It’s Our Gift To Be Creative

Get a sneak preview of my scifi novel, The Towers Of Zeyron.

I’m building a world-changing movement to help creatives create more, do more and be bold entrepreneurs. I’m a creative myself, active in copywriting, SEO, scifi writing, guitar and other creative pursuits so this is a movement I need to happen as well. How are we all gonna deal with the demise of traditional music publishing, for example? As a programmer, I can see the need for solutions to problems that we as creatives have, after all we want our art to still be produced and reach the world in a sustainable way. The world also needs our art.

See my rating of the 200 Best Web Apps, check out my startups and browse my published work.

…Over the last few years I’ve done a few things:

Mostly code and write, I worked on, caught the entrepreneurial bug at Fullbridge, helped out startups with advice at MEST, wrote for The Culture Trip and built a few smaller products, some of them open source. Now I’m launching a series of big, bold and bad startups that look a bit like something out of my sci-fi worlds. Could we create a whole new economy focused on things like biohacking, nootropics, time-hacking and hyper-productivity? These are all things we should be able to do with today’s technology!

…If you need a developer for your startup please feel free to reach out to me. I can help. Also, check out my portfolio or send me an email.

For Press, curious fellow creatives etc. or to get help with technical process or product development for startups, feel free to contact me directly. Drop me an email: nomadhideout at yandex dot com

Have fun!

Tendai Mutunhire

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