Towers Of Zeyron


You've stumbled on the treasure map of the Notorious direct response copywriting pirate, Ten Mutunhire (aka General Tomahawk) You have 2 options. What would you like to do?
Option 1

Loot his pot-o-gold treasure chest

Loot his pot-o-gold treasure chest and use his piratey Notorious Marketing secrets to sell your own courses and info-products better and faster than Capn Blackjack can say Jack Robinson


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Inside the NOTORIOUS Marketing Course

  • Discover the ONE Big Unfair Advantage that makes your courses sell, EVEN IF you have ZERO natural sales talent
  • Avoid the COMMON mistake that makes your website visitors tune out before they even see your brilliance
  • How to spice up your copy so that real BUYERS find it IRRESISTIBLE
  • What to do with the LOOKYLOOS who never buy from your business
Option 2

Get help growing your course sales

Poke the sluggardly pirate and ask him to help your trusty ship sell yer loot better on the oceanly waters of the interwebs.

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Ah course seller, if you are still here you haven’t become it. You might as well connect with me in the tavern of social media!

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