Get more clients to your online shop while you sleep or work on other things. Everything is done for you!

I want to let you in on an ecommerce marketing secret. Knowing this can help you bring in a thousand times more buyers to your products than you ever thought possible.

Think about it. What are the big shops that sell inventory on autopilot doing differently from you? 

I am about to let you in on the secret, but first, you must understand what the average online shop is doing wrong. Maybe your shop is making this same error.

Whether you are an old hand at the ecommerce business or completely new, whether you are a marketing whiz or know nothing about marketing, chances are, sooner or later, your shop is going to fall victim to what I call the Double Whammy Of Ecommerce Extinction.

“How?” you say. “A Shopify, WooCommerce or Amazon online store just go out of existence?”

Just like that. Poof.

It pains me that it is even so. Especially given all the advances that ecommerce merchants have made in advancing the design of their shops.

But as you have probably guessed, just having a nicely designed store is not enough to bring the buyers in AND MAKE THEM BUY.

It brings me so much joy to see new shops run out the gate with their flag high, with new exciting products ready to touch the world.

If you’ve been in the ecommerce space long enough, you know, too sadly, that rarely ever happens. 

Out of every 2 that succeed, 20 do not. Out of every 2 that survive, 20 do not survive the Double Whammy Of Ecommerce Extinction

The big brands like the Louis Vuittons and Guccis have prolonged their runs so well in part because the newcomers have no clue how to compete in the advertising area.

The problem is not just in those final months or days when a new shop owner and his handful of fans finally realize that the brand is going nowhere and the shop is probably doomed.

If only they knew!

The real problem happens much sooner than that. This is what the online shops that fail to grow their sales do not realize.


The online stores that grow sales like a rocket and get instant market adoption do TWO ESSENTIAL BRAND GROWTH MOVES effectively, right off the bat.

The others that fizzle and fail, not so much. I know this, because I’ve worked with them both, the ones that grew and grew and succeeded, and the ones that never went anywhere.

And I’ve developed a program that helps ANY Shopify, WooCommerce, Amazon or other ecommerce store to get over this hurdle, skip the MARKETING DOLDRUMS, and take off, in its own way, LIKE A ROCKET SHIP.

In Design & Conquer, the first program of its kind for ecommerce stores, my agency, Towers Of Zeyron, will completely address and eliminate for you and your brand the essential problems posed by that cruel DOUBLE WHAMMY OF ECOMMERCE EXTINCTION.


In my long research and work with ecommerce brands, of both kinds, those that succeed and those that fail, it became apparent that there were three primary problems.

The first, is what most became familiar with, and so it’s not really a problem at all, because at least you know it’s there, so almost any company with the right determination could handle it effectively with a simple plan.

This first problem businesses of all kinds face first is the TEMPTATION OF COMPLACENCY. And it manifests itself in one key symptom: these businesses do not market AT ALL. They spend all their time on product fulfillment and sourcing instead.

That’s right. They’d rather just go succeed in the market by doing nothing and succeeding by the seats of their pants! They got a store concept they believe is so revolutionary or so shiny and obviously better that they imagine the market will beat a worn path down to the door of their shop with a better mousetrap!

New, naive, ecommerce businesses and stores fall frequently into this trap. 

Maybe you’ve heard the lingo they use to justify their inaction. 

They want to grow “organically” or prefer “word of mouth.” Or maybe, they are relying on “free traffic from Google and SEO,” which never comes. 

Sadly, a few short months later and that dream of meritocratic fame which they will “naturally” win fizzles. 

The store has no orders, no-one beyond the owner’s friends or family knows it exists, and it’s fast driving to extinction. Undaunted, the ecommerce entrepreneur starts another store, only to repeat the same failed run.

But it also afflicts old stores as well. 

Just because you’ve been in the business 4-5 years does not mean you’ve now earned the right to forsake marketing and grow by the sheer virtue of surviving so long. 

It is the remaining two problems, however, that will trip up your online store the most. 

Why? Because you, like most ecommerce people, are aware you need to market your business, but because you are more comfortable with bits than with market psychology, you are going to fall victim to cognitive biases that will lead your marketing hopelessly astray.

Think about it. You know you need to market, but have you found that still:

  • You hardly have time to market? But you know you NEED to market, right? How come you are unable to “find” the time?
  • Your first instinct when something goes wrong elsewhere in your business is to cut back on your marketing.
  • You don’t KNOW what you should be doing to market your business effectively. And you are not sure what actually WORKS!
  • You want to do it yourself, but then you don’t do it justice. If anyone asks how the marketing is going, you say “Ok”. When did “Ok” become good enough?
  • You got in business to grow your brand, not merely survive and barely get by. Yet your store is treading water these days.
  • You hardly see a way out of the mess you and your team have made. It’s not entirely your fault. You’re just on the way to becoming unsuspecting victims of the DOUBLE WHAMMY.
In the DOUBLE WHAMMY, your online store dies a slow death because of two hidden forces. These are:
1. You have been implementing a bad marketing design, a poor marketing approach. It takes a genius like Steve Jobs to physically demonstrate what a good marketing design is. You did not know there was even such a thing as a marketing design? You’ve been doing a hack job of it. Think about it. Would a serious engineering company like BMW put a sports car into production if it did not fit a solid design, and that design had been carefully stress-tested against sound car engineering principles? The pros in marketing know all about marketing design too, and what works and what doesn’t. The majority of market participants, and that likely includes you, simply implement marketing that is ineffective, or is actually contrary to the goals they have set for growing their store’s sales.
2. Even if you were to be handed a sound marketing design that actually works, you couldn’t execute it if your life depended on it. You do not have the willpower, talent in your business, expertise, or even managerial knowledge of how to run a marketing design that wins, day after day after day. Trust us, it’s one thing to see a pro do it, and do it right, just pure instinct because they know what works and WHY it works, and quite another to try and replicate it successfully yourself in your own company. This is the DOUBLE WHAMMY. Just knowing it is not enough, you HAVE TO DO IT AS WELL!!! A pro can tell you how it’s done til he’s blue in the face, but it’s unlikely any but a TINY percentage could do it in the right way. And yet HOW you do it is a matter of life or death for your brand. Do it wrong or not at all, just like a person trying to follow a diet, and your store will get less than the result that can be obtained.
So, you ever wonder why some online stores don’t grow? It’s much for the same reason that people that go on proven diets don’t become fitter or lose weight. 
The store’s owner does not do what it would take to grow that store in that market in those conditions. Sure, they might be real busy with a lot of marketing activities, but when it’s all said and done, it’s not enough. The brand is not growing, sales are plummeting, and budgets are getting tight. Having the diet or even knowing what the diet is, is but a small part of brand growth success.


