I’m excited that you’ve chosen to join me in the Rain Gate billionaire go-setting workshop. In this course, I’m going to walk you through setting your own billionaire part. How to build up your business to a multi-billion dollar business.

How to take your net worth from where it is right now into the stratosphere. Now, I’m excited because you’re somebody, taking this course that believes they got what it takes to build a large network. And, that’s the most important first step if you got to see it.

If you don’t see it, it’s tough. If you don’t believe you got what it takes, it’s hard. So that’s an essential first ingredient. Now, I didn’t set out to be a coach, a billionaire mindset coach.

I didn’t set out to be a guy teaching other people how they could become billionaires or super successful or any of that jazz. I was solving problems in my own life.

I had been laid off from a great job, and I had sacrificed so much for the job and for the company and things like that. I did not appreciate it. It was not valued. So what I decided was, okay, that’s cool, like, all right, I’m not needed here anymore.

I guess I’m on my own. And I was like, I know what I’m going to do. I’m going off and I’m going to build my billion-dollar corporation. And when I do, I’m not going to lay people off like that. I’m not going to fire people or lay people off, I will not be a douchebag. That was a big motivation for me to get out of the gates. Like, what am I doing with my life?

As I went along, of course. I realized that there were a lot of young people around me. My friends were trying to do a lot of similar things to me and many of them were stuck as I was or had been. And so I started teaching the lessons that I learned along the way.

And for a long time, I taught the billionaire retreat with some friends. I got some friends together. I shared with them some lessons. I’ve been learning for myself from studying the billionaires and Titans. How they do it, exactly what kind of business strategies they got.

A lot of super valuable lessons. It’s hard for teachers that have not been in business for themselves or have not been entrepreneurs to teach this stuff. But now in this course, this is something much more batter included than the billionaire retreat.

In this course, we’re going to go through step by step. Everything you need to set a complete billion-dollar goal and to actually have the tools and go gain the tools to do that network. So I’m going to teach you a lot of systems that will help you. I’m going to teach you how to set your $58 billion vision. And there’s a difference between a vision and a goal. You’re going to learn about that. I’m going to teach you how to set your 50-year billion-dollar goal.

I’m going to teach you how to set your 20-year billion-dollar goal. I’m going to teach you how to set your ten-year billion-dollar goal. I’m going to teach you about the bold, sexy rewards that come along the way as you go about establishing your ten-year billion-dollar goal. Why that’s important, and how that helps you in your journey.

I’m going to teach you about your five-year billion-dollar goal. I’m going to teach you about your one-year billion-dollar goal. I’m also going to teach you about your ideal day, and how you actually go. You actually go about accomplishing this goal on a day-to-day basis to do your one-year billion-dollar goal. I’m going to teach you something I came up with that helps you to put the foundation.

The tools in place to make your castle practical. Build your actual billion-dollar network in a practical way instead of talking. And that’s something that I call the Ten Machinery Billionaire Math Game. And you’re going to learn about that and how to use it.

I’m also going to teach you about habits, the mindsets. All these systems will help you build a practical multi-billionaire network. At the end of this course, I’m going to introduce you to somebody special.

That’s the billionaire version of yourself through a special exercise that we have at the end of the course. Now, don’t jump to the end of the course because if you haven’t done the mind work. You haven’t done all the homework. It will not help you much skipping to the end.

And trying to find out exactly how you unlock this billionaire version of yourself. You want to do all the work along the way and learn the lessons and practices because knowledge precedes net worth. So your mindset, your mentality, the skills that you learn, that’s always going to go ahead of whatever results that you’re trying to do in life.

So please go through the entire course step by step. Do the practical exercises and work because that’s what billionaires do. They do the work whilst everybody else is going for the shortcut. And the only houses that are going to stand in this kind of try are the ones that got foundations in them. That’s why you got to do all the practical exercises.

If you skip them, you might prolong the time it’s going to take you to get places towards where you want to go. But by taking this course, I Know you are somebody that takes action.

You believe that you’ve got what it takes to hit big success and play with the big boys and win. I love that. you got what it takes and you’re going to rush it. So I’m excited for you. Let’s begin. Hello.

Mark Zuckerberg’s Steps To Success

Mark Zuckerberg's Steps To Success


And the world’s going to know your name because you burn in the brightest lane. Hi, Jenny here again with a brand new motivation for you. Today we’re going to be talking about Max Wood, the creation of Facebook and Instagram.

And now they are not a fun app. He’s looking only for his creation of Facebook, which is brought him in. I mean, everyone knows who Max Duchess is to make you hear his name. It’s the creator of the founder of Facebook.

What made him stand out the most is that he is the youngest in Southgate Polonia. Not Polonia. This man became at a young age and not any kind of but a self-made one. He started Facebook and his first billion.

He was trying to fur when he made his first billion in his college dorm room. Where he and his college buddies got this idea. But he’s the one behind everything. Behind everything.

So yeah, he created Facebook, and during his studies, well; he created it during his studies in the uni. He got several investments and partnership offers from different big companies like Microsoft. But he rejected them.

He rejected them all. He rejected them all. And it was because he wanted to stand on his own. He wanted to be more, to be greater, to be an entrepreneur. His owner is someone’s partner or owns a business.

Well, somebody else has more shares than you. But yeah, he did it. You know what? Yeah, he did it. He became an entrepreneur for himself. So he had a specific vision in mind. He built a strong team that led him to create one of the most popular social networks in the entire world. But how did he do this? How did he do it? How? It sounds like it’s so impossible.

Yes, he could do all this at such a young age. First, he had a clever goal in mind. He knew what he wanted and believed in what he wanted. He believed in what he wanted to achieve. And second, he was persistent. He was persistent. He never gave up. He never ever gave up, no matter how hard it got. And he never let criticism of him, any hater there, all those haters he never let come to him.

He never listens to all that. He does what he does first. He believes in what he does and he doesn’t let anyone touch him. He builds a loyal and passionate team. Right? He built a loyal and passionate team. And together they drew each other to succeed.

They became more than anyone imagined. First is learning from the mistakes of your competitors. So he learned from the mistakes of his competitors. Yeah, he did that. And he avoided making the same mistake and getting into some trouble that they did while running their own company.

And that helped him lead a smoother role in success. And that will help us out if we also apply it to our own life. One he has always had goodbye was to believe in himself. Believe in himself.

He said that believing in himself was the key to success. It was the key to success. And every chin will start falling right into place for a minute.

