “competitiveness with Nike, West shifted production to make the brand’s sneakers more readily available.

The $315 sneaker sold out in less than 24 hours after enthusiasts ordered the shoes online.

While many average consumers rejoiced at how easy it was to get Yeezys, which usually sell for less than $1,000, the sneakerhead community predicted that this would mark the end of Yeezys highly acclaimed sneakers, and while many average consumers rejoice at the brand’s success, some within the sneakerheads community predict that this would mark the end of YEEZY as a highly acclaimed sneakeaker. While some Yeesh models appeared in batches of only a few thousand pieces, Yezy Boost 350 V2 was the first Yerezy “Boost” shoe on the market to produce only 9,000 pairs, with numbers reportedly exceeding a million.

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Today, it is one of our most influential sneakers and brands not only because of its popularity, but also because of its unique design as stated by Business Insider.

The Backlash

Ask a hip-hop sneaker fan for the coolest shoe, and the answer will most likely be Yeezy. Kanye West has raged Trump-style on Twitter in recent weeks, supporting the president and posting photos of himself with the slogan “Make America Great” and writing lyrics about shoes, apparel and brands like Yeezy.

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In addition to customers threatening to burn or sell their Yeezy sneakers, the Yeeze brand, which sells clothing for the sneakers created in collaboration with Adidas, has faced backlash in the past, with some customers threatening to ‘burn’ or ‘sell’ them, and some celebrities, including Rihanna and Drake, reportedly no longer follow West on Twitter.

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