(PDF) Unleash The Ninja Version Of Yourself: 12 Weekly Motivations To Accomplish The Impossible


This incredible volume will put the power in your hands to make the impossible happen in the days and months and years ahead.


This book will help you discover and unleash the powerful, incredible champion inside you. Whether you know it or not, you have everything it takes to be the amazing, successful person you want to be, the Ninja Version of you! This book shows you how, and gets you moving with weekly motivations to achieve the impossible!

This is the PDF version of this course. You will get instant access to download the PDF when you buy now. In case you have any questions, reach out immediately to get support: ten@towersofzeyron.com


About The Author

Ten Mutunhire (aka General Tomahawk)

I’m a motivational speaker and musician. I study the billionaires and champions, and have decoded many of their most powerful habits of mind.

What’s the difference between the average person and the billionaires and world champions? This is a question I have pondered as I went about to come up with the best possible framework for achieving success in life. I went from a background in computer programming to being a student of the programming of the human mind. In my journey I have discovered that we all place limitations on our own minds, and these doubts and fears are the single biggest thing that holds us back. The champions and billionaires, and you can be one too, have learned to program their minds to see the greater possibility of their own lives, and to shed the doubts and believe in their own capability for greatness.


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