If you leave yourself, everything will start falling into place. So you know when you have self in your mind? When you don’t have high self-esteem.

When you have such low self-esteem, you don’t believe in yourself. You have no self-motivation. You don’t even have any confidence in what you’re doing or what you want. You don’t even know wherever you what you want to do, how you’re going to do it.

You have no benefit. Then you cannot do that. You cannot achieve your goal unless you lift yourself up. You believe in yourself. You believe in your confidence. You lift your self-confidence, and your self-esteem, you become more. And that’s when you’re going to get into play.

That’s all for today and not the food bag. If you like this video, please comment below with your thoughts. If you like it, please like and subscribe to get more.

We have a book that we’re giving out for free. For free. That will help you. So you want to achieve your goals faster. Does this championship manifesto book an ebook? Championship manifesto ebook. That’s linked.

Below is this video. You can download it. It will help you achieve your goals faster this year and everything that you want to do. That’s all for today. See you in the next video. Bye.

Steps Sylvester Stallone Took To Be Successful

Steps Sylvester Stallone Took To Be Successful


Hi, Jenna here again. And I’m going to go through the steps. That’s the prolonged tip to be successful. In a previous video, you weren’t through a rough childhood and teenage life. Being booted for nerve damage around his lips and having an abusive product.

So, first, when he got married, he left his job later and lost his wife, and ended up living on the streets. He became so poor that he only had his dog with him. And even with that dog, he had to sell his city.

That was how poor he was. And he was in a terrible and sad situation. And he said that he knew that he only had to do one thing, and that thing was to write a movie script. And that was Rocky, the papa movie. So, yes, he is now a trick writer, actor, producer, and director. He started writing that trick at his lowest point.

He wrote a route for the and finally had his final graph for the movie. He went looking for producers to turn it into a movie, but he met only one. And that one offered billions of many thousands of dollars. I mean, sorry.

So they offered over $120,000 for the script, but he refused because he wanted to be in the movie.

He wanted to be an actor in the movie. But they said that he looks funny, and, and he talks funny. So they didn’t want him. It was because of his nerve damage, but they didn’t know that it was a disability.

They didn’t know that we wanted people that looked great and talked great. So this increased the amount they will pay for the scripts, but he refused to imprint it. Again, he’s saying that he wants to be in the movie.

Finally, they agreed, but they reduced the money. Wow! Can you imagine? The amount they reduce is way too great. But they are great. And that’s all he wanted to start in the morning. So the first thing he did when he got that money was to get back his dog.

He bought back his tuck at a higher price, a very high price than he sold it. And it has to be at least three times surprised. But the man he sold it up to finally appeared, and, and he got his job back.

So then the movie Rocky blew up and brought them billions of dollars, a lot of money. He started getting acting gigs. Started acting more, starring in movies, writing, producing, and directing movies. And now he is making millions of dollars.

When he was interviewed, later on, he gave steps and tips to use to succeed in anything in life. His most famous quote is that you must feel a million times to succeed. This is true in most cases.

You can’t give up. You must never give up. So he had steps and tips he took to be successful and so uses them today. So one thing is that the first step that he abides by is that don’t give up. Keep talking and keep moving towards what you want to achieve your goal, then get it done.

Get it done. You can’t waste time and procrastinate about it, but do it. You have to do it. Because you only have now. You don’t know where you’ll be tomorrow or later. So it should always be now, soon. Believe in yourself. Also, believe in yourself.

Because that completion is half of what you want to achieve. Once you believe in yourself, everything becomes easier. And that’s how you succeed. That’s how you get things done. This is the most famous one. it’s all saying want right.

Even if you do so many things wrong, you have to do one to write. He said that you don’t have to be perfect in everything, but you should focus on becoming greater and perfect.

Doing one thing. At least I will succeed. Focus on that one thing. To succeed will help you succeed, will help you become successful. Because there are so many things at once, you won’t be able to concentrate and put all your energy there. You’ll be very disorganized.

And since we’ll go very well and then you only learn true failure. It helps you practice and become perfect. When you feel it’s, either you quit or you keep going. You never give up. There are people who once they feel something, get the motivation.

The more energy, and power to go on, to move further, to try harder, to become better, to become greater. And that’s the people that succeed. Even if life keeps pushing you down, you get up and try harder. That’s how it happens. You can be successful as one goes. Keep trying.

Keep trying harder, trying to become the best, no matter what, and keep. You shouldn’t have any excuses. And you have to be your best, no matter what.

So it’s almost like never give up. Keep going. All right, that’s it for today. Now, if you like this video, please like and comment. And I hope you enjoyed this as I did. So subscribe if you’re one, get more videos, and more motivation.

Become MOTIVATED By Sylvester Stallone

Become MOTIVATED By Sylvester Stallone


Hi, I’m Jenna from Charles Zeran and I’m here with brand new self-motivation for you. I want to talk about you guys knowing him, right? Yeah. He’s a Hollywood actor that started Rambo and other popular movies.

We’re going to talk about how he became successful. And how he became successful after going through such a tough life. Yeah, you had me. Right. So that’s a long one. True. A tough life.

And you know how his lips cut up giving him that hot bath toilet? Yeah. That’s not on purpose. He was born that way because his nerve dying.

Some part of the nerve in his face is bad, so it’s not working. And he got a lot of criticism and bullying from that, but he overcame that, and that’s not the only thing.

He went through a lot of things. He went through an abusive life. His dad was abusive, abusive, and that put an advent into his childhood. Yeah, and then not that.

It led him to act out as a teenager and all that. He felt like misbehaving because of how his dad was. And after all, he finally came through looking for jobs, getting his life together, getting his acts together. He finally found his talent in acting.

Now’s successful and earning millions of dollars. To ‌reach your goal and be successful like him and other successful people. You need to want it and know what you’ll gain once you get it. If you don’t get up to work for your goal, who will?

I mean, if you don’t do it, who will do it for you? No one. You need to do that yourself. If you want something, you need to ‌do your best, like be your absolute best to reach it. Yeah. And remember that it will all reward it.

Once you finally get it, it will be, like, worth it. Because you know that after going through all this hard work, finally got what you wanted.

Became the successful person you wanted to be. All right, that’s it for today. And in the next video, I’ll be talking about the tests that the student took to become successful in life.

I knew how much you didn’t have to be an actor or want to be in the limelight. If you want to be successful, you can watch it and learn from it.

And if you enjoy this video, please leave a like and leave a comment. If you have any opinion that you want to share and then forget to subscribe.

