Becoming A Billionaire

Becoming A Billionaire


Hello, guys. It’s the general. And I’m back with another episode of How I Became General Tomahawk. And in this episode of the show, I want to talk about a very important motivation topic. Now, becoming a billionaire, as we all know, is something that’s hard.

So regardless of what your financial goals are going to be, you need to challenge yourself. For a lot of people, making a million might be the ultimate goal. Driving a Lamborghini, owning a global Corporation, finding a huge software set up like Slack, or one of those whatever your goal.

You got to get ready for some grueling hard work. Because becoming a billionaire, becoming President of the United States of America. Whatever country, whatever place is going to take a lot of hard work. Also, be ready with an ample amount of imagination.

If you cannot even imagine stepping outside of your box. Stepping outside of your comfort zone. Becoming a Marine, becoming a Navy Seal, becoming an NFL champion, getting into the major leagues, things like that, it’s not likely to happen.

So first you got to get it up here. You got to see the stuff before you can do the stuff. Before you can spin acrobatics backward and do back flips and forward flips and what not you got to see it first. And if you can’t see it, then you can’t do it. And so you can also look at how kids grow up.

They see everybody around them is like walking and jumping up and down and running and doing things. And kids are stuck in their little cribs. Like, I’m sitting here and everybody else seems to be doing cool stuff. They can see it every day around them, now the imagination kicks in like, oh, dude, you’re wasting your time in this crap.

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You should be out there running. So of course, their imagination goes a little bit further than is warranted. Because they imagine they can run and they can jump and they can do all these crazy things because they’ve been seeing them except their muscles. And everything is not ready for that.

So of course, the first time they get up in their Creek or on the ground, whatever, they immediately fall down. And then comes the day when they can stand. And then with time comes the day when not only can they stand and hold themselves up for a few steps where they can take a few steps, and they are walking.

Finally, they are running and jumping. But regardless, it’s going to be a long journey to the Olympics and to the gold medal. So you got to have imagination and you’re going to need courage. I want to stress the importance of courage. If you’re going to achieve your goals on top of your imagination, you want to have a great deal of courage.

Because for a lot of people, I imagine once you get to the top of those levels. They see the kinds of efforts that are required to keep going. The kinds of efforts that are required to win big deals and to build massive things.

And for most of us, I imagine a lot of people would want to tend back and head back home and pack it in. So have a lot of courage and take a lot of stamina. For those of you and I imagine some of you are watching.

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This might be destined to become a billionaire sometime. In which case, I’d say make sure you do as much social good as you can, give, as much as you can contribute to your fellow man, as much as you can.

Have a love for the poor, the weak, and the forgotten people of society. The disabled and the mentally unstable people are troubled in all kinds of ways.

And have a wide ride, have a great time, have fun, work hard, have imagination take plenty of stamina, you’re going to need it. And with that general Tomahawk, I’m out.

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