This is now day ten of the Grant Cardone Undercover Billionaire Challenge. And it’s been a fun last couple of days.

Made some progress and I lost my momentum a bit and I got on a terrible sleep schedule. So now I’m getting back into a good sleep schedule, and a good workout routine, and it’s great.

I am much more productive if I’m taking care of my sleep and recovery. Made some good progress. We are looking at doing a marketing partnership with some contacts and so that’s going to be neat.

And it’s funny because, in the actual undercover billionaire show, Grant Cardone does a marketing agency in Pueblo, Colorado.

And I thought I wouldn’t do anything similar. But here I am, exactly like him and looking to do like a marketing promotion company.

It is funny how that came to be, but it’s superb progress. I gotta keep pushing. If they can’t, that means I only have 80 days to go.

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