Typing this channel tells the students to get more self-motivation.

The Billion Dollar Secret Book Review And Advice Learned From Tai Lopez

The Billion Dollar Secret Book Review And Advice Learned From Tai Lopez


Hello there.

It’s the General Tomahawk Ten itinerary. I’m back with another episode of the Billionaire Reading Club. It is some cash right here.

Might not be a billion dollars, but it’s like Tyler was saying the other day and Patrick Bett, David, as well. Of course, actual billionaires Charlie Munger and Warren Buffett.

If you want to get ahead in the financial game, in the business game, then you need to get into the habit of reading books. Books will take you far because you’re going to gain knowledge.

Knowledge is power, and that knowledge is what’s going to allow you to build the business assets that you want.

So it’s like Kiyosaki says, Robert Kiyosaki, Rich Dad, Poor Dad author, says that the rich don’t work for money. He says when you go in there to work and take a job.

You want to do it for learning‌, to gain valuable creative knowledge that you can use. Another way you can make that guess what? Is by reading books. And thus you want to become the final reading book.

So one great book I would recommend to start off this episode of the Billionaire Reading Club is the Billion Dollar Secret by Rafael Brazil.

This is a great book. If you’re at all interested in business and making money, being a billionaire. Or whatever your goals are in business. That’s a great starting point.

It will take you far if you take the loan sense to heart and you actually ‌do what’s recommended in the book.

How To Get Started On Youtube 2020 John Crestani Teaches You How

How To Get Started On Youtube 2020 John Crestani Teaches You How


Hey, John Crestani here. I’m gonna be going over how to get your first thousand YouTube subscribers fast. Now, if you don’t already know this, to make money from YouTube. You need to get to a thousand subscribers before you can enable AdSense. This means that YouTube will start paying your money whenever they show ads over your videos.

Now, this can be an enormous revenue source. In my case, I’m making about $15,000extra per month from my YouTube channel. But there are many YouTubers who are also earning full-time incomes by putting up videos on YouTube. So let’s get into the three steps to growing your YouTube subscribers to 10 people. Let’s get it.

Hey, John Crestani here. I’m going to be going over how to grow your YouTube channel to 10 subscribers pretty fast. Now, I could grow my YouTube subscriber base fast once I started working on YouTube in this manner, and you can, too. This can be an extra way for you to make money. Whether you’re looking for an extra way to work from home.

A side income to support your family or your job or your retirement. YouTube is a great way to earn extra money. And it’s so easy and it’s cheap, it makes sense. Now, the first step to growing your YouTube channel to 1000 subscribers. You must model your videos after proven topics that other YouTubers in your niche are putting out content.

Start by guessing what to make videos about, which are crazy. But you have to remember, it’s not about what you want to speak about, it’s about what people want to hear about. Once again, it has nothing to do with you. It has everything to do with what people are looking for.

The best way to figure out what people are looking for and what people want to watch. Make a list of the top ten YouTube channels in your niche. Actually, do this right now. Get a pen and paper out. Put up a notepad on your computer. Get off your darn smartphone that’s destroying your mind. Start making a list and pause this video and make a list of the top ten YouTubers in your niche.

Whether that’s in gardening. Whether that’s in photography. Whether that’s in furniture making. Whether that’s in animal trapping. Whatever it is, pause the video and make a list of the top ten YouTubers. Now, the next step in figuring out what people want to hear about is to go to these YouTubers. In each of the top ten, go over to the videos tab on their channel. Now you can go down, there’s a little filter.

You can select a filter and look at only the most popular videos of these YouTubers. I know it’s kind of funny. I’m wearing a queen Elsa band aid on my thumb. I cut it earlier. We only have Elsa Band aid. I have two daughters. Come on. Now, with ‌these popular videos on each channel ‌are going to be the videos have more views and the number of subscribers that the YouTuber has. Make a list of all these video topics in a document, in a notepad, something, because this is your research.

These are the topics that you are going to be performing yourself and giving your own spin on. There’s nothing wrong with copying somebody’s title, but raging to perform your own video about this with your own subject‌. Now, the second thing you want to do to get to 10 subscribers fast is you need to give people a reason to subscribe. Many people assume that if their videos get views, folks will subscribe.

And this isn’t so you need to give people a reason. Request people to subscribe and give them a reason to subscribe. Tell them the benefits of being subscribed to your channel. For instance, one benefit of being subscribed to my channel is every Monday I ‌live giveaways of money.

I actually take gift cards and I show them live on camera. And I give away hundreds of dollars every single Monday to my subscribers. And whoever is the quickest subscriber to enter the code on the back of the card, whether they’re. getting Amazon money, Here’s $100. I gave away a gift card on Amazon.

I’ve given away PayPal money. I’ve given away prepaid debit cards and Netflix Money Roadblocks. I give away lots of money on my channel. And that’s one reason to subscribe. I also give away tips for making money online. Coming from the mouth of somebody who’s made tens of millions of dollars online is a multimillionaire. You can get creative with why people would want to be subscribed to your channel.

You always need to give them the benefits of what’s in it for them. When I’m giving away money, the benefit is very clear. An example of something that is not a good benefit is following my journey. See what I’m up to every week. Nobody cares about you. Again, you need to be very clear about how you’re going to help your subscriber.

How are you going to help them lose weight? How are you going to help them make money? How is your channel going to help folks make money more than any other channel? How are you going to help them learn how to trap animals better? Are you going to give them giveaways whatever you need to make it clear and you’ll get more subscribers? Another great idea to get more subscribers is using all the features that YouTube offers.

They have end screens, for example, or they have different animations ‌you can use to get people to click the like or subscribe button. Video editors know how to use this. You can pick up some free templates for your videos in what’s called the Envato marketplace. You can have a link in your description to subscribe.

You can have cards which are those little pop-up things on the top right or top left side of the video. That pops up to show people where they can subscribe. Again, at the end of your video, you can have that subscribe button. You can have a link in the description, and you get the card and a screen. All these features are great ways and encourage people to use them all.

You’ll pick up more subscribers. One thing I did in researching videos was to figure out how to get more people to subscribe to my channel.

I looked at the views to subscribe ratio of a lot of channels. That was in my niche and I looked for people and I saw there were a lot of variances. Sometimes, for every thousand views, a YouTuber might get one subscriber.

