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January 12,

Victoria Falls Hotel,

Sunny, the party is going on

Hurry. The Hippos Are All Waiting To Take Photos With You. Buffet In The Grand Lounge Afterwards. Great Fun For All.


Hi John,

We are glad you have taken this opportunity to explore lovely Victoria Falls.

You will know this is an unforgettable destination for you and your loved ones. Suffice it to say, you and your family will be talking about your trip to Victoria Falls for decades to come.

And what better place to call home while you are in town than the historic Victoria Falls Hotel? There is simply nothing like it.

It is the grandest and oldest hotel in Zimbabwe, and one of the oldest hotels in all Africa.

Established by the British in 1904, this grand and exquisite hotel has played host to such illustrious visitors as the Queen of England, prime ministers, presidents, world-famous artists, and not a few glamorous rockstars.

Maybe you are next?

If you act now, we can reserve for you the decadent Batoka Suite, a spacious living space of unparalleled delights.

Or how about the Royal Suite, available on a strictly exclusive basis, giving you a rarefied retreat from the rigors of everyday life, with the best luxury Africa has to offer.

Not to mention the Victoria Falls itself. This wonder of nature is a sight to behold. You will never forget it as long as you live! Victoria Falls places you within nature for a rejuvenating immersion. You will feel more alive, and with good reason! The locals call the Falls “the smoke that thunders”. They know a thing or two about the surpassing grandeur of this signet ring of nature.

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We look forward to welcoming you to this insuperable home. What are you waiting for? The hippos and swordfishes are waiting to greet you.


Tendai M, Esq.

Maitre De

The Victoria Falls Hotel


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