Billionaire Charlie Munger And The Tantalizing Investment Formula That Gives Wall Street A Regular Shellacking From Nebraska

Charlie Munger, 95, a veteran dweller of Pasadena, California, is possibly one of the most inspiring billionaires. Possibly, he’s best known as the Vice Chairman of the globe’s largest CI (Compound Interest) machine, Berkshire Hathaway Inc. Munger is best known as the investing legend Warren Buffett’s right-hand man for his reliable performance. 


As per Forbes, his worth mounts about $1.8 billion, as of March 2019. Massed to his role alongside Warren Buffett, Munger is also the chairman of the publisher, “The Daily Journal Corporation.” He’s also on board of Costco, the giant-box retailer.


Munger has lived or living up a wild successful life, by nearly any standard. He’s almost a centenarian.


Just Like Warren Buffett, Mr. Munger hails from Omaha, Nebraska, US, an unstylish part of America’s Midwest. Both are great disciples of the great investor, economist, & professor, Benjamin Graham, “The Father of Value Investing.”


Talking of excessive competitiveness, the belief of Charlie Munger is that Wall Street allures and rewards people who want to subscribe to the culture of a “locker room” and these are the individuals who just want to win anything that comes in their way. They are so damn competitive that what a particular thing A person is doing, the same or better than A is the desire of every person to do.


As per Munger, he believes in 3 crucial advice and they are, it’s you who have to figure out your advantages and brimming talents, secondly, you have to learn the art of handling your own mistakes, & last but not least, to say “I Don’t Know” is absolutely a fine answer. Munger believes in the damage given to others by his pithy-wise mind.

Munger says, “Nobody expects you to know everything about everything,” and “When you don’t know and you don’t have any special competence, don’t be afraid to say so.”

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Before Munger joined Berkshire Hathaway Inc, he first nailed his skills as a lawyer. Buffet once pen-down in the shareholder letter, he first worked as a lawyer as his time was billed at $15/hour. And also, Munger is an architect.

Warren Buffett gives kudos to Munger for the triumph of Berkshire Hathaway. Buffet says, “Consequently, Berkshire has been built to Charlie’s blueprint. My role has been that of the general contractor, with the CEOs of Berkshire’s subsidiaries doing the real work as sub-contractors.”

Between the time of 1965-1975, the success of Munger is continued in his formal involvement at the Berkshire Hathaway Inc. He began a partnership for an investors’ group, which produced an annual return of approximately 20pc in contrast to less than 5pc for the Dow Jones Industrial on an average.

In Buffet’s essay on “The Superinvestors of Graham-and-Doddsville,” he narrated about his very first meeting with Mr. Munger, who was an exceptional lawyer during that time and he even discussed his smart and cunning investing style.

Further Buffet said that as a hobby, the law goes fine, but he has the cyclone of skills inside him and can do so much better and that’s how his journey of spinning into a billionaire started with his magic investments that offer a regular defeat to Wall Street.

In an interview given to The Wall Street Journal, he said that why he is on the cloud of achieving success because of his self-destructed loved top-notch ideas. The more he destroys his previous best ideas, the more he flies and succeeds. 

In 2009, in an interview with BBC, Munger talked about what problems he sees with Wall Street in terms of ideological blindness, short-termism, and cutthroat culture of “locker room.”

Giving his views on ideological blindness, it’s not possible to domesticate all the excessive despondency & senseless enthusiasm that comes as an integral part of the capitalist economy, but you have the power to domesticate it. Murger believes in the strong existence of wise restraints that must be inflicted on the financial sector for the better functioning of the economy.As per Munger, striking a perfect balance with the relevant regulation amount that matches the satisfaction of both sellers and buyers, alongside stakeholders in the market should be your priority.

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Back in 2000, in the book published by Munger named, Damn Right: Behind the Scenes with Berkshire Hathaway Billionaire Charlie Munger, Munger accepted that his family was earning checks of $2,000-$3,000 every month from his trust’s investment, and this is the investment all from his initial $1,000 investment. From this, it’s clear that this is one of those rare investments that not every time knock your luck hard work and door. 

And hence, Murger highlighted that it’s important to learn that life revolves around a few great opportunities in your average lifetime. 

It’s not a game of children, or that frequent occasion when several people have this opportunity to pile up $1,000 and gather around 100 times much more every year.

In a nutshell, in the language of Munger, life is all about small decisions you make, and it’s the place where the result is your biggest reward. But only if you will keep your ears and eyes open.

Charlie Munger one of the greatest incredible sources of investing anecdote has proved that their touch in the investments turns out to “Gold.”

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