But then I also came across other YouTubers where, for every 100 views they got, they would get one subscriber. So what we’re seeing is a ten-times difference. And I would go in-depth. I would analyze why some YouTubers get very few subscribers per view. And some YouTubers get a lot more subscribers per thousand views.

I’d start analyzing the videos of the YouTubers that were getting lots of subscribers for every thousand views they got. It painted a story. Again, that’s how this video was created using the tips that I learned from my own independent research. I hope that helps you out and go out there. Subscribe to my channel.

Like if you got some value out of this video and also make sure you tune into my Monday live streams. Hit the notification bell if you want to be informed about those. I’ve been giving away a lot of money every Monday.

Answering a lot of questions and also I enjoy interacting with my subscribers on this channel. Hearing what you guys are up to, answer your questions live, and provide as much value as I can. Talk to you soon. Have a good day. Peace.

Book A Call With Ten Mutunhire

Book A Call With Ten Mutunhire


Hi there. My name is Ten Mutunhire, and chances are I can help your small business generate.

Anywhere from a hundred thousand to a million dollars, through my copywriting skills over the next twelve months. I’m a copywriter.

The approach I use is called Direct Response copywriting. And it has generated billions of dollars for all kinds of businesses. Marketers and organizations over the last several decades.

It has been used by legends like David Ogilvy, Ken Kennedy, Jay Abraham, Gary Holbert, and a lot more. There’s a lot that I could get into, but the best way to find out.

How I can help you is to get on a call with me so we can dive into exactly what problems you’re trying to solve in your business. What are your goals for sales and marketing? Talk to you soon. Bye.

Trymore Muparinga’s Parable Of The Man Stranded On A Desert Island

Trymore Muparinga's Parable Of The Man Stranded On A Desert Island


Hello there, it’s the General. And I’m back with another episode of how I became General Tomahawk. And of course, I got a sermon by one of my favorite preachers, trim on Paringa preaching there.

And so actually want to give you a big lesson actually based on something he taught me in his message. So what I want to tell you about today’s motivation is the parable of the man stranded on a desert island.

And this is a remarkable story and you’re going to learn so much from this. I hope you can take it and transform everything going on in your life in this parable. So the parable goes. There was a guy that kept the side of a boat and he found himself stranded on a desert island.

He was on the desert island and struggling, with no food, nothing to eat, starving, and he was going to die. And so his one prayer to God is, God, please make people find me. Because no one even knows that he’s out.

He’s stranded on this desert island, so he’s praying. Please beg people to find me. As he went about doing what he was doing every day. Struggling and scrounging around, to pick up whatever little scrap he could eat. So that he might put off death as he went about and praying, God, please make people find me.

Guess what? The answer came in, what the answer was. As he turned back to look from where he was. He saw the little shack that he had built to sleep at night up in smoke and burning up in flames. And he dropped to his knees and said, god, you forsook me. Because the island was also freezing at night. Except that in order for people to see that there was stranded on the desert island.

They saw the smoke, and that’s what made the people come over on boats and rafts to see what was going on. And to rescue this guy that was stranded on this desert island. So the parable here is that sometimes God uses what you think is a major problem that comes upon you.

What you think is a catastrophe is a disaster. And sometimes that’s what God has put in your life to lead you to a much, much bigger victory and to create a way to a much bigger victory. So look at yourself.

I had to take this parable, apply it to my own life and realize with stunning surprise that most of the big problems have happened to me in my own life. When I thought this was something terrible, actually causing studies of God to burn down.

The little shark that I had built to bring a much bigger victory into my life. And so there’s no need to be worried about some things that go wrong in your life that you think, oh, this is the end of the world. This is a catastrophe.

Some things that don’t go the way you would want them to work. Look up and realize that God is actually doing something more precious in your life. And you need to open your eyes and be thankful and give God the praise in all those times.

And that’s what will lead you along the path to where you need to go. And it will be something much, much better than you could ever imagine. And so with that, I hope you apply for this lesson. This will transform your life if you do it. General Tomahawk, come out.




Hello there. It’s General Tomahawk Chain Mitinery out here in the dark setting sun. And I’ve got another episode for you of how I became General Tomahawk.

Today I want to talk about one icon of sports, one of the soccer icons, the Brazilian legend Gaucho. And of course, I’m talking about Ronaldinho.

Now, there’s a lot that you can learn from Ronaldinho about rising to the occasion. And going for the goal and becoming one of the best that’s ever been.

What I want to encourage you to do will differ from everybody else. When you look at Ronaldinho, he wasn’t shy to be himself. And play a certain type of soccer that was different from everybody else.

And that’s what you got to be willing to do and be willing to do things with style. When you look at Ronald diner’s game, making a fool of defenders from all kinds of teams.

Whether on the international scene or at the club level, at the World Cup, it didn’t matter. He wasn’t afraid to play with lots of styles. He oozed style. And because of this, his game was something special.

That’s something that you can do in your field. It doesn’t matter if you’re a news reporter, you’re a writer if you’re a musician.

Whatever you’re doing in life, you can do it in such a way that you work with style and with grace. Be willing to prove your critics wrong. Because when you look at Ronald Daniel, he had a lot of critics and people that hated him.

He was like the misunderstood genius of soccer. You got to do your thing and do your craft, regardless of what the surrounding people might think might be saying. And be willing to be the lone gunslinger, the loan ranger, and do your thing your own way. And with that, General Tomahawk, I’m out.




Hi there. I’m Ten Mutunhire and I’m back with another episode of “How I Became General Tomahawk”. And in this episode, I want to tell you about the real legend.

You’re going to find a lot of lessons that you can learn about motivation, success, hard work, passion, and dreaming big. And going to be the best. Of course, I’m talking about one of the greatest Formulas. One racing champion that there’s ever been. And of course, I’m talking about Brazilian cinema.

And the cinema shook up the racing. Well, his style was immaculate, and he was the champion of driving in the rain. Like when he was driving in the rain. When everybody’s tires would be all slippery. Everybody would slide off and hit things and stuff. It had a neck.

He would start speeding up those tricky conditions. Because he was such a good driver. Driving in the rain is the hardest condition in Formula 1. Because of any slight mistake, you hit an obstacle and bump into something.

You don’t kill yourself? But you’ll be out of the race because you might damage the car, some might go on. So that’s when a driver’s skills are tested to the marks and Senate had a knack like he’ll be driving so fast.

It seems like for Senna; the peach is dry; the racetrack is dry, and it isn’t even raining. And the Senator excelled. He became a legacy for that. But even in dry conditions as well, it was hard to catch up with Santa. He set so many records in the world of formula one race and he was something special.