In Design & Conquer, we start off your store with an effective MARKETING DESIGN, tailored to the needs and potential of your brand.

What would success look like for your online store? 200% higher sales? What would that do for your revenue? Double it? Tripple it?

What about your profits? What would a 70% improvement in lead quality do to how much money your online store earns after expenses? 

What about your personnel? Could you increase the number of support and staff your company employs by several multiples this year and next year, if we brought you a much higher sales conversion rate through the right kind of ad and messaging campaigns?

Where could your store and brand be in 2 years’ time, 3 years’ time?

It all starts with adopting a winning DESIGN that we create for you as part of Design & Conquer. That’s why DESIGN is the first word in our flagship program. We help you solve the first, and all important, part, of the DOUBLE WHAMMY. 

We not only help you solve it, we solve it for you! Making sure you do not run out with a half-baked design that will kill your campaign months before it even starts. Believe us, that puts you way ahead of your competition who are implementing what does NOT work. For us, though, that’s just the start. The second part is even more important!


I could just have told you what you need to implement, sold you a $50 book with all the things and all the steps you need to take and let you get on with it.

But having seen what I have seen, having talked with the CEOs that I have helped, and having watched some of them closely in our work together, and having heard their own words in our conversations, I realized there would be immense value in providing a COMPLETE SOLUTION that helps stores in that critical areana of campaign implementation and orchestration. Because too many other things hold you and your brand back.

There is a lot of stress in marketing campaigns, not least because ecommerce CEOs and their teams are ill-equipped to implement and manage campaigns that work. It takes a sure hand that will help put you over the top.

This is where we come in.

The second part of our program, the CONQUER part, is all about implementing your campaign from start to finish, all the advertising, all the platforms, all the email marketing, all the store list-building, for you, end to end, in a way that guarantees indelible store growth from zero to hero.


With Design & Conquer, you can sign on, give us the product information we need, click a button and literally go to sleep, and your brand and store sales will grow with little to no stress on your part.


We handle everything for you. We will send you reports every week, in 3 formats, so you can consume them at your leisure in the format that suits you best.


There will also be a weekly CAMPAIGN BRIEFING CALL with you and us, but even that is optional for you to attend. The reports will fill you in on your new sales, what results your campaign has attained, and what’s coming up next. 


Through it all, you can ask questions in real-time through our chat platform, putting in your hand instant access to answers and solutions to your problems at all phases of the campaign.


We show you exactly what results your campaign has accomplished, how much value it created for you, and at what cost. Picture yourself with a knowing smile because your ad spend resulted in a 6X reward in higher sales and online store revenue for the month. This is the clarity and value we bring.


In Design & Conquer, EVERYTHING is done for you! An incredible value of:

  • Facebook advertising (We will manage up to $5,000 in targeted monthly spend for you, with trackable results)
  • Google AdWords
  • Email Marketing
  • Website Copy
  • Product Copy
  • Conversion Landing Pages
  • Opt-In Pages
  • Email Promotions
  • Autoresponder sequences
  • Social Media Advertising
  • Native Advertising
  • Conversion Rate Optimization across your website
  • Sales letters for your store

You get the incredible benefits of a comprehensive marketing campaign, with the added confidence that if your brand does not grow, you do not have to pay a cent!

That’s right. Over the course of this 30 day program, you can cancel at any time and get your money back!


Unlike other store marketing programs whose power we can only speculate about, Design & Conquer absolutely works, and we are making it available for a shockingly low price!

FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY, new customers can get into Design & Conquer for just $499 a month.

You can subscribe for just 1 month or up to 3 months. The best results, though, come when you stick with the program for several months to get the fastest brand growth.

If you subscribe for 3 months in advance, you secure a guaranteed slot which is not always available for one-month only renewals. This opportunity is here for you now, but you have to act fast!


Think about it my friend. With the whole world around you counting on you to grow that online store business and make a big thing out of it, with family, friends, and colleagues hoping you are going to do what you said you would do, and build something that changes the whole course of the world, are you going to stop now? Or will you take the decisive step that can grow your store sales and begin to make your dreams a reality.

Would you rather stay at the level where your store is today? Knowing that the next five years could end up looking exactly like the last?

Or would you rather do the hard work and go through the adaptations you have to make now to be part of this groundbreaking, exclusive opportunity from Towers Of Zeyron?

There’s a curious effect in the world of ecommerce and marketing. Those that do first, typically get the best deals. You don’t even have to be a genius.

How many times has an opportunity passed you by because you were too timid to do the obvious and catch a big wave to the next level?

Well, this time it’s your call. That opportunity will be available for unfortunately a limited time. For those that do make it, it will be a great pleasure taking you and your online store business to a place where you thought was all out of reach! We begin, NOW!!