And had he not passed on at a young age and left his career unfinished. I’m sure he had a very good chance to be holding all the major records in Formula One. So these are some lessons that you can learn from Seller. And one big one is that you can be the best. Yes, you can do it. You can go on and you can become the best there’s ever been in your field. And you’re going to wish that the people who come after.

You are going to break your records too so that people in your field keep on improving. But in your life, you can be one of the very best. You can be the champion. And so you got to know seniors never accepted being second best.

He was always competing with the Frenchman Prost, Alain Prost. Because when the Senator was coming up, the post was number one, the post was the champion. But the Senator never accepted he could be number two. He knew he had what he took and sure enough; he became champion, and he stayed champion.

So you can do it. Another big thing is you got to love your craft, whatever it is you’re doing. Whether you are a school teacher. Whether you are a car mechanic, whether you’re a medical doctor, or whether you’re a politician.

You got to love what it is you’re doing. If you don’t love it here’s, my solution for you is to find your earliest opportunity to get out of that into what you love. So that you can use your talents and passion. Now, another big thing we can all learn from Santa is about commitment and dedication. Santa poured pretty much everything he had into the sport of high-end car racing.

He poured himself. He’d spend hours studying, practicing, and paying attention to his car. Quitting his vehicle, and making sure his car was the best it could be. He paid so much detail into the preparation.

The details, and everything that in Formula One he was very well known that Senna is obsessive about his car.

He spends all the time on this stuff and spends all the time around racing and winning. And it went so far that people might have said the sport is consuming a Santa’s life.

But that’s what he knew, that he had to do it to be the best. And if you look at others, we have become the best. Weather in the NFL, NBA, the world of tennis, boxing, Muhammad Ali, and Mike Tyson have all been people that spend all their time on planes.

And didn’t have time for outside pursuits. And the Senator was special in that category. He gave himself to his craft, and he remains installation to this day. And with that general tomahawk amount.




For style. I look to Roger Federer for tennis smarts, playing the game smart. I’m looking for Novak Djokovic. But for pure Bulldog tenaciousness, I look to the one and only Rafael Nadal. Hello, I’m General Tomahawk Chain Mutineer.

Welcome back to another episode of how I became General Tomahawk. Today I want to tell you about some powerful motivational lessons. That you can learn from one of the greatest tennis players of all time. And of course, I’m talking about the Spaniard from Mallorca, the Buddha, Rafael Nadal. Rafa has been active for a very long time now, and his game has always been iconic.

First of all, he turned up on the tennis courts with his shirts, with the sleeves cut off, and with his T-shirts, sleeves cut off. Like you as a pirate off on some sailing thing. He’d be screaming his lungs out as he hits that ball. He whips that whipping forehand left hand with powerful topspin.

All kinds of crazy talk on that ball like he’s gonna rip the ball to shreds. And the thing that has made Rafael a leader on the tennis courts is that the guy keeps coming back. You smash him into the ground as you’ve defeated him, you’ve crushed him.

You are two sets up. He’s down. he’s going to go out now. From such a bad position, he somehow conjures a stunning comeback and blows you away. He lifts whatever cup it is. Whether it’s the French Open Cup or the Australian Open, US Open, whimper, whatever it is, he manages to win that Slam. So he’s been a crazy tennis player.

And there’s a lot that you can learn from watching him and following the profile of a champion. So the first big lesson that you can learn from Rafa is you need to be super tenacious.

You need to be like a Buddha, go for a bulldog, take a bite of something. It’s not going to give up. You take a bite of that thing and you’re going, that’s your success, by the way.

Take a chunk out of it and never give up. You say this is mine now. I own this. This belongs to me. This success, this goal. This year, I’m doing it. This year belongs to me now. This opportunity is mine now, and I’m never giving up.

Number two, you want to outwork the other guy. This is what has made Raffa so dangerous on the tennis court. Guys are hitting balls at him that other guys would not only not be able to retrieve, but they give up on them. Like you cannot even do anything. Rafa is able to go after those bowls and return them sometimes for the point of the game or the match. He’s willing to outwork the other guy.

He works at a level where you cannot outwork him. You throw him your best. He’s still going to run after that ball and return it and that shows you want to be in your career. In whatever it is. Whether you’re an artist or a musician. Whether you’re a professional manager or a CEO. Whether you’re in charge of a product.

Whether you’re flipping burgers at McDonald’s. You want to be that guy out working all the other guys flipping burgers on that stand. You’re going to get the promotion ahead of anybody else. That’s where you start crafting your ideal life and you move from success to success to success.

Now I’m going to give you the final tip that you can learn from Rafa Nadal: never give up and that’s the thing. Rafael has made so many huge, stunning comebacks on the highest stage of professional tenants.

The guy never got it into his mind that he had out-competed. He had been defeated like guys would be two sets up on Ralph and Raphael looks like he’s on his last breath. He’s like the guy might even have an advantage on him. One more point and the guy has got the match and Rafa begins his comeback at that exact moment.

So can you imagine a guy like that in Tennessee is able to come back from the dead anytime? How do you compete with a guy like that? You turn around to celebrate. You turn back around and the bastard there’s risen from the dead again and he’s coming at you.

He’s out-competing you and that’s rough so you never give up even when you compete as a county out when the economy goes against you. You never give up, you say and you stage your combat. You stage the climb to your ultimate goal is that general Tomahawk is up.

An Urgent Reminder To Play To Your Strengths Careerwise

An Urgent Reminder To Play To Your Strengths Careerwise


Welcome back to another episode of how I became General Tomahawk. I’m General Tomahawk Ten machinery. In today’s lesson, I want to share why I am a motivational speaker. That will also get you moving and identifying.

What your calling is and what you should be doing with your career. So I’ve done a bunch of different things. I’ve done programming. I’ve done teaching, and I’ve done content marketing, all kinds of different things. But what I realized about myself, is as I get a kick out of getting people to realize their own potential. And out of expressing that in a way that gets them to actually take action on it.

So I’ve been watching a lot of the speakers on YouTube and different places around the Internet. But none of the speakers can get you moving. Like, for example, I like Ray Lewis, the former football player for the Ravens. Baltimore or Baltimore Ravens. And he’s a great motivational speaker because he gets you moving. I also like E. T. The hip-hop preacher.

You listen to E. T. It’s hard not to get motivated. And others I don’t like as much. Les Brown has great ideas, but his style doesn’t motivate me as much as et. I guess that’s because it comes into it with so much passion and Fury.

Same with Ray Lewis. Ray Lewis is like, one, two, three, let’s go. And you’re like, yeah, let’s get it going. Let’s get it done. So that’s what I mean is we have different styles.

My style is much more motivated by those guys that can help me get going. I realized I enjoy doing the same thing. Expressing things in a way that gets people to reconsider and realize the power within them.

Because here’s the truth. Here’s the reality. We all have the power within us, tremendous power. The problem is sometimes we let circumstances let the limitations in our own brains.

That keeps us from doing what lies within our power to do to transform the world. Transform our lives, and transform the lives of those around us.

So if I can push you one thing today, take a good look at yourself. What are your strengths? What are your weaknesses? Harm on your weaknesses to get better. But in the process, don’t ignore your strengths. That way you don’t spend your time fixing the minor leagues.

Neglecting the major leagues, which is what are your strengths? And how can you build a giant world-changing business or movement out of that?

So that’s my challenge to you today. And with that, General Tomahawk is out.

Don’t Wait To Be Motivated

Don't Wait To Be Motivated


I’m back with another episode of how I became General Tomahawk. And today’s lesson is simple. So let’s get one thing straight. Don’t wait to be motivated. I know that motivational speeches are all fun and that feeling pumped up.

When you wake up on a certain day, that’s a great feeling to have. I love that feeling, too. But there are days when you are going to get up and everything is going wrong and you don’t feel like it. And everything is stressing you out and it’s not working and you feel like you’re going down. Get up, get it done anyway.

Don’t wait to feel motivated. Don’t wait for a good feeling. Start taking the first step and everything will fall into place in time.

Get yourself going. Even without the motivation, don’t wait for that feeling. You might be tired. You might be worn out. You feel like you’re alone. No one is supporting your efforts. No one is helping you push on your initiative.

Don’t wait for them. Get going. That’s how the Champions are created. That’s how you create that incredible Championship game.

That’s how you go for the Championship. That’s how you win your ultimate battle. And those are the moments, plans that make you strong.

So don’t wait, don’t wait. Get going. Keep moving, keep pushing, keep going till you get it done. With that, General Tomahawk is out.

Jack Dorsey Gets Hate For Donating A Billion Dollars

Jack Dorsey Gets Hate For Donating A Billion Dollars


General is back with another episode of How I Became General Tom Hawk. And today I want to tell you about a very incisive episode, a very instructive episode if you will learn from it. And this is Jack Dorsey’s getting hate for donating a billion dollars.

Recently Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter, decided to donate a billion dollars to solve a problem that we are all facing around the globe. And that’s Covid 19, the coronavirus. And guess what happens?

The haters and criticizers come out. I saw an article on Forbes and they’re saying, Jack Dorsey, that’s not how you donate a billion dollars. This is how you’re supposed to donate a billion dollars.

And so I’m like, what right do they have? I mean, the man worked for the money himself. He earned the money himself. So he’s earned the right to donate that billion dollars to fight a disease in the way that he best sees feet.

I mean, his critics can instruct him how to do it after they’ve donated their own billion dollars.

Then they can say this is a better way. We did it in a better way. But I’ll tell you something, those critics are most likely never going to donate a billion dollars to fight disease. That is ravaging the world. Not even 100 million dollars to help fight a disease.

That’s creating such problems around the globe. They’re stalkers. They’re people that talk and write nonsense criticizing the people that are actually taking action.

So what’s the lesson for you here is that even? When you go out with good intentions to create something great, you’re still going to get criticized for it. Okay? So don’t pay attention to the critics.

No matter what you’re trying to do, as long as it’s a good thing. Don’t let what the critics are saying slow you down and cause you to stop doing a positive thing.

Because look, even when you give a billion dollars in charity. It might even help people that are also criticizing you. They aren’t going to stop.

You are still going to get criticism. So tune it out. It’s talkers and critics and haters and they don’t count. With that, General Tomahawk is out.

What You Can Learn From Michael Jackson

What You Can Learn From Michael Jackson


What’s up, people? It’s Yo, man. General Tomahawk. And I’m back with another episode of how I became General Tomahawk. And in today’s motivation lesson, I’m going to tell you what you can learn from Michael Jackson. Now. Mike, is known as the King of Pope or playing the King of music. He has been gone for a while now, and we’ve all had quite a bit of time to assess and process his legacy. And I know he had some struggles towards the end. The last part of his career might not have been as distinguished as early on. There are still a whole lot of lessons and motivation that you can take away from the life of the King of Music. So let’s get right into it. One of the big lessons that you can take away is to get into your craft at the earliest possible opportunity. If you are going to decide that you want to be a football player.

If you’re going to decide you want to get into basketball. You want to get into nursing. You want to become a doctor. You want to become an entrepreneur, you want to become a businessman or you want to be an online marketer. Any of these things get into it, make a decisive move into it at the earliest opportunity. Don’t spend a lot of time going from thing to thing to think. Because that way you get good by getting into it as soon as you can and spending a lot of time in it. When you look at Michael’s career, how he became so good. He started out as a very young kid. I was impressed the other day watching a video of young Mike. He was the youngest of his brothers on stage. They were all playing guitars and bass guitars, and they were all singing. The important thing is Young Mike, as young as he was. He was the one they trusted to be the lead singer. He was the one that was singing the lead vocals. All his brothers were backing him on vocals and playing instruments. But Young Mike was the star of that show. They were all-stars, but he was like the superstar of that show. So that’s the thing, never be afraid to go in and make a fool of yourself. And you might get it wrong a lot of the time because you don’t have the experience when you go into it. But that’s how you craft your talent. The next thing is don’t be afraid to become a superstar in whatever you’re doing. And you can see it with Young Mike from that age. I mean, he went on and on and with the Jacksons, but then also as a solo artist. And he was willing to stage some of the biggest spectacles in the world of music that the world of music has ever seen. And he was able to create the kind of art that had a huge impact.

Yet another big lesson is don’t be afraid to experiment. When you look at Mike’s career, one of the things that impressed me is how he was able to not be a pop musician. He was that of a pop singer but he was able to span genres in the kind of stuff he was doing. Like he was able to be a pop singer but then was also able to sing R&B. He was able to do some songs that were hard rock. He was able to do all kinds of different things. He was able to be a great dancer and introduce some unique iconic dance moves that live on to this day. He still has a huge following and left a huge impact on the world of music and art. You cannot do that if you’re not willing to experiment. Now another big lesson! The key takeaway is no matter what you’re trying to do. You have to follow an approach where you dedicate yourself to your craft. You want to become the best in the world at your craft. Take that approach and that approach will lift you higher and higher. It doesn’t matter what field and what industry you are in.

Whether you are in the internet marketing industry, you are in banking or you are in athletics. When you go out there to get as good as you can at your craft. Become the best in the world at your craft then you can reach the pinnacle. Look at Mike but not him. Look at the other great stars Kobe Bryant, TomBrady, Michael Jordan, and Mike Chester. They were all willing to work hard and become good at their craft and that’s what made them so good. So with that concludes lessons that you can learn from Michael Jackson but these are by no means of theirs. There’s a whole lot more general Tomahawk out.




Welcome back to another episode of how I became General Tomahawk. Today I want to talk about an important topic if you’re going to be a champion and make a huge difference in your life.

That’s I want to talk about a great champion from whom you can learn a lot about success. About becoming great and about becoming a champion. Facing down your hardships, facing down your critical, and facing down your obstacles.

Tackling everything in your path to go on your way to becoming great. And that’s Djokovic, one of the greatest tennis players of all time.

Definitely in the running for the greatest tennis player of all time, along with Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal. And there are some important lessons that we all can learn from Jacobitz. So here they are, some of them, at least in a very quick fashion.

The first one is to be willing to change. There was a time when Djokovic was another tennis player on the professional circuit and he was playing well. He was playing well and he got good, but he could never beat the guys that were in front of him, Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal.

There was definitely a time when Rafa was such a big obstacle for Novak and he lost a lot of games and Slams to these guys. And then something happened. Novak changed. He started winning Slams, he started winning big matches, even against the top guys. He started beating Rafa, he started beating Federer and everything changed for him.

But for that to happen, he had to change. And he got on a diet. He went gluten-free. He did all kinds of things and he became almost unstoppable. So take that lesson for yourself. If you want to break through to the next level, you got to be willing to change yourself. Don’t expect that things are going to change around you.

If you don’t do anything, you are going to have to make the change yourself first. Change yourself, and everything around you will then change in a similar fashion. And the other big thing I want you to take away from Novak is to see the bigger you.

When Novak was good but not great, he kind of stayed in a small place in his mind. I’m sure he must have thought that these other guys were always greater than him. And then when he broke up out of that, he started winning. He started beating the top guy.

He started winning Wimperdon, winning Australian Open and went on an incredible run there. He said some new records in the world of tennis. He did a lot of crazy things. So for that to happen for you, you got to see the bigger you, and you got to live up to how that bigger.

You live and do things and does his or her work. And that’s what will open the path for you to do the big goals that you want to do.

There’s a lot more than you can learn from Novak. And for tennis fans, his career is something very spectacular.

Even the way he plays the game, he got the most perfect game in the world of tennis and that’s incredible. So there’s a lot for Champions to learn from Novak. With that general Tomahawk out.

Becoming A Billionaire

Becoming A Billionaire


Hello, guys. It’s the general. And I’m back with another episode of How I Became General Tomahawk. And in this episode of the show, I want to talk about a very important motivation topic. Now, becoming a billionaire, as we all know, is something that’s hard.

So regardless of what your financial goals are going to be, you need to challenge yourself. For a lot of people, making a million might be the ultimate goal. Driving a Lamborghini, owning a global Corporation, finding a huge software set up like Slack, or one of those whatever your goal.

You got to get ready for some grueling hard work. Because becoming a billionaire, becoming President of the United States of America. Whatever country, whatever place is going to take a lot of hard work. Also, be ready with an ample amount of imagination.

If you cannot even imagine stepping outside of your box. Stepping outside of your comfort zone. Becoming a Marine, becoming a Navy Seal, becoming an NFL champion, getting into the major leagues, things like that, it’s not likely to happen.

So first you got to get it up here. You got to see the stuff before you can do the stuff. Before you can spin acrobatics backward and do back flips and forward flips and what not you got to see it first. And if you can’t see it, then you can’t do it. And so you can also look at how kids grow up.

They see everybody around them is like walking and jumping up and down and running and doing things. And kids are stuck in their little cribs. Like, I’m sitting here and everybody else seems to be doing cool stuff. They can see it every day around them, now the imagination kicks in like, oh, dude, you’re wasting your time in this crap.

You should be out there running. So of course, their imagination goes a little bit further than is warranted. Because they imagine they can run and they can jump and they can do all these crazy things because they’ve been seeing them except their muscles. And everything is not ready for that.

So of course, the first time they get up in their Creek or on the ground, whatever, they immediately fall down. And then comes the day when they can stand. And then with time comes the day when not only can they stand and hold themselves up for a few steps where they can take a few steps, and they are walking.

Finally, they are running and jumping. But regardless, it’s going to be a long journey to the Olympics and to the gold medal. So you got to have imagination and you’re going to need courage. I want to stress the importance of courage. If you’re going to achieve your goals on top of your imagination, you want to have a great deal of courage.

Because for a lot of people, I imagine once you get to the top of those levels. They see the kinds of efforts that are required to keep going. The kinds of efforts that are required to win big deals and to build massive things.

And for most of us, I imagine a lot of people would want to tend back and head back home and pack it in. So have a lot of courage and take a lot of stamina. For those of you and I imagine some of you are watching.

This might be destined to become a billionaire sometime. In which case, I’d say make sure you do as much social good as you can, give, as much as you can contribute to your fellow man, as much as you can.

Have a love for the poor, the weak, and the forgotten people of society. The disabled and the mentally unstable people are troubled in all kinds of ways.

And have a wide ride, have a great time, have fun, work hard, have imagination take plenty of stamina, you’re going to need it. And with that general Tomahawk, I’m out.




What’s up, Peeps?

The general. It’s back with another episode of how I became General Tomahawk. And of course, I’m listening to some of my favorite music, Irish music, brothers, things like that. But today I want to tell you about the creation of the motor industry. He’s more of a warrior than a motivational speaker or any of that. I mean, being a warrior is what he is, and it’s his background. It’s what he did for many years. Can you guess who this is? The toughest man in the world.

David Gargan’s, baby. That’s what we’re talking about. When I look at the people that inspire me. The people from whom I’ve learned a lot about motivation, success, and inspiration. It’s going about making your life what you want it to be. This is Barnard the best of them. It’s hard to talk to Gargan. All right, this is the toughest man in the world, and he will tell you to throw all your excuses out the door. Take a hard, close look at yourself in the mirror and say, I got to change myself. I got to work on myself. I got to go to work. Not on this or that or the other. Not make an excuse about what he or she is doing or is not doing.

Not make an excuse about the neighbors or the boss or any of that. But take a close look at yourself and say, what do I want and what’s missing? And what’s the problem with me and how do I go about fixing it? So I encourage you to take a look at gorgeous at his materials on YouTube. He has a website, but I know he’s done a lot of podcasts, interviews, and things of that sort where you can learn a lot. Take a listen and start. Above all, start putting the lessons into practice. That’s what’s going to make a big difference in your life. So let me give you one of the key concepts that you can learn from David Gargan.

He talks about getting hard and changing his mind, changing his mental condition. The stuff that you tell yourself. The stuff that goes on in your mind, the self-talk, and getting mentally hard like a warrior. And this is what you want to do. But I can’t do justice to Gargan in a video as short as this one. So I encourage you to check out your man, David Gargan. And with that, you’re General Tomahawk. I’m out.

Jocko Willink

Jocko Willink


What’s up, folks? General is back to how I became general. Tomorrow. Today I want to talk about one of the icons that I admire. That I have learned a lot from and that I tell you also at home. You can learn a lot from them about motivation, hard work, and success. About what it takes to do the big, lovely goals that you know you need to do.

Today I want to talk about Jocko, one of my main men when it comes to motivation, mindset, and mental strength. All the other great things that you don’t learn watching jersey shore or watching any of that stuff. Jocko, some of you already know him. To those who don’t know him, Jocko is a former Navy Seal. He was a distinguished leader in one of the Seal teams in the battle of Iraq. And he later trained Seals in the US.

You all know, that the Navy Seals are well known for standing levels of excellence, dedication, and hard work. They get the job done no matter what. It doesn’t matter if it’s raining bullets, suffering bombs, and nooks, the Navy Seals are going to get the job done. And Jocko was riding the thick of it. And he’s an icon.

He’s a guy that knows a lot about what it takes, the levels of sacrifice, and dedication. So here are a few lessons I want you to take away from my main Jocko and find on YouTube. Find him online and follow him. Sign up for his email.

At least sign up for everything he’s got going on because you’re going to learn a lot from this guy. He’s one of the great motivational speakers, but also one of the great motivators out there. That’s going to motivate you to get out of your lazy ways and comfort zone and start moving at a different level. Where you can actually do what you need to do. The first big thing I want you to take away from Jocko is that discipline equals freedom.

Jocko is pretty hardcore on this. He is all about discipline. He says, what do you do on a day when you’re so tired you’re spent, you got nothing in you, you can’t do anything else. You need to do the work. You need to run to the Hill. You need to get up and work out. You need to work on the project. You need to do something for your boss. And you know what he says?

He says, gets up and get it down, even if you don’t feel right. Even if everything is falling apart. Even if it’s raining outside and you don’t want to go out there, even if there’s a snowstorm, get up and get it done.

When you do that, that discipline is going to unlock the freedom that you are actually looking for. Discipline equals freedom. He also stresses the importance of working out right. I mean this seems basic but it forms a big part of your home and discipline when you can get control over your body.

When you don’t feel like it but you get up to go work out whether that lifting weights. Whether that’s doing cardio things like swimming, running, or cycling activities. It’s playing sport for you. So if you can get in the habit of working out it’s going to reinforce a lot of positives in other areas of your life. Another big chief value I want you to take away from Jocko is the stresses and importance of extreme accountability.

Extreme accountability means it’s all on you, baby. You aren’t looking to anybody else to get things done for you. You aren’t looking to anybody else to fix and solve the problems for you. The situations in your life and the people in your life might be creating problems at work, at home, or in your family. You’re going to assume the responsibility to make everything right. You see something that is not right. You see trash around your workplace that may be laser workmen dropped. You can choose to complain about it.

You can choose to get better or you can choose to be the one that picks it up and solves that problem. Do you know what happens when you get into that problem-solving mode? It means it’s going to be hard for anything that comes to knock you out of your zone and to get you out off the floor.

When a big problem comes and everybody else is losing their head. Because they have not been training themselves to be problem solvers. To be people with extreme accountability for you it’s going to be different. You’re going to be the man that says no you might scare everything else. And get over everybody else but now I get to solve your big problem.

You take it on so that’s extreme I’d and I want you to learn all these values. All these mental models and mindsets from our man Jocko and with that general Tomahawk are out. Catch you next time.

How To Handle The Coronavirus Like A Champ

How To Handle The Coronavirus Like A Champ


What’s up, guys? It’s your man, General of Tomahawk. It’s nighttime, and I’m chilling. I’m relaxing, and I want to talk about how to handle the coronavirus like a champ. And I was reading updates of my man Brady. Football is the greatest of all time. There’s a lot that you can learn from the Champions. How they handle big moments in their lives and something you can apply to the coronavirus as well. Now get it straight.

The coronavirus is a crazy virus. It’s a negative situation for the world, for everybody. But here’s what it doesn’t mean, though. It doesn’t mean you get to write off the plans that you had for this year. It doesn’t mean that you get to throw off the big responsibility. That you have on yourself to become the goat in your own field. To become the champion, go up into that ring, fight with all you’ve got, and rise to the top. So one thing we can all learn from the Champions is to keep pushing forward this year. No matter what, because you owe it to yourself. You owe it to your family, you owe it to those around you, and you owe it to history. This is the time to build your legacy. So the coronavirus might have affected in a multitude of ways. You might have gotten sick, but not. Your job might be cut. You might be losing out on income streams. Maybe business is slow. All kinds of challenges can come up. You are having to postpone a major move that you had wanted to do. That’s all right. What you got to do, but, do you gotta come back from it all stronger than ever and going so much harder and so much smarter.

Use it as a learning opportunity. If you cannot do one thing at this particular time because of the coronavirus. Make up an excuse to do something else that’s as important. But you don’t need to have everything perfect to get ahead with that. If it’s raining outside, stay indoors and build masterwork indoors. If it’s cold inside and it’s freezing, then go outside where it’s shiny, it’s sunny. And the sun is shining, and you can do something amazing, isn’t there? But whatever you do, make every excuse to use this time to become your champion seller. And with that, that’s General Tomahawk on how to handle the coronavirus like a champ. Write to me and let me know if this video